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Writing Test - Unforgettable Experience

Read the following guidelines before you start writing.
Choose one of the following sub topics below:
1. The best class (teaching and learning process) that I have ever
had in my school life.
Note: You are allowed to choose any class (pembelajaran manapun)
from Elementary School – High School that became your favorite.
2. The most precious gifts I have ever got.
Note: The gift might also be in a form of attention, presence, love,
3. BFF moments: The greatest time that my buddies and I ever
spent together.
Note: People say, life is so much more fascinating when you find the
right buddies to hang out with.
Other details:
1. Start your writing in the 2nd page below.
2. Put your complete ID on the provided space (Name, Class, Numberas
well as the chosen sub topic).
3. You have to provide a title of your story.
4. Line space: 1,5.
5. Font: Verdana.
6. Font size: 12.
7. Your writing should consist of 200 – 250 words (counted from the title
to the last word of the story)
: Lintang Cahya Pratama
: 12 MIPA 1
: 15
Sub topic
: BFF moments: The greatest time that my buddies and I
ever spent together.
Our Unforgettable Moment
Last year, Faris, Arif and i were decided to had a trip to Bali. So we
went from Banyuwangi to Bali by boat. At the boat it was already dark and
all of us got seasick and puked, but we were still enjoyed the trip because
we talked and joked the whole time at the boat. And after we were arrived
at Bali, we were looking for a taxi, so i ordered an online taxi by my phone,
and then we went to the hotel. In the hotel we stayed on the same room but
maybe because all of us were already tired we immediately slept.
The next morning, our agenda were going to Sanur beach. There, we
swam at the blue sea, but arif was always staring at the girls for some
reasons. And then we went to other beach. So we went to Pandawa beach
on the afternoon. There, we did the same thing but still enjoyed the vibes.
We were also taking pictures along our trip and some of it are funny and
goofy to laugh at. After that, we went back to the hotel, at the hotel we
talked, joked, and shared our stories before sleeping. The next morning, we
hunt for souvenirs before went back home.
It was fun and unforgetable, the best thing is that we stayed and had
fun together, we still joked about our experience in Bali and maybe we will
had a plan to go somewhere else.