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Eating at home is better than eating at restaurants. Restaurant meals high in fat and calories. At home
you can control ingredients. Restaurants big plates of food. At home you can control portion size.
A good roommate is fun. Invites you to parties and concerts. Introduces you to friends. Plans free time
activities with you.
Loving a pet can interfere with relationships with people. Neglect spouse and children. Lose interest in
making friends. Less complicated than relationship with people.
A good co-worker is cooperative. Gets along with others. Tries to do her part. Has a positive attitude.
Computers make communication more convenient. E-mail=instant communication. Internet = find out
the latest news. Internet = get any information quickly.
Gifts remind us of special people in our lives. Remember good times with the giver. Think of good
feelings about the giver. A reminder whenever we see the giver frequently or infrequently.
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