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Write your draft for the background of study (+/-5 pages) by providing the aspects
Clear context of the study
In today's digital era, almost all activities, both in communication and in the
world of advertising, are carried out by computers, which are supported by
internet. In this digital era, almost all activities can be done via the internet. Internet
allows communication involving one to others. or even two-way communication where
message givers can receive direct feedback from the recipients of the message
(Dominick, 2009:15). One of the examples is when someone reads a piece of writing,
he can directly discuss it with other people as well as provide criticism or comments
which of course can also be seen by everyone. The rapid digital era and the
development of the internet have also greatly influenced the marketing sector. Lee
(2007: 388) stated that this influence encourages entrepreneurs to more easily see new
trends in the market and look for opportunities to develop their business. this impact
also affects how entrepreneurs advertise their business, and how entrepreneurs employ
advertisers. Initially, the world of advertising was only developed through the media
where the main goal was that the message reached the audience. However, since the
development of the internet, entrepreneurs have demanded advertisers to convey
messages to their audiences as well as to get immediate responses or feedback from
their audience. So that, the content created by advertisers is very influential on the
success of these ads.
Basically, an advertisement must be able to present a message in the form of a
story, when an advertiser uses written media to promote his business. Edi (2017)
assumed that the advertiser must be able to use the right headline, using short words
but covering what will be conveyed. This task is in the creative department, which is
more precisely managed by the Content Writer. Facing the shift in marketing
technology that has changed using digital is a challenge for content writers who are
required to create interesting writings that are able to attract the attention of readers and
also have an effect that attracts responses from the readers themselves. Therefore, the
writing skills of a content writer are very important for entrepreneurs. Because readers’
interest in their business, is depends on how interesting the writing is made by the
advertiser of the company.
To achieve the goals of entrepreneurs, Justesen (2019) claimed that a content
writer is required to have skills in the form of; Adaptability is the ability to fit the tone
and style with the purpose of the piece or the culture of the brand; Strong Research
Skills, because a good research is key for good content writing - it will add credibility
and, most importantly, value of the writing results. Therefore, it's vital to find
trustworthy and interesting information from reliable sources online; A Solid
Understanding of SEO; Organizational Skills is also included in the ability to get
focused and ready to be on the deadline; and the last is communicative. With these
skills, a content writer must be able to create words or visual images that can be
embedded in the audience's memory. For example, the audience can immediately
recognize a brand by only seeing the image, color, icon, or even the words contained in
an advertisements. This is called brand awareness, Kotler and Keller (2009) define this
as the consumer's ability to identify (recognize or recall) the brand within the category,
in sufficient detail to make purchase. Recognition is easier to achieve than
recall,because usually the consument would buy a product that came from the well
known brand.
The more attractive an advertisement is displayed by a company, the more likely
it is that consumers will see an offer from that company and the higher potential for
increased profits that the company will get. Therefore, the skills possessed by a content
writer determine and occupy an important position in the marketing field of a company.
In general, the role and position of a content writer in a company is as a person who is
responsible for managing the distribution of content in the form of marketing articles or
content containing important information that will be needed to be uploaded on the
company website.
With the characteristics of digital media that are flexible and able to disseminate
information quickly, a content writer must of course be able to take advantage of this
condition by adding some content such as videos from YouTube, adding features such
as livechat, especially if the company or client has provided target visits. Thus, the
addition of the above content is necessary to increase interest and traffic. things like
this are important elements that must be considered by content writers in order to be
able to create integrated content easily and can be accepted on various platforms. Soni
(2017) explains that with increasingly integrated digital media, content writers can
easily target and know what their marketing targets need. A content writer can process
data more deeply based on the data contained in the target's search history, who they
follow on social media, what trends they follow, or the hobbies they announce on their
social media identity. however, even so, the creative writing results of a content writer
must be able to penetrate the target needs and be packaged in a variety of digital
To fulfill its important role in marketing in a company, Soni (2019) explains the
content writer's responsibility to the company, such as; Content writers are tasked with
creating unique and quality content according to company needs by referring to the
thorough research that has been carried out within the specified deadline; A content
writer is expected to write interesting content for company promotion because a content
writer is fully responsible for planning and creating content in print, reviews, product
descriptions, or digital media; Content writers must also be able to produce wellresearched, interesting, and audience-oriented content on tight deadlines as determined
by the company. And a content writer have to be able to hand
proper facts,
brainstorming with the team to come up with engaging idea, write original content after
doing competitor analysis, developing a good network over social media, take
inspiration from other’s innovative contents, write variety contents which are on
different niche and of various forms, having a discussion with managers, designers and
creative team. These responsibilities are necessary to achieve the marketing objectives
of a company. One of the companies that advertises its business through digital media
and attracts readers by displaying content in the form of the latest news that is currently
happening and its designed by a content writer is the Hipwee website.
Explanation on the profile of company/ organization or research*
The researcher uses Hipwee websites as an object of this research. Hipwee is one
of the websites that always uploads content regularly about things that are happening
and is much sought after by readers. Tom (2018) in Kompasiana.com explains that
Hipwee is an online media that focuses on creating viral content in Indonesia with a
young audience segment. There are many categories in Hipwee, namely Inspiration,
which contains news or lifestyle-themed content, contains features, relationships, tips,
wedding, travel, and young moms. There is also entertainment which content’s
purposes are to entertain readers, contains men, jokes, and it is up to date. Then,
Hipwee has a unique way to attracts the readers, that this media allows readers to
become online journalists by creating Hipwee Community whose content is made by
journalists and people outside Hipwee's own office.
Hipwee has a creative team that is responsible for developing the web, but has a
way to attract readers so that anyone can write content that will be published on the
Hipwee website. Tom (2018) also explains that Hipwee has New media criteria such as
digital, which means changing physical form into a document that can only be accessed
using digital media, is supported by Edi (2017) who states that digital is one of the
fastest marketing media. Hipwee also has Interactive criteria, by providing the
opportunity for readers to respond to the content they have read, here the interactive
form is a comment button. Hipwee also uses a hypertextual writing style so that when
people who don't understand the word can press it and be directed to another page that
focuses on discussing the word. Nelson (1965) defines hypertextual as a text which is
not constrained to be linear. It is also contains links to other texts. In its use, the
character selection used by the creative department on this website is very beneficial
because in addition to attracting the attention of readers, it also makes it easier for them
to understand the news or information that is being given.
With the addition of content that is written uniquely, and focuses on writing
content that contains things that are happening right now, is one of the efforts made by
advertisers to increase the number of visits. This is also a challenge for content writers
in order to increase brand awareness of hipwee websites and increase the number of
visits within a specified period of time.
Reason for choosing the topic
The researcher interested in raising this topic because digital media is currently
developing very rapidly. Then, it affects the marketing process of a company that
switches to marketing their business via digital or online. The company has a creative
department that employs content writers as people who are responsible for the
marketing of their business. Therefore, the position of a content writer in the marketing
field of a company is very important because it determines the success or failure of
their product in the market. So that, the researcher wants to know the role of a content
writer for a company to find out the needs of a company and its influence in a
company and make it a guideline for potential content writers.
Urgency for conducting the study
Thus, this research is urgent to conduct, to find out what the role of a content writer is
in the marketing or web development especially in developing brand awareness of a
Purpose of Study
This study focuses on the role of the content writer in developing brand awareness by
creating content on the Hipwee website. How a content writer attracts the attention of
Hipwee website visitors with the content they write
(*In some cases you can provide the explanation on the profile of company or the research
you will assist after the reason for choosing the topic.)
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