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Japan and Industrial Revolution

Japan and Industrial Revolution
As time as go on, more renewable knowledge and technology will develop until now.
Japan is one of the countries that is considered the most successful in developt economic
industrial in Asian. The successful of industrialization that was proven by Japan caused many
developing countries to carry out industrialization. It make the others country has following
Japan program and some of that learn about it and trial the program who carrying by Japan.
Have you heard about Revolution Industrial who carried by Japan? Maybe, if you haven’t
hear about that, did you heard about Industrial Revolution 4.0 which is the program will be doing
in Indonesia? Industrial Revolution 4.0 is where the human life are dominated by advances in
information technology. Internet, data, and artificial intelligence are a series of technologies that
support the revolution.As you know about Indutrial Revolution 4.0, Revolution have amout to
5.0 period. This revolution can be name of “Revolution” cause adaptation of technological and
life developments for humans. First of all Revolution Industrial, you must know short explain
about pattern Industrial.
The first pattern industrial is “Food Gathering”, yes this era was occurred in ancient times
where technology and civilization were still very minim. Therefore, it was almost all residents in
were era lived by hunting and make used of what their find. Second, Industrial Revolution 2.0,
Agrarian sector. Along with the increase of human knowledge, the way to get food was changed,
from what was previously collected, now it was turned into food production (agriculture). This is
the first industrial revolution that took place especially in the agrarian sector. The human could
produced their food and processed it into the new one. Third, Industrial Revolution 3.0. it was
the first generation who the machine is used by human. The Era of industrial revolution was first
popularized. Starting from England, this era was changed in the pattern of work from those who
used human power switched to using machines. Fourth, Industrial Revolution 4.0. Where this era
has doing on this period. That I telling about, the huma kife are dominated by technology, the
robot who is helping the human activity and the human can be easier to doing something on their
needs. After all Industrial revolution was happen, Japan has announced about Industrial
Revolutioan : Society 5.0. Society 5.0 is the era who make a happier life in the older one. Japan
has a program Society 5.0 the name started on 21 January 2019. This era has made cause
development of technology is so high and higher, so Japan has a program that focus on changing
the function of human to robotic who can win and dominate of human life.
“We aim at creating a society where we can resolve various social challenges by
incorporating the innovations of the fourth industrial revolution (e.g. IoT, big data, artificial
intelligence (AI), robot, and the sharing economy) into every industry and social life. By doing so
the society of the future will be one in which new values and services are created continuously,
making people’s lives more conformable and sustainable. This is Society 5.0, a super-smart
society. Japan will take the lead to realize this ahead of the rest of the world.” – Japan.
The Industrial Revolution on Society 5.0 has an artificial intelegence will can transform
big data for all of the things aspects life humans being. This revolution hoping can make the
human will be meaningful for the future life.