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Descriptive Paraghraph
Definition :
A descriptive paragraph describes a thing, a person, or a place
To give the best possible description to the reader (include details that appeal to the five senses:
sight, taste, touch, smell, and hearing).
A good descriptive paragraph:
1. The better the description, the clearer the image
2. Detailed info allow the readers to form an image in their imagination
3. must convey information that appeals to all the senses
4. These paragraphs should be structured
1. (Topic sentence, Supporting sentence and Concluding sentence)
Individual Assignment
Make a descriptive paragragraph written in softfile (word or PDF)
The paragraph consist of 150-200 words
Analyzing the parts/ structures of the paragraph (Topic sentence, Supporting sentence and
Concluding sentence) by giving italic, underline or bold.
Choose one of the best topics below;
1. My home sweet home
2. My beloved mother
3. My favorite tourism place
My Beloved Mother
My mother's name is rosidah(Topic Sentence), she is a very beautiful woman, she is tall enough for an
Indonesian, she is very kind and never angry, she always motivates me to learn many things to explore the
knowledge that I have, she is the most patient and strong woman I have ever known who always loves her
children.i think my mom is great at everything, because she always patiently supports me and helps me
out when I'm in trouble and when she cooks, the cooking tastes really good, and other activities that my
mother could do without my father's help now my mother works abroad as a household assistant, it's been
5 years since she left for the first time, I miss my mother (Supporting Sentence).my mother is an angel
without wings. He is a hero to me. He is someone I like the most in my life. I hope he will always be
healthy and happy (Concluding Sentence).
1. My mother's name rosidah is a sntence topic because yes i will describe her.
2. The next sentence is a supporting sentence because this sentence will support the topic sentence
3. And in the last is the concluding sentence, this refers to the reader's attention to the topic sentence, or
the closing sentence of a paragraph and a kind of transition to the next paragraph.