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Nama : Yunita Oktafiana
Kelas : TT5C
NIM : 1803332041
Jim didn’t going to work the next day
Because he is not feeling well
Michael want to cigarette
The time when time to go home from work (evening). The almost time to
knock off
5. They are tired because packed alot of papers that day
6. Michael quickly threw hisa unfinished cigarette away and jim ground his
cut first
7. The cigarettes burn the paper in the company
8. The fired lasted far six hours
9. The factory is burn to the ground and will take million to rebuild and to do
up the factory again.
10. No, that isn’t an electrical fire. That is fire caused by cigarettes.
1. Verbs :
 Insert the key, turn it clockwise, open the door
 Move the car upwards
 Turn car to the right
 Bend the hook outwards
 Switch on the power
2. Write three (3) safety rules in your workshop/laboratory!
All workers must wear lab coat at laboratory!
All workers can’t have long hair
Do not eat at the laboratory
3. A. The workers using safety tool and for their hand, they are using safety
B. but when the worker's work does not allow them to wear gloves all the
time, they must therefore use other forms of protection like a barrier cream
Cleaned, Lifted
Or wooden ones with metal wires must
Locked closed/Blocked open
Nomer 1
Crushing : frequently caused wheels or rolles, or when loads are lowered. Safety
footwer has a steel cap or bridge over th toe. This bridge can protect the foot from
heavy weights.
Piercing : cause by stepping on sharp objects, like nails and wire. These object
can pierce, or puncture, ordinary footware. But safety footware has a metal plate
through the sole.this plate protects the foot underneath.
Slipping : safety footwear has a corrugated sole made of rubber. Rubber gives a
good grip. It helps to prevent slipping. However, even a rubber sole will slip an
oily or a smooth wet surface.
Nomer 2
a. because touching a cable when the power is not switched off
b. because pull out a friend who has been shocked without turning off the switch
Nomer 3.
the current flows through the conductor inducing a magnetic field is set up around
the conductor
the current passes through water is the cause of the water breaks down into
hydrogen and oxygen
Nomer 4
A: How many balls are there in the bucket?
B: There are exactly seven
A : How many egg you want?
B : i want 2 Kg of egg
A: How much orange juice does the container contain?
B: The container contains a lot of orange juice
A : Do you have mineral water?
B : i have much mineral water on my storage