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Food is your choice - Reading 2 (Bahasa Inggris)

A Look at the title. What do you think the article is about?
I think the choice we take is the best
B Think About The following questions.
1. What is “junk food”? How often do you eat “junk food”?
junk food is fast food to serve. not too often
2. Are you a vegetarian? Do you know anyone who is? What’s their reason?
no I'm not a vegertarian. do not know. because they don't really like vegetables
3. What is your daily diet? Do you eat the right kinds of foods?
Fasting and exercise, not yet because I like junk food and fried foods
4. What kinds of choices do you make about food?
fast food / Junk food because the food is delicious and fast to eat
5. What are “eating disorders”?
Eating disorders are different attitudes toward food that cause a person to change their eating behavior and habits.
C Skim the article quickly. Pay attention the first sentence in each paragraph.
Which paragraph is about
1. Why people go on diets?
A diet is a plan for eating. People follow diets for many reason
2. Extreme diets?
Whatever diet you follow, you must be careful no go to extremes.
3. Food and lifestyle?
Your lifestyle affects your attitude to food However.
D Which of the following appear in the text? Circle them in the text.
1. Junk food paragraph 1
2. Animals paragraph 3
3. Vegetarians paragraph 3
E Vocabulary –These words and phrases will help you understand the text:
1. Affect > has the meaning "influence", "influenced" or "influence"
2. Attitude > The behavior or behavior of a person in the assessment or communication among humans
3. Avoid > stay away from anything dangerous
4. Compulsion > a condition if it does not meet the needs
5. Emotional > related to one's patience
6. Enthusiast > something that makes someone excited
7. Extreme > perform activities beyond the ability of ordinary people
8. Fitness > make the body condition to be healthy
9. Harmless > Not dangerous
10. Health Conscious > have the awareness of starting a regular diet
11. Healthy life style > have a healthy lifestyle
12. Non-nutritious > foods that are not very nutritious
13. Nutritious > nutritious foods
14. Overweight > fat body
15. Physical > related to the physical
16. Poor health > have a body condition that is not good enough to carry out activities
17. Protein > something found in foods such as eggs and fish
2. WHILE YOU READ Think about these question :
 Think about these question :
- Paragraph 1 : healthy
- Paragraph 2 : diet is plan
- Paragraph 3 : diet
- Paragraph 4 : Extremes diets
- Paragraph 5 : lifestyles
A food yours choices
3. AFTER YOU READ A. How much did you understand?
1. if you eat food that is not nutritious your health will not be maintained
2. We have to change the diet with nutritious foods
3. diet to shape the body
4. meat is bad for health if it is always consumed
5. Eating disorder
B. Text analysis question
1. the main topic is about food to be able to adjust the diet and lifestyle
2. diet to lose weight to be healthier
3. To loss weight and to gain weight
4. An eating disorder is a term used for overeating or undereating unhealthy foods.
5. Anorexia is dangerous illness
6. the purpose of writing this article is to teach food choices are very influential on health
a. Markers : see the skills section, discourse Marker, pages 139-145. Find these in the text and decide what meaning they signal
Choose from : restatement,purpose,definition,example
1. Such as : restatement :
2. For example : restatement :
3. In order to : restatement :
4. The term of used for, is called :
5. That is : restatement :
b. Affixes
1. Prefixes :
a. Unhealthy : not very healthy for health
b. Overeating : excess food makes health irregular
c. Undereating : lack of food will interfere with health
d. Non-nutitious : food that has no nutrition for the body
e. Overweight : body fat
2. . Suffixes
a. Harmless : Not dangerous
b. Harmful : Cause danger
C. Sentence structure
1. There are two conditional sentences in the first paragraph, write them again, using your own word If You eat unhealthy foods,
such as junk food, then you will become a habit - If You eat good food, your body will be healthy, then you will always be healthy
2. “ They avoid foods t which has fat and instead eat foods that are nutritious but not fattenig ” This is a compound sentence , which
word joins the two parts ? and, but The subject of both the first and the second part ? They avoid foods Look at the underline
adjectives clauses draw arrow to the word they describe.