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Hukum Masyarakat

(“Humum Masyarakat” photo by: Khaamiim Yazid Al-Hakim on December 25th 2019)
Production Stage “Hukum Masyarakat” Describe Real Life
Located at TBY (Taman Budaya Yogyakarta) Teater JAB (Jaringan Anak Bangsa) was doing
production stage to answer concerns related to the issue of social criticism. Carrying the title
“Hukum Masyarakat”, it held on 25 December 2019 and started from 07.00 p.m. Teater JAB’s
team has successfully doing their performance, it proven with the large number of audience who
came at that night.
Siskana, she is the actress from this show. The show especially tells about bad life of Siskana who
became a PSK to survive. “If we already get a bad stamp from society then we will still be labelled
bad even though we have escaped from the bad”. Said Toni as an audience. He think that this
stigma will happen anywhere.
This drama shown to tell the audience if we got negative label from society it will happen
permanently, however we has change from that bad situation. “Hukum Masyarakat” requires
preparation around three months “The preparation itself was around three months and all of JAB’s
member were also enthusiastic in undergoing training and preparation”. Said Awan as a head of
Awan also said about the audience who came at that night. “The show ran smoothly because the
audience was also very enthusiastic. It represented by the audience who waited in line around
TBY, and the audience seats were filled”. According to Toni as an audience. ”I hope this events
like this continue again in the future so that the public mind is open. So we know how the condition
of diverse communities, know how to live in a good community, know how to respond to problem
and I hope there will be other performances that will be held next, maybe like another “Hukum
Masyarakat” such as taboo things but must be spelled out”.
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