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Reflective Journal

Joanne C. K.
Religious and Moral Education for Grade 7
May 8, 2019
Reflective Journal # 5
Reflective Journal
Guiding Questions:
What did we do in class?
How do you feel about it?
What did you learn?
What went well?
What can be improved?
First, we do Bible reading, discussed, do the summary and reflection on it, learn with
LEGO slides, then we go home. I feel a bit different from before. I learn to not be jealous
and not killing or hating people because they replace you or something. The class went
pretty well. For the improvements, I could say that it is better for the environment to be
more quiet and cold because it is so hot, and I know this is not in the topic, but in
auditorium, some of my friends, like to be together with they’re own friends so they sit
together, and not following the seating arrangement.
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