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Soal TPMBK Tahap 2-A 2019/2020
This text is for number 1 and 2.
1. From the text we know that the notice.…
A. warns the visitors to dress up neatly and wear shoes
B. warns the staffs to put on the uniform and shoes
C. forbids the staffs to give service to the guests
D. reminds the hosts to wear shirt and shoes
2. If the visitors put on the outfit properly, they will ....
A. get special facilities
B. have some praises
C. gain needed service
D. obtain different service
This text is for number 3 and 4.
When you're down and troubled
And you need a helping hand
And nothing, nothing is going right
Close your eyes and think of me
And soon I will be there
To brighten up even your darkest night
You just call out my name
And you know wherever I am
I'll come running, oh yeah baby, to see you again
Winter, spring, summer or fall
All you've got to do is call
And I'll be there, ye, ye, ye
You've got a friend
What is the excerpt of the song lyrics mainly about?
A. Bad things in people’s life.
B. Troubles in people’s life.
C. Lovely friend.
D. Truly friend.
What will a faithful friend do to his/her company? He/she will ....
A. call and think anytime
B. accompany anywhere
C. brighten up the dark life
D. come whenever needed
Soal TPMBK Tahap 2-A 2019/2020
This text is for number 5 and 6.
Dearest Peter,
Thank you so much for your lovely gift. We’ll certainly put that gorgeous vase to good use.
I do hope we get to see you and Sally more often this year – consider it as a promise. This
spring perhaps? Thank you again. I’ll send you a photo of the bouquet!
As always,
5. The message is written to ….
A. wish Peter for a visit in spring time
B. show Natasha’s gratitude for the vase
C. invite Natasha for an official resolution
D. express Peter’s feeling about the photo
6. “…– consider it as a promise.”
The underlined word means....
A. regard
B. reflect
C. decide
D. recognize
This text is for number 7 to 9.
“Summer Music Showcase”
We are excited to announce that we will be holding our 2019 semester two “Summer
Music Showcase” in the Reservoir High Performing Arts Centre on Thursday, December 5th.
Our ensembles and musicians will be playing music from Vivaldi, Corelli, Autumn Leaves,
Danke Schoen, Metallica, Charlie Puth, Calum Scott, Corinne Bailey Rae and many more of
your favorites.
Tickets will be available through internet at TryBooking (search: Reservoir Music). Cost
is $5 for students/concession and $10 for adults. It starts at 7pm.
If you have any other questions please ring the school on 9466 0900 or send an email
to Mr Bayley.
We look forward to seeing you on the night! It’s going to be fun!!
Source: http://reservoirhs.vic.edu.au/
7. What is the purpose of the text?
A. To contact the Reservoir High Performing Arts Centre.
B. To publicize the half-yearly Summer Music Showcase.
C. To broadcast the monthly Summer Music Showcase.
D. To announce the favorite ensembles and musicians.
8. From the text we know that ….
A. the ticket can be obtained online
B. the showcase is held every semester
C. the original artists will perform their music
D. the adults must pay special price to see the show
9. The readers should send their email to Mr. Bayley... they can get more information.
A. so that
B. unless
C. although
D. in order to
Soal TPMBK Tahap 2-A 2019/2020
This text is for number 10 and 11.
10. What is the writer’s purpose of writing the text?
A. To request people to come to La Chica Restaurant.
B. To ask people to join in La Chica launching party.
C. To invite friends for a grand opening preparation.
D. To inform the writer’s new restaurant.
11. What will the guests probably do before August 15th ?
A. Attend the grand opening ceremony.
B. Come to La Chica Restaurant.
C. Confirm their presence.
D. Prepare the celebration.
Soal TPMBK Tahap 2-A 2019/2020
This text is for number 12 to 14.
12. From the text we know that the company offers ….
A. personal ill treatment
B. common healing injuries
C. regular sick people care
D. minimum personal care
13. What is the text mainly about?
A. Consulting home cooked meals.
B. Promoting nursing home care.
C. Offering pre- plastic surgery.
D. Persuading relief efforts.
14. “Experienced nurses and office staff …”
The underlined word is closest in meaning to....
A. sophisticated
B. instructed
C. trained
D. tested
Soal TPMBK Tahap 2-A 2019/2020
This text is for number 15 to 17.
15. The advertisement is addressed to those who ….
A. need cheap traditional batik uniforms
B. love both traditional and modern outfit
C. want to be Indra Loka special members
D. want batik clothes with reasonable price
16. Which one is attracted someone to buy?
A. The discount offered.
B. The nice models.
C. The selected item.
D. The batik motiffs.
17. “Unique and traditional batik”
The underlined word is closest in meaning to ….
A. designated
B. exclusive
C. common
D. beautiful
Soal TPMBK Tahap 2-A 2019/2020
This text is for number 18 to 20.
: Hi Lana. Is it true what the newspaper’s headline said?
: What news?
: The news about you. You won the speech contest. Is it really you, Na?
: Yeah. It’s me.
: Really? That’s great Lana! I am proud of you. You really deserve that. You’ve
prepared it very well.
Lana : Thanks a lot, Salsa. I still have to work hard to get the gold medal in the national
speech contest in Medan next month.
Salsa : You must keep practising it with Mr. Rahmat. (20) …..
Lana : Thanks, Salsa. I will do my best.
18. “That’s great Lana! I am proud of you”
What is Salsa’s intention to say that?
A. Praising Lana’s performance
B. Expressing good wishes to Lana.
C. Congratulating on Lana’s achievement.
D. Giving support to Lana to win every contest.
19. Salsa: “You must keep practising it with Mr. Rahmat”
It means that Salsa ....
A. asks Lana to make an appointment with Mr. Rahmat
B. supports Lana to prepare the practice schedule
C. suggests Lana to stay practice with Mr. Rahmat
D. advises Lana to have self-practice
20. What is the suitable expression to complete the last part of the dialogue?
A. Wish you never forget it.
B. I hope you’ll be the winner.
C. Wish you always feel happy.
D. I hope you will get so much fun.
This text is for number 21 to 24.
Nadiem Anwar Makarim or better known as Nadiem was born in Jakarta on July 4,
1984. He is the current Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia. He is
the only son of a prominent lawyer, Nono Anwar Makarim. He has two sisters, Hana
Makarim, and Rayya Makarim known as a filmmaker. He married Franka Franklin and they
have two daughters.
After completing his primary and secondary education in Jakarta, he continued his
high school in Singapore. Then, he continued his education at Brown University in the
United States. He managed to get a BA in International Relations. He also briefly attended a
student exchange at the London School of Economics. He attended Harvard Business
School and earned a Master of Business Administration.
This Harvard graduate man chose to return to his homeland, Indonesia. Nadiem was
recruited at the Management Consultant at McKinsey & Company, a well-known consulting
agency based in Jakarta. He also worked as Co-founder and Managing Editor at Zalora
Indonesia and later became Kartuku's Chief Innovation officer.
Starting from his personal experience, in 2011, he began to pioneer his own company
which later became known as GO-JEK, an online motorcycle taxi message. In its
development, as seen in the Go-Jek account, GO-JEK is not only a passenger online
transportation, but it has developed into a service between goods (Go-Send), food (GoFood), medical devices, massage, and hygiene (Go-Clean).
Soal TPMBK Tahap 2-A 2019/2020
21. The text is intended to ….
A. inform Nadiem Makarim’s educational background
B. tell about the backgound of founding Go-Jek
C. describe Nadiem Makarim’s life and career
D. portray the growth of Go-Jek company
22. What makes Nadiem Makarim finally run his own company?
A. His personal experience.
B. His business experience.
C. His educational background.
D. His profesional development.
23. The third paragraph tells us about ….
A. Makarim’s first business after graduating from Harvard
B. Makarim’s choice as co-founder of Zalora Indonesia
C. Makarim’s early career after returning to Indonesia
D. Makarim’s plan to get BA in International Relations
24. Nadiem was recruited by a well-known company in Jakarta … he returned to Indonesia.
A. in order to
B. so that
C. before
D. after
The text is for number 25 to 27.
Natural Eco-printing makes the most amazing prints and colors using natural elements. It is
harmless to our planet. Now I’ll show you how to achieve those beautiful prints on your
• First of all search and choose the leaves or flowers you like. The ones left any marks
on the ground will definitely give a strong print. It’s better to harvest after a few sunny
days. Leaves usually lose their strength in color after the rain, because they are more
diluted by water.
• Choose your fabric. I recommend you to start with silk or wool as they take the dye
much easier.
• Next step is to place your plants anywhere you want on your garment and make a
tight bundle.
• Now you can steam or boil it. Try both methods. They will give you different results.
The duration ranges about 30 minutes to 6 hours, depending on which plants are
used. Don’t overcook. Colors from some plants can start disappearing if you leave it
for too long. So check on it regularly and don’t forget to add more water if necessary.
• Take the fabric out and let it cool down and dry. This will allow for a stronger print.
Time really matters when it comes to eco-printing. This part of the process is always
very exciting.
• Let your fabric hang in the shade and dry completely before rinsing. You don’t have to
rinse at all if you don’t want to. Quite often, it will smell really good and you can just
wear it straight away.
25. The purpose of writing the text is to ….
A. describe the benefit of eco print fabric
B. explain the steps of making eco print fabric
C. promote the new techniques of making eco print fabric
D. tell the way to save the environment through the eco print process
Soal TPMBK Tahap 2-A 2019/2020
26. What happens to the leaves after a few rainy days?
A. Their motifs are clearer.
B. They get stronger colors.
C. Their colors are faded by water.
D. Their marks are left on the ground.
27. To make the color stays … the fabric, take adequate length of time for steaming it.
A. through
B. inside
C. in
D. on
The text is for number 28 and 29
The first day of school our professor introduced himself and challenged us to get
to know someone we didn’t already know. I stood up to look around when a gentle
hand touched my shoulder. I turned around and she said, “Hi. My name is Rose. I’m
87 years old.” “Why are you in college at such a young, innocent age?” I asked. She
replied “I always dreamed of having a college education and now I’m getting one!”.
After class we walked to the student hall and shared chocolate milkshake. We
became friends. Every day for the next three months, we left class together and
talked. Over the course of the year, Rose became a campus icon as she easily made
friends wherever she went.
At the end of the semester we invited Rose to speak at our football banquet.
“You’ve got to have a dream. When you lose your dreams, you die. We have so many
people walking around who are dead without achieving dreams. There is a huge
difference between growing older and growing up.”
At the year’s end Rose finished the college degree she had begun all those years
ago. One week after graduation Rose died peacefully in her sleep.
28. Why did Rose become a campus icon?
A. She was in college at innocent age.
B. She had good friends at campus.
C. She easily mingled with anyone
D. She had been too old.
29. Rose was so motivated in learning …she finally got her dream.
A. in order to
B. so that
C. although
D. because
The text is for number 30 to 34.
A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes directly behind the earth and into its shadow.
This can occur only when the sun, earth, and moon are aligned, with earth between the other two. A
lunar eclipse can occur only on the night of a full moon. The type and length of a lunar eclipse depend
on the moon's closeness to either node of its orbit.
During a total lunar eclipse, earth completely blocks direct sunlight from reaching the moon.
The only light reflected from the lunar surface has been refracted by earth's atmosphere. This light
appears reddish for the same reason that a sunset or sunrise does. Due to this reddish color, a totally
eclipsed moon is sometimes called a blood moon.
Unlike a solar eclipse, a lunar eclipse may be viewed from anywhere on the night side of
earth. A total lunar eclipse can last up to nearly 2 hours. However, a total solar eclipse lasts only up to
a few minutes at any given place, due to the smaller size of the moon's shadow. Also unlike solar
Soal TPMBK Tahap 2-A 2019/2020
eclipses, lunar eclipses are safe to view without any eye protection or special precautions, as they are
dimmer than the full moon.
30. The text is mainly about ….
A. the description of particular lunar eclipse
B. the general phenomena of lunar eclipse
C. the forming process of lunar eclipse
D. the various kinds of lunar eclipse
31. Why is seeing lunar eclipse with naked eyes harmless? Because ….
A. the eclipse’s size is smaller than the moon
B. the eclipse can be seen from any places
C. the light is not as bright as full moon
D. there is no special precaution
32. What is the third paragraph talking about?
A. The duration of solar eclipse and lunar eclipse.
B. The safe way to view solar eclipse and lunar eclipse.
C. The distinction between solar eclipse and lunar eclipse.
D. The special precautions of seeing solar eclipse and lunar eclipse.
33. “… from the lunar surface has been refracted by earth's atmosphere.”
The underlined word is similar in meaning to ….
A. distracted
B. scattered
C. deviated
D. diverted
34. What makes solar eclipse different from lunar eclipse is ….
A. it lasts for a long period of time
B. it can be seen when the dusk is coming
C. it can be enjoyed in a particular area of the world
D. it occurs when it is smaller than the moon shadow
The text is for number 35 to 38.
One morning, a fool woke up and thought he needed a donkey. So, he went to the
donkey stall in his town to buy it. He found many donkeys there and he decided to buy one.
He chose a donkey with long floppy silky ears.
Along way home, two boys saw him. The boys thought that they could steal the donkey
from the fool. One boy took the rope around the donkey’s neck, then put it around his neck
and followed the fool. The other led the donkey back to a stall and sold it. The fool didn’t even
notice it.
When they arrived at home, the fool shocked. He bought a donkey but he got a boy. He
asked to the boy why it happened. The boy told him that he had been rude to his mother.
Then evil had turned him into a donkey. Hearing the boy’s explanation, the fool asked him to
promise not to be rude to his mother again and let him go.
Next morning, it happened again. The fool woke up and thought he needed a donkey. He
went to the town to buy another donkey. Among all donkeys he saw in the donkey stall, he
noticed that there was a donkey with long floppy silky ears. He was very sure that it was his
lost donkey. He went over to it and whispered: “You, foolish boy. Don’t ever be rude to your
35. What does the text tell us about?
A. The rude donkey and the fool.
B. The foolish boy and the donkey.
Soal TPMBK Tahap 2-A 2019/2020
C. The foolish boy and the thieves.
D. The donkey and two naughty boys.
36. We can infer that the fool asked the boy to … his mother.
A. flatter
B. admire
C. respect
D. protect
37. “The other led the donkey back to a stall and sold it.”
The word “led” in the sentence is closest in meaning to ….
A. brought
B. guided
C. ruled
D. kept
38. his - the foolish - found - lost - in - boy - donkey - donkey stall - the
5 6
2 -7 - 3 - 1 - 4 - 6 - 5 - 9 - 8
The text is for number 39 to 42.
Aurellien Brule, known as Chanee Kalaweit, is a young Frenchman born in 1979 in
Frejus, southern France. Kalaweit means “Gibbon” in Dayak language, while Channe means
gibbon, in Thai language.
He started to love primates especially gibbon when he was a kid. In his first meeting with
a gibbon in a zoo, he felt so sad looking at gibbon lived alone. He asked the zoo director’s
permission to learn about the gibbons and to help the zoo keeper to take care of them. He
also collected information about gibbons from many resources. Finally, he concluded that
gibbons are monogamists and it is difficult for zoos to carry out successful mating programs
when they live alone.
When Chanee was 16, he published a book on gibbons’ behavior that was of many
journalists’ interest. He was still young but he had a dream to build a rescue and
rehabilitation center for the gibbons. This dream ultimately came true on the island of
Borneo, Indonesia. When he was 18, he decided to move to Indonesia and started to
dedicate his life for gibbons. In 2012, he finally gained his Indonesian citizenship and
established gibbon rehabilitation in Kalimantan and Sumatra.
Chanee rose to fame when he created a viral video about the haze crisis happened in
Sumatra and Kalimantan. The haze endangered the gibbons in his rescue and rehabilitation
39. What does the text mostly tell us about?
A. Chanee’s care of the gibbon conservation.
B. Chanee’s first meeting with gibbons.
C. Chanee’s book on gibbons’ mating.
D. Chanee’s love story with gibbons.
40. What made Chanee popular?
A. His viral video.
Soal TPMBK Tahap 2-A 2019/2020
B. His haze crisis story.
C. His gibbon’s programs.
D. His book about gibbons.
41. “… to carry out successful mating programs when they live alone.”
The word “they” refers to ….
A. monogamists
B. zoo keepers
C. primates
D. gibbons
42. “This dream ultimately came true on the island of Borneo, Indonesia.”
The word “ultimately” can be best replaced by ….
A. continuously
B. gradually
C. finally
D. early
The text is for number 43 to 45
Calon Arang
Long time ago, in Girah village in Kediri Kingdom, lived a very cruel widow named Calon
Arang. She was very powerful because of her magic scroll. Besides, she had a beautiful
daughter, Ratna Manggali. However, she had difficulties to find a husband because the
people of Girah village were afraid of Calon Arang.
Knowing that, Calon Arang became angry. She decided to place a curse on Girah’s
people. Many villagers got sick and died. Kediri King, Erlangga, heard the bad news. Then,
he sent his army to kill Calon Arang but she was too powerful. Many of the soldiers were
killed and the remains had to retreat.
King Erlangga asked his advisor, Empu Bharadah, for a help. Empu Bharadah had a
plan. He sent his student, Empu Bahula, to marry Ratna Manggali. The marriage proposal
was accepted. Calon Arang was very happy.
One night, Bahula stole Calon Arang's magic scroll and then gave it to Empu Bharadah.
The next day, Empu Bharadah and Calon Arang met in a cemetery. Bharadah asked Calon
Arang to stop practicing her evil magic. Calon Arang didn’t listen to him. Then there was a
great battle between them. Because Calon Arang lost her magic scroll, she could not beat
Empu Bharadah. Finally she was killed. Since then, the village of Girah has been happy,
safe and secure.
43. Which character describes Calon Arang?
A. Deceitful.
B. Cunning.
C. Mean.
D. Greedy.
44. What would happen if Bahula didn’t steal the magic scroll?
A. Bharadah would fight against Calon Arang.
B. Calon Arang would beat Empu Bharadah.
C. Bahula would be punished by the king.
D. Ratna Manggali would not be his wife.
45. What is the moral value of the story?
A. Bad life is inherently risky.
B. Fights will always solve problems.
Soal TPMBK Tahap 2-A 2019/2020
C. Bad deed leads someone to misery.
D. Arrogance is needed to fight the enemy.
The text is for number 46 to 48.
46. The manufacturer publishes the label in order to ….
A. attract readers to purchase the medicine
B. provide readers with information of the product
C. inform readers about the benefit of Moringa trees
D. show readers how to manufacture the supplement
47. The product is in the form of ….
A. liquid
B. tablets
C. powder
D. capsules
48. “… with a known medical condition should consult a physician before …”
The underlined word is synonymous with ….
A. a doctor
B. a psychic
C. a herbalist
D. a nutritionist
Soal TPMBK Tahap 2-A 2019/2020
The text is for number 49 and 50.
It was a pleasure to learn about
your appointment of being the
headmaster of Putra Bangsa
Having worked with you, I know
that you are ready for such a
challenge. You have the
necessary skills and experience
to be a terrific Team Leader.
49. The card is sent to ….
A. say goodbye to the headmaster
B. express best wishes for a new teacher.
C. wish someone’s luck for applying new job
D. congratulate someone for new job promotion
50. What makes the writer impressed to the receiver?
A. His experience of being a headmaster.
B. His competencies to be a leader.
C. His promotion as a teacher.
D. His skills at teaching.