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Air War in Indonesia

Air War in Indonesia
Prepared by:
Hadiyan Azmi Hussein (041624353028)
Isnain Ardiansyah ( 041824353042)
Ahmad Wahyudin (041824353005)
Indonesia Airlines Category
Indonesia Air Transport value Chain
Indonesia Domestic Passenger
Indonesian Domestic Load factor
Domestic Production GARUDA iNDONESIA
Domestic Production lion Air
Lion Air Vs Garuda
Domestic Market Share
On Time Performance
To Boost the Group Performance with Strategic Partnership
Revenue Enhancement by Market Expansion and Product Optimization
GA x Hokben
Serves NewExperience
for Customers
Garuda Indonesia and Kepolisian Republik Indonesia (Indonesian
National Police/POLRI) has reached agreement to continue its
cooperation as official airline for more than 400 thousand of POLRI
members. This agreement also include cargoservice, loyalty program,
and Umra flight.
Garuda Indonesia collaborate with HokaHokaBento (Hokben) has
launched new in-flight meals menu as a part of companyefforts to
creates new experiences forcustomers.
As early phase, this new in-flight meals menu only available in 11routes
every Wednesday and Saturday.
Marketing Strategy with Personal Touch Approach