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1. THW stop romanticizing teacher as a noble job
Issue: whether or not the stopping of glorification of teacher as a noble job can make their
quality of teaching be better. As we know, when society think to glorify teacher as a noble
job, it will decrease their teaching’s quality, because whether the teacher do good or bad
things, people will still think the teacher is doing good, in other side, the teacher is not being
judged fair. This can make the teacher can do their job without seeing the ethics in education.
Finally, the perception of
“why teacher should concern to the education’s ethics or
education’s quality when the society can accept and glorify them when they are not doing it”
will still happen and believed by people. If we stop think that teacher always do a right thing
and judged them fairly (if they are right, we say right, if they are wrong, we say wrong), then
they will make a better quality when they are teaching because they know that they will-at
least-get social-punishment when they are doing bad.
Classified to: 2nd issue. Sometimes, mostly in the 2nd form, there is a metaphor sentences.
This motion need to be understood more about the “romanticizing” meanings.. If we are not
describe it more, we would debate about whether or not loving a teacher is a must. This is not
debateable because as we know that we should love and respect our teacher.
2. THBT existence of trigger-warning in university is incompatible with the purpose
Issue: whether or not the trigger-warning in university is not linier with the purpose
education. And if this has proven not linier with the education’s purpose, should we banned
the trigger warning or if this has proven linier, we should found the solution what we can do
to prevent this action lash with education’s purpose. As we know that the education’s purpose
is to build the student’s character and how they can think wisely to face the reality and future.
The existence of trigger-warning can make students have a space to be themselves without
criticism or judgement. But, in the other side, the freedom of speech can trigger the brain
wash and even discrimination because they feel more powerful.
Classified to: 1st issue. Because this motion is clear enough, that will debate about whether
the existence of trigger-warning in university is incompatible with the purpose of education.
3. THBT schools should prioritize character development over academic performance
Issue: whether or not the prioritization of character development can reach the school’s
purpose that is educate and make a better generation significantly. As we know that in the
status quo the student’s character is in low quality, which we know that they are losing
respect to others, and start to forget the norms in this country. But if we only care about the
character development without seeing the important of academic performance, we will have a
good behaviour with no real-knowledge. This is debateable, because the government will talk
about the urgency that is the character quality’s student is low, and should be fix as soon as
possible because when we have a good character, it will effect to making better society’s
behaviour in a long term. But in the opposition side, academic performance is so much
important because in 20 years or more, we can see that knowledge, science, and technology
will be developing. And the good generation is the generation that can make, contribute, or
even understand about the development in the future.
Classified to: 1st issue. Because this motion is clear enough that will debate about whether
the school keep prioritize academic student’s performance or start to prioritize character
student’s development to make a better generation.
1. THBT green environment tech should be sold very low price or free of charge.
Issue: whether is it right or wrong to sell a green environment in a very low price or even
free to decrease environmental damage significantly.
Definition: an industry country such as Japan or USA should sell a very low price the green
environment tech especially in industry field, 20% from a real charge, to a country that highpossible determine the weather and globe environment such as Indonesia.
Moral: is it wrong to set green environment in high price because the most globeenvironment depend country is a developing country which they can’t purchase it. This action
also such a help and contribute a developed country to maintain the globe-environment.
Because if the country such as Indonesia start to using green environment technology, we can
keep our planet lives a long time.
1. A developed countries sell a green environment in a low price to Indonesia
2. A developed countries doing an education-shared
3. Indonesia will use a green environment in every industry so it will bring no harm in
4. Which we know that Indonesia is one of the country that high-possible determine the
weather and globe environment, so it will bring a high-possible to there is no harm in
globe condition anymore.
5. A developed country get the feedback that is the long-life time of the world itself, so
they have no worries about living anymore.
2. As the 3rd world country, THW highly support the use of automation
Issue: whether or not the use of automation in 3rd world country will more develop their lifeliving
Definition: we will use automation stuff gradually adjusting in society’s acceptance
especially in industry field
Moral: is it wrong to reject the existence of automation in 4.0 era which is mean we can
increasingly left behind other countries.
1. As 3rd world countries, we will change gradually start from a packaging division in
manufacture industrial, and other division that possible replace by machine.
2. We will change gradually so our society slowly accept it and try to be creative and
smarter in work, so their job will not replace by machine.
3. As 3rd world countries, we will give a best education during this replacement era.
3. THBT Indonesian Navy Should Accept LGBT Personal
Issue: whether is it right or wrong a LGBT personal should be accepted in Indonesian Navy
in order to equalize rights to defend country in military field
Definition: Indonesian Navy will accept LGBT personal as long as their ethics and behaviour
is good and should treated as same as other
Moral: is it wrong to not accept the LGBT personal in Indonesian Navy because it violet the
rights of defend country in military field and discrimination
1. We will accept the LGBT Personal as long as their behaviour is good
2. We will treat the LGBT personal as same as other, without discrimination