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Group 1
Weather Related Problem
Every year thousands of people die, due to weather related problems. It can happen in both
winter and in summer. Let’s examine the causes for a moment.
The year 2003 was a time of extreme cold in the winter. Extreme, that is by European
standards. In Britain alone, the number of people who died from cold-related illnesses was described
as ‘shameful’. Nearly twenty-five thousand people died from illnesses such as strokes, heart attacks,
bronchitis, flu and pneumonia.
In the summer of t he same year, around twenty-three thousand people died in Europe due
to the sizzling temperatures. France was particulary badly hit, with nearly fifteen thousand death
which were related to the sweltering heat. In Britain, the number of heat-related death was much
lower than the number of winter deaths.
It is important to note that government need to give some advices to people on how to
protect their health.
(Adapted from [email protected])
Group 2
Building Strong Relationship
Since building Indonesian nation in 1945, Indonesia shared a positive and friendly relationship
with Australia.
In 1947 Australia supported Indonesia’s struggle for independence by placing embargos on
Dutch supplies, arms and troops. Australian dock workers went on strike and significant numbers of
Australians demonstrated in the streets in support of Indonesian independence. The Dutch were
unable to ship supplies through Australian ports during this period.
Much of the support Australians gave to Indonesians was based on the friendship that
developed between Australian soldiers and the Indonesia people at the end of the Second World
War. There was also a strong anti-imperialist mood among some sections of the Australian
population at that time.
It is significant for Indonesia and Asian neighbors to strengthen the relationship.
Group 3
Men Sana In Corpore Sano
The term “Men sana in corpore sano” means that a healthy body makes a sound mind. More
and more people nowadays are aware of the truth behind the maxim.
As a result, they make sports an integral part of their lives. Some people participate in sports
to release energy and tension, while others do it to make friends. Sports, such as soccer, basketball
or boxing, have become an acceptable way to release energy and aggression.
Other sport like golf, mountain climbing, dancing or bowling can be means of starting or
consolidating friendships. Most sports offer a constructive escape from the pressures of the
everyday life. In fact, you can change your life if you take up and keep up an activity suited to your
character, abilities and lifestyle.
It is important to realize that no matter what kind of exercise you do, you can be sure that it’s
always good for your health and that it’s fun.
Group 4
Garbage Service need Improvement
There have been many complaints recently about the ABC garbage collection service. The
official department has agreed that the service needs improvement. But nothing has been done!
In some streets the garbage is collected only once a month because the workmen are not
supervised. In other streets, collection in more frequent but half of the garbage is left in the road.
The workmen are too lazy to pick it up and put it in the trucks.
In some parts of the colony, house-holders are dumping their garbage on the waste land. This
is dangerous and an unhealthy to do. These `dumps’ may catch fire and they will certainly attract
rats and flies.
It is the duty of the official department to collect all the garbage efficiently and regularly.
Group 5
The Problem of Being Too Fat
Being too fat is commonly known as overweight or obesity. It is simply defined as too much
body fat inside. Overweight potentially leads high risk of health problem.
Being too fat is recognized as a major factor for heart disease. Due to the overweight, the
heart will work harder. It can lead to the heart attack.
Furthermore, obesity potentially rises blood cholesterol and blood pressure.
In addition, being too fat can change the amount of sugar in the blood. This will cause
diabetes and other serous disease.
Beside all of that, being too fat is often avoided by many young women. They said that
becoming too fat will bother their physical beauty appearance.
Group 6
Is Smoking Good for Us?
Before we are going to smoke, it is better to look at the fact. About 50 thousands people die
every year in Britain as direct result of smoking. This is seven times as many as die in road
accidents. Nearly a quarter of smokers die because of diseases caused by smoking.
Ninety percent of lung cancers are caused by smoking. If we smoke five cigarettes a day, we
are six times more likely to die of lung cancer than a non smoker. If we smoke twenty cigarettes
a day, the risk is nineteen greater. Ninety five percent of people who suffer of bronchitis are
people who are smoking. Smokers are two and half times more likely to die of heart disease
than non smokers.
Additionally, children of smoker are more likely to develop bronchitis and pneumonia. In one
hour in smoky room, non smoker breathes as much as substance causing cancer as if he had
smoked fifteen cigarettes.
Smoking is really good for tobacco companies because they do make much money from
smoking habit. Smoking however is not good for every body else.
Group 7
Why Exercise Is Important
The majority of us claim that we do not have time for exercise. We feel too busy to do that.
However, many expert said that exercise has great role in making our body healthy
Being physically active offers many advantage. In physical reword, exercise can reduce
weight then our body will become fitter. Exercise is also believed to reduce stress levels,
improve sleep patterns, and reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and some forms of
cancer. Beside physical advantage, exercise also brings good effects mentally. Due to the
fitter body, exercise can make us feel refreshed and happy then we can increase our life
quality and expectancy.
How can we do exercise while we are busy? Such question is commonly found among us.
Actually exercise can be done in simple ways. We can go walking while shopping. In the
office we can take stair rather than lift to run up and down. Or we can go cycling while enjoy
the leisure time.
Over all, doing exercise is little bit difficult in busy life but the little bit of exercise will help
Group 8
The Unhealthy Fast Food
ast food nowadays is considered a normal eating venture. People are not just eating out on
special occasions or weekends anymore. It means that all the time they mostly eat fast foods.
However is fast food good for health?
Fast food has its popularity in the 1940’s. Within a few years, fast-food operations popped up
everywhere. With the compelling rise in fast-food restaurants since the 1940’s, oddly it
started the rise in obesity and cancer during that same time period.
Fast food is highly processed with a wide array of additives. To ensure fast food’s low cost,
the fast food products are made with highly-processed ingredients to give it shelf-life, to hold
consistency, and to enhance flavor. Fast food is altered from its original healthy form.
It is not the calories in fast food which damage health and waistline. It is the chemical
additives such as aspartame and MSG (monosodium glutamate). Studies show that the
chemical additives lead to weight and disease issues.
Group 9
Air Pollution Dangers
Air pollution affects so much more than just the air we breathe. Everything living has a need
for clean, breathable air, from humans and animals, to plants and trees. These needs make
fighting air pollution a major priority for everyone, to help heal and protect our planet and
Air pollution is a common issue among large cities, anywhere in the world. High volumes of
traffic, large industrial areas, and dense concentrations of people all contribute to the amount
of pollution in the area. The effects of air pollution reach around the globe, wreak havoc on
people, plants, and animals. Changes to air and water quality create dangerous and even deadly
situations. Here are just a few of the dangers of air pollution.
o Breathing polluted air can cause damage to the heart and lungs. Similar to the effects of
smoking tobacco, inhaling the particles in polluted air can cause people and animals to develop
heart and lung disease that could eventually prove fatal.
o Those with certain medical conditions may find that high levels of air pollution aggravate
their symptoms. People with asthma, allergies, and diseases resulting in breathing problems
are usually the worst affected.
o Plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen as their “breathing” process. When
pollutants are present in the air, plant life will breathe these particles in, as well. This causes
serious problems within the cells of the plant, resulting in poor growth and possibly death or
the plant.
o The residue from the chemicals and pollution in the air deposits itself onto plants, preventing
necessary photosynthesis from taking place. Without the ability to receive proper sunlight,
plants quickly discolor and die.
o The moisture in the atmosphere picks up the dangerous chemicals and pollutants in the air,
creating even further problems for the environment. The resulting acid rain can find its way
into ground water and other waterways, creating a dangerous situation for plants, animals and
humans alike.
Air pollution contributes to water and soil pollution that can be disastrous for all living
Group 10
Organic Food – The Benefits of Natural and Organic Produce
Having spent most of my life living off of junk food, I was pretty shocked when I started
learning about what goes into the produce we consume every day from the grocery store.
Most of the produce you would buy at the grocery store has been genetically modified to be
more appealing to the customer. But, evidence suggests that genetically modified food can be
harmful to your health. There are very few regulations on genetically modified food, and there
aren’t any long term studies on how they affect human health. About 70% of the food you pick
up at the grocery has been genetically modified.
Also, there are many types of insecticides used on produce, that are potentially harmful to your
health. Farmers, nowadays, do not use the proper crop rotation when growing their produce.
Crop rotation means: The successive planting of different crops on the same land to improve
soil fertility and help control insects and diseases. The by-product of no crop rotation is that
food in general is much less nutritious and raises a need for more insecticides to be used.
To avoid the health risks that can be associated with eating food that has been genetically
modified, has been treated with pesticides and does not use proper crop rotation, eat organic
Organic food has been proven to contain sometimes 2-3 times the nutrients that conventional
produce has. And with so little research available on this subject, who know how many other
ways conventional produce is damaging to our health. How many other ways could organic
food be better for us?
If you don’t believe it, try it. When I first began learning about organic food and the differences
between it and conventional food, I went to a health food store and bought a bunch or organic
produce. I couldn’t believe the difference in taste. The tomatoes I had bought in the grocery
store had very little flavor and could only be used as an ingredient in a dish, definitely not
something you would want to eat plain. But, the organic tomatoes I bought, I found myself just
sitting down and eating plain. They actually had a garden fresh flavor to them. Usually when I
would buy fruit, it would sit and rot on the table until I threw it away. It just never sounded
good. Now, when I buy organic fruit, I can hardly keep myself from snacking on it all day. It
just tastes so much better and healthier.
I have definitely noticed a difference in the way I feel after switching to eating mostly organic
food. I have more energy. I crave healthier food. I feel more satisfied when I eat. I don’t crave
junk food or sugary snacks anymore. I know other people too, who have noticed the same
effects from switching to an organic diet.
Group 11
The Wonderful Health Benefits of Drinking Water
Water is essential to good health. Drinking it helps to rid the body of toxins while delivering
essential nutrients to our cells. It aids in digestion and keeps our bodies hydrated.
Eight glasses of water per day should be your goal. Not only will this help to flush contaminates
from your body, water will also fill your stomach up without adding calories. Drinking water
with your meals is a great way to cut down on extra calories and will help you to lose weight
If you don’t like to drink water or find it boring and tasteless, unsweetened tea is of course a
healthy substitute. A squeeze of lemon to your water or to your tea, is a terrific way to add
flavor without additional calories, too.
It is important, especially when you exercise to keep your body well hydrated. Drinking water
while exercising helps to regulate the body’s temperature through the sweat glands. As we
sweat our body cools down. By keeping ourselves properly hydrated, we keep this vital process
working at its best.
You can usually tell if you have been drinking enough water by the color of your urine. Unless
you are taking vitamins that are high in iron, your urine should be lightly colored. Iron tends to
make the urine darker. When you are properly hydrated, the water leaving your body in the
way of urine should be almost clear.
Drinking enough water each day will improve the function of your kidneys, too. By aiding in
digestion, and speeding up the way your body processes food, an ample amount of water will
actually speed up the metabolism, making weight loss easier and longer lasting.
Water stimulates the circulation of blood and regulates your skin’s natural balance. It helps to
revitalize, detoxify and oxygenate the skin. Drinking plenty of water will help replace the
moisture that your face loses through free radicals and other forms of stress in our everyday
Make a point to drink water as much as possible each day. Take water with you when you drive
your car, watch television, curl up with a book, or sit outside with the kids. Aim for the goal of
8 glasses a day whenever possible. You’ll enjoy the many health benefits that drinking water
Group 12
Fitness Benefits of Biking
Tied into the joy of biking are the fitness benefits of biking. Obesity is becoming a huge crisis
in the United States and more than 40 percent of Americans are overweight. To combat the
growing health crisis caused by obesity and being overweight doctors and other health experts
are strongly encouraging people to rediscover the joys of physical activity. Since so many
people are out of shape low impact exercises like biking are highly recommended for people
who live sedentary or nearly sedentary lives as a way to get started on the path to fitness. Like
any other physical activity there are different levels of biking that range from a simple bike
ride to training for biking marathons but just like a journey of a thousand miles begins with a
single step the journey to fitness begins with a bike ride around the block.
For people who live in areas that don’t have bike-friendly streets or have predominantly bad
weather many gyms and workout facilities have exercise bikes in a variety of different styles
for their members to use. In the last decade spinning classes, or guided cycling classes that
combine the benefits of an intense aerobic workout with the benefits of cycling can burn up to
500 calories in 40 minutes. Many gyms offer spinning classes free for members. Spinning is
not appropriate for beginning bikers because it can be very intense but people who want to
increase their fitness and want an intense workout may really like spinning.
Biking is a great workout for the entire body, especially the lower body. People who want to
develop great muscle tone on their legs, back end and hips while trimming their waists and
increasing their cardio vascular health should try biking. Biking regularly can significantly
decrease a person’s risk for heart disease. Since heart disease is one of the biggest killers of
Americans any activity that can decrease your risk of heart disease is something worth
Biking is a low-impact activity that doesn’t cause a lot of stress on joints so biking is a good
exercise for people who may have limited range of motion or may not be able to handle an
exercise like running which puts a lot of stress on the joints. Low impact activities like biking
can also reduce cholesterol and can help lower blood pressure, which is a major health concern
for millions of people. Bike riding can also reduce stress, and it’s been proven that managing
stress is a key component when it comes to staying healthy. Biking has a lot of health and
fitness benefits, even just short bike rides daily can make a noticeable difference in your health
in a very short period of time. You don’t need to start out buying a fancy bike or any fancy
equipment, just buy an all purpose bike and get outside and start riding.
Taken from: http://www.adultbicycling.com/component/content/article/9-bicyclingbasics/16-fitness-benefits-of-biking.html
Group 13
Danger of Smoking – How Cancer Will Ruin Your Health
Whenever you buy a pack of cigarettes, I am sure that you get to read the government warning
label. Can’t remember what that is? The government warning label is the sentence that says,
“Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health.” So what are the dangers of smoking?
Cancer is a danger of smoking. Because of the known carcinogens and mutagens found in
cigarettes and tobacco products, it is not a mystery how smoking causes cancer. Cancers of the
oral cavity, laryngeal cancer, esophageal cancer, pancreatic cancer, and lung cancer are just
some examples. In the United States, 87% of lung cancer cases are linked to smoking. Lung
cancer risk of secondhand smokers is increased by 20 to 30%.
Another danger of smoking is its effects on the heart. Because nicotine causes narrowing of the
blood vessels which leads to blockage, smokers are 5 times more at risk of suffering a heart
attack. And nonsmokers who are exposed to secondhand smoke have increased risk of
developing heart disease by 25 to 30%. Other diseases include stroke, peripheral vascular
disease, and atherosclerosis.
The immune system is also harmed by smoking. The risk of acquiring various infections like
common colds, invasive pneumococcal disease, chronic bronchitis, and other pulmonary and
respiratory infections is increased by smoking. If a smoker consumes 20 or more cigarettes a
day, acquiring tuberculosis is increased by 2 to 4 times.
Another danger of smoking is the likelihood of a miscarriage. It is discouraged for pregnant
women to smoke because it deprives oxygen for the fetus. Smoking while pregnant can cause
the infant to be born with low birth weight and small for gestational age. These could lead to
more infant diseases like jaundice and breathing difficulty. Sudden infant death syndrome has
also been linked to smoking while pregnant.
Other dangers of smoking are the development of diseases such as chronic pulmonary disease,
emphysema, asthma, allergies, and many others.
All these dangers of smoking cause death. A smoker’s life expectancy is reduced by 2.5 to 10
years. And for each consumed cigarette, a smoker loses 11 minutes of his life! These facts are
what made smoking as the second major cause of death worldwide.
Group 14
The Dangerous of Using Drugs
Everybody must pay attention of drugs. Drugs are very dangerous for us. Why it is very
dangerous for us? Because its can caused harm to our body.
In terms of health, many organs in our body can be harm because using drug. In
general, the impact of using drug are can unconscious, make us hallucinate, can harm our
nerve, and cause addictive effect. Beside that, using drugs can make the users depressed, liver
disease, schizophrenia, blockage of blood vessels, dehydration, optic nerve damage, brain
damage, and finally it can cause DEATH!
When viewed in terms of Islamic law, drugs are forbidden. Because it is cause badness,
self harm, debilitate. And Islam proscribes all that can cause badness, self harm because it is
included zhalim. Also if we using drugs, it means we already do the forbidden things in Islam,
it means we sin. So, in terms of Islamic law, using drugs also dangerous.
Furthermore, if the users of drugs are teenagers, it can endanger their future, and
endanger their homeland, their country. From the data, 32 percent of drugs users in Indonesia
are teenagers, so, if many teenagers –in this case Indonesia- use drugs, it can be endanger
this country, harm youth generation, whereas youths are nation expectation. If the youth
using drugs, our nation can be destroy!
So, from now on we must pay attention of drugs, because it’s very dangerous, both in
terms of health, religion (Islam), nationality and state.