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Conversation And Complaint

Jhean Rafii Aghani
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Question :
- Dialogue with a client on a product problem(s) [complaint]
- Dialogue with a co-worker on the solution for the said complaint
Store Clerk : Good afternoon, can I help you?
Customer : yes, I have a problem, I bought this television here about three months
ago, but the sound and picture quality are awful. The picture is always flickering
and there's a dark line down the left-hand side of the screen. And there's an
annoying hissing sound in the background.
Store Clerk : Do you have an outdoor antenna?
Customer : Yes, I do.
Store Clerk : Have you tried adjusting the antenna?
Customer : Several times.
Store Clerk: I'll get our engineers to have a look at it.
Customer : A friend of mine bought the same model here and had exactly the same
problems. I want a refund.
Store Clerk : I'm afraid it isn't our policy to give refunds, sir.
Customer : Then as soon as possible call your engineers to fix a problem my
Store Clerk : yes sir, I will call our engineers to fix your product problem.
Customer : Okay, Appreciate
*Meanwhile Store Clerk calling the engineers (Co-worker) on the solution for
the said complaint
Store Clerk : Our store have a complaint from the customer on product about
defective television, do you have solution?
Co-worker : Yes, we have policy, if the customer have problem in our product then
we must check that product first. Do you have an address of that customer?
Store Clerk : Alright, I will ask his address, so you can fix the problem.
Co-worker : Alright buddy.
Store Clerk : Sorry sir, can i ask your home address?, our engineers will come to
your home and fix your television problem.
Customer : Sure, on margonda street, at apartment mares, room number 181
Store Clerk : Thank you sir, our engineers will come to your place perhaps today at
night or maybe is very late tomorrow morning.
Customer : Alright, I will wait.
*Store Clerk give the customer address to engineer (co-worker)
Store Clerk : I got the complaint customer address, on margonda street, at
apartment mares, room number 181.
Co-worker : Alright, I will prepare after that i go to the address and fix the product
Store Clerk : Okay, call me if you need any help.
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