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1. Great the guests with Balinese charm (always call the guests by name).
Good Morning, Mr/s. ….welcome to Bali.
2. Introduce yourself and the company
3. Check the guest hotel voucher and confirm to the guests
4. Count/check the guests’ luggage and confirm to the guests
5. Take the guests to the car
6. Re-introduce yourself and the team (in the car), and distribute the refreshment
7. Thanks the guests personally and on the behalf of the company for choosing/trusting
the company
8. Inform the guests which hotel will you take them (distance, short introduction of the
hotel). Show the map of Bali
9. Inform the guests (local time, currency, weather)
10. Introduce/inform the guests about Bali in general (how big is Bali? How big is the
population? , where to go, what to do, etc). Show the map
11. Show/inform the guests about any interesting things you pass by. Check if they want to
make a stop/take pictures
12. Make sure you have made agreement of the following day schedule (meeting
13. Inform the guest when you are close already to the hotel (inform distance)
14. Inform the guests about the hotel facilities (on the way to the hotel lobby)
15. Assist the guests’ registration
16. Wish the guest a happy holiday/stay