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Traction Unit

Traction Unit
tracction unit
do u know what traction is?
traction is a medical equipments which used to restore bone
or muscle in fracture and dislocation
restore bone or muscle in fracture and dislocation
relieve pain due to muscle spasm
healing deformity (nerve disfunction)
Physical Characteristics
• width
60 cm
• length
250 cm overall length
• shapes
the shapes is like a mattress
• height range from floor
54-104 cm
How it Works
By utilizing the tensile force generated by motor,
traction use motor dc to move hook that connect to the
patients body the traction can relax tense muscle and
restore bone to its proper position. The principle of work of
this tool is based on the pulling force between two objects
that is moved by an electrical motor DC. This tool has a
calculation for adjusting the patient's body weight .
patient is fitted with a corsett on the part of the body that to be treated
the corset is connected with a hook
the hook connected to a rope that willconnect it to the motor
turn on power
setting the wight of the load obtained from the patient's body
setting the length of time off pull and stretch in the therapy process
then setting a timer duration of the therapy process
press start, than the motor will pulls the load and pushes the rope that
connected to the patient
• this process occurs repeatedly according to the timer time
The advantages using this tool is:
1. its simple to use , so its easy to applicate to the patient
2. Cause less pain than other methods of treatment
The disadvantages using traction is
1. take longer time for treatment in the hospital
2. pasient hard to move when using this device (limited
3. Use so much accessories tools
My Opinion & Recommendation
In my opinion Traction unit is very good tool to be used as
a therapy tool because of its easy to applicate to the patient
that makes it easy for therapist to attach the traction unit to
the patient. Besides of its disadvantages this tool has a
good advantages too likes do less pain when its used.