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Trade in Indonesia
Trade is every country needed, from the trade a country can get a lot of advantages
for their growth. Trade also important because can make country more developed, it could
help the infrastructure for the country to make people easily do activity. Trade is a big chance
for Indonesia to be like other country in a good way, from trade Indonesia have income.
Income should be use as it should, for example to build that good infrastructure, mobile
transportation, more cool technology, the point is the income should be used for people
prosporety. Indonesia is a country that contains great economic potential, a potential that has
not gone unnoticed to part of the global community. Indonesia, Southeast Asia's largest
economy, contains a number of characteristics that put the country in a great position for
newly advanced economic development. Indonesia is trying hard to build trading to compete
with other country, by that Indonesia have strong competitiveness.
Currently trading in Indonesia is dominated by new startup corporate, it helps so
many people in Indonesia to get a job. Startup corporate such as Shoope, Bukalapak, Gojek,
and more really help people of Indonesia, besides it more open opportunity for new job it also
make an innovative way for shopping, going to nowhere, and more. If we look from the point
of the transportation, now Indonesia has a MRT in Jakarta, that’s a really helpful for mobilize
in The Capital of Indonesia. It really makes a big change for Indonesia to more develop and
that is the effect from the that trading we have a new type of transportation.
Not only startups that grow bigger, the industry creative also grow bigger in
Indonesia. Recently industry creative growing rapidly, and it really contributing for trading in
Indonesia. So many new designer show up their potential to help trading in Indonesia.
Bandung has many local product with good quality, which is not less good from other
country quality. Local product helps trading to always in up level, and make people of
Indonesia to used and loved local product. And by that will so much more new designer and
local product exist In Indonesia By supporting local product we already make trading in a
stable position, and it helps the local seller income too. And with that stability situation,
Indonesia will have a value of trading in high position, and make people of Indonesia more
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