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Essay Dicky

to whom it may concern,
My name is Dicky, a bachelor at Universitas Indonesia majoring Information Systems. I have
graduated on September 2016 and currently I have been an internship in Tokyo at Tsubaiso Co. Ltd as IT
Financial Analyst and Jr. Scrum Master. And this internship period will finish on last December 2016, so I
have looking for opportunities and interest to working at ExxonMobil.
I am very passionate and enthusiast about anything related in business, finance and technology.
During my study in Information Systems major, I have learned so many things that I was previously curious
about. I learned about Customer Relationship Management, e-Commerce, Supply Chain Management,
Sales and Marketing as well. I'm very interested in finding out more about how technology and finance can
be effectively and efficiently implemented in companies.
I also love working in a team, especially with people from different culture and background. Being
in a team has made me a prominent young, hardworking leader knowing when to observe, listen and take
I have experiences doing some project and intern in:
Tsubaiso Co. Ltd (Tokyo, Japan)
as IT Financial Analyst and Scrum Master
Project: Transforming Tsubaiso system to rails 4
PT. Saka Digital Arsana (Flipbox Studio)
as System Analyst and Database Designer
Project: Employee Log Management Information System (ELMIS)
PT. Pertamina (Persero) HO
as IT Business Analyst
Project: i-AM Pertamina Mobile Apps
Based my experience, I had knowledge skills and experienced working with different cultural and
diversity. Especially in global company such as Japan company that have high integrity and dynamic
workspace, they have high standard and I had really curious for their politeness work manner (attitudes) so
perhaps I can implementing its values in my country too. So far I have learned much from their detailed
even something smalls that we ignored on daily life.
Therefore, I’m really exited to join Corporate Acceleration Program (CAP) at BTPN. By joining
this program, I believe there are many beneficial knowledge and experience that I can obtain. Thank you
for your consideration, and I look forward to your positive response.
Despite having an IT background, banking and economy are also interesting fields for me as I believe by
having good banking system with good corporate ethics, it will bring significance to many people. I
believes that empowering Indonesia's mass market through inclusive and human-centered financial
products will unlock the door to inclusive and pervasive economic growth as well as social development.
Reach him through the following extraordinary opportunities: [email protected]