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1. Although a number of voters has cast their ballots in the city election, the
supervisor of elections temporarily ended the election because of a malfunction in the voting mechanism.
2. Neither Professor Johnson nor any other faculty member __________ to apply for the dean’s position.
A. intend
B. intends
C. are intending
D. has intend
3. While this is not the most popular course offered at the university, just like many
others classes that have low attendance in spite of their importance, at least several classes are always available.
4. E. Coli has proven to be __________ most dangerous bacteria that can be acquired from food and water, even in developed
A. one of the
B. one of
C. one
D. of one
5. The death toll would __________ much higher if immediate action had not been taken.
A. probably being
B. probably be
C. probably been
D. be probable
6. For years, this varsity athletes have been known throughout the country for their
tremendous abilities.
7. A fire in the __________ building could be a problem for firefighters.
A. ninety-story-tall
B. ninety-tall-story
C. ninety-stories-tall
D. ninety stories
8. The company had been operate in an old warehouse since its inception, when
it built a huge, efficient, and modern office building.
9. Their office consisted of three rooms, __________ was used as a conference room.
A. larger of which
B. the largest of which
C. the largest of them
D. largest
10. Before administering the exam, the proctor required that the students take their
seats and removing all items from their workplaces.
11. In the past six months, the company has already received twice __________ in gross revenues as it earned in the entire
preceding year.
A. as much
B. more
C. as many
D. as more
12. Some people enjoy preparing their own meals while another would rather eat out regularly.
13. __________ better, the team would have been able to defeat the opponent.
A. If it prepares
B. If prepares
C. Preparing
D. Had it prepared
14. The news of the decision to invade with armed forces were not well received by the citizens.
15. Nobody knows why __________ postponed until next week.
A. the meeting
B. was the meeting
C. did the meeting
D. the meeting was
16. Air traffic controllers must use a form of communication that is universal
understood because a pilot’s understanding of instructions is critical.
17. The curriculum at the public school is as good __________ of any private school.
A. or better than
B. as or better that
C. as or better than that
D. as or better than those
18. Hurricanes hardly never reach the east coast of Florida, but some that have
were extremely hazardous.
19. Children raised in foster homes requirement special attention to overcome the
feelings of abandonment and isolation.
20. Being a private university, __________ a well-organized charitable giving
program in order to offer a sufficient number of quality courses and activities.
A. development of
B. it developed
C. develop
D. developing
21. With so many choices of wireless technology available, it is often difficulty to
determine which offers the best value and quality.
22. Entering the country in car may cause
different treatment by customs officials
than entering by way of mass transportation.
23. The greater the number of bacteria attacking the system, __________.
A. the sooner treatment must be begun
B. sooner must begin treatment
C. begin treatment as soon as possible
D. must begin treatment sooner
1. A congressional committee has been appointed to study a new procedure
__________ to eliminate some costly expenditures.
A. that is expected
B. what is expected
C. which expects
D. that expected
2. Some professors enjoy writing articles and performing research, while anothers
would be more content to devote all their time to teaching.
3. Some people send job applications even when they are reasonably happy in their jobs, __________ improving their position.
A. with hoping to
B. hoping that
C. with hopes of
D. hoping to
4. Swimming is a beneficial exercise, __________ aerobic activity and uses a number of muscle groups.
A. not only because it provides
B. because it both provides
C. for provision
D. as result of providing
5. Tests have been performed to determine whether studying TOEFL questions will
help students rise their test scores.
6. The professor instructed the students __________ the essay without preparing an outline first.
A. to not write
B. not to write
C. do not write
D. to no write
7. It is not clear when __________, although there are many different theories.
A. dinosaurs becoming extinct
B. dinosaurs extinction
C. dinosaurs became extinct
D. did dinosaurs become extinct
8. The professor decided to allow the students to take the examination a
second time because the low scores.
9. If the driver’s own car __________ damaged, the favorite probably would have won the race.
A. had not been
B. not
C. no had been
D. has no be
10. Having withdrawn from the race, the candidate decided supporting his
opponent despite the opponent’s representing the other political party.
11. The soldiers were unable to determine where __________.
A. the jeep had been left
B. had been leave the jeep
C. had the jeep been left
D. had the jeep left
12. The manager was angry because somebody _________.
A. had allowed the photographers to enter the building
B. had let the photographers to enter the building
C. permitting the photographers enter the building
D. the photographers let into the building
13. The committee members resented __________ of the meeting.
A. the president that he did not tell them
B. the president not to inform them
C. the president’s not informing them
D. that the president had failed informing themselves
14. __________ did Arthur realize that there was danger.
A. Upon entering the store
B. When he entered the store
C. After he had entered the store
D. Only after entering the store
15. The congressman, accompanied by secret service agents and aides, are preparing to enter
the convention hall within the next few minutes.
16. Because the torrential rains that had devastated the area, the governor sent the National
Guard to assist in the clean-up operation.
17. Lack of sanitation in restaurants are a major cause of disease in some areas of
the country.
18. Had the committee members considered the alternatives more carefully, they
would have realized that the second was better as the first.
19. Malnutrition is a major cause of death in those countries where the cultivation of rice
have been impeded by recurrent drought.
20. The decision to withdraw all support from the activities of the athletes are causing an
uproar among the athletes’ fans.
21. Underutilized species of fish has been proposed as a solution to the famine in many underdeveloped countries.
22. Because the residents had worked so diligent to renovate the old building, the manager had a party.
23. John’s wisdom teeth were troubling him, so he went to a dental surgeon
to see about having them pull.
24. Hardly __________ the office when he realized that he had forgotten his wallet.
A. he had entered
B. had entered
C. entered
D. had he entered
25. Suzy had better to change her study habits if she hopes to be admitted to a good university.
Practice Test 1
Structure Section
1. A: has cast. The expression a number of is a plural concept and is always used with a plural verb, a number of voters have
2. B: intends. The noun after nor controls the verb. Any other faculty member is a singular idea.
3. B: others. Other is an adjective in this sentence, modifying the noun classes. Therefore, it cannot be plural: other classes. You
will also notice that the initial clause is dependent, which means that the second clause must have a subject and a verb. In this
case, the second clause does have both: At least several classes are . . . .
4. A: one of the. The expression is cardinal number of the (adjective) noun: one of the most dangerous bacteria.
5. B: probably be. After the modal would, the verb must appear in the simple form. The adverb probably must be used instead of
the adjective probable because it is modifying the verb would be.
6. A: this. The pronoun modifies varsity athletes, which is plural. The correct form would be these.
7. A: ninety-story-tall. When a noun is used in an expression like this, the whole expression becomes an adjective. The noun
being modified is building. The word story is singular because it is part of the adjective.
8. A: operate. Because you are given had been, the form is past perfect progressive, so you must use the verbing, operating. Or
it could be viewed as a passive voice sentence, had been operated.
9. B: the largest of which. The relative pronoun which refers to three rooms. The first answer choice is incorrect because you use
a comparative when there are two of something and a superlative when there are three of something in a series. Also, you need a
definite article. The other two answers cause the sentence to be incomplete.
10. C: removing. After the phrase required that, which is the subjunctive, the verb must be in the simple form. Here the first verb
in the series is in the simple form (take), and this verb must also be in the simple form (remove).
11. A: as much. The comparison rule is as adjective as. Here, the second as appears later in the sentence. The comparative
more goes with than and cannot be preceded by as. Revenues looks like a count noun, but it is a noncountable idea, and that is
why the preposition in precedes the clause it is in.
12. D: another. The subject is plural, people. The pronoun that refers to people must also be plural, others. Notice that the word
preparing is correct because it is the object of enjoy.
13. D: Had it prepared. This means the same as if it had prepared. The first answer choice is incorrect because the verb cannot
be in present tense with a contrary to fact condition, and you know it is contrary to fact because of the verb phrase would have
been. The second answer choice is incorrect because it has no subject, and the third answer choice is also used for present tense.
14. C: were. News is a non-count noun in American English. The verb form must be was.
15. D: the meeting was. In an embedded question, you reverse the sentence order after the question word. A question would be
Why was the meeting postponed? But in an embedded question, it is . . . why the meeting was postponed.
The first answer is not correct because the sentence must be in the passive voice to make sense. A meeting does not act; it
receives an action. The third answer is not correct because you cannot have did, which is an auxiliary showing tense, with the
main verb also showing the tense. The main verb is postponed, so it cannot appear with did.
16. C: universal. It must be an adverb, universally, because it modifies the adjective
17. C: as or better than that. This combines two phrases, an equal comparison and a comparative. It also tests an illogical
comparison idea. Equal comparisons are shown by as adjective as. Comparatives are shown as adjective -er than. Both
are present here. You cannot close the idea with either as or than. They both must appear. Also, the idea of a logical comparison
is that you must compare two things of the same type. Here the intention is to compare the curriculum in the two types of
schools. If you compare the curriculum
at public schools with private schools, it is not logical, because you are comparing curriculum with private schools. You use that
of as the pronoun for the curriculum.
18. A: never. The word hardly is one of the negative concept words that cannot appear with another negative. It would be correct
to say hardly ever.
19. B: requirement. The first clause of the sentence contains a reduced relative clause, from a passive structure. The word raised
is not a conjugated verb. It is the result of the reduction of children who are raised. So the noun requirement is incorrect because
a verb is needed, require.
20. B: it developed. The sentence begins with a participial phrase. The understood subject of the participial phrase is a private
university. Therefore, it must appear right after the comma, in this case as a pronoun, it. Because every sentence must have a
conjugated verb and there is no other verb in the sentence, the answer must contain the conjugated verb, developed.
21. C: difficulty. The answer needs to be an adjective (difficult), not a noun.
22. B: in. One can say in a car, in the car, or by car.
23. A: the sooner treatment must be begun. A double comparative has the same structure in both clauses.
Practice Test 2
Structure Section
1. A: that is expected. The relative pronoun that joins the two phrases: to study a new procedure and the new procedure is
expected to eliminate. The expectation must be in the passive voice because the procedure does not expect anything. The form for
passive voice is form of be verb in past participle form.
2. C: anothers. This can never be a word because others is the correct pronoun for a plural noun, while the prefix an- is used for
3. C: with hopes of. This is an idiomatic expression. D would be correct if the verb improving were in the simple form, improve.
4. B: because it both provides. The expression is both. . . and. . . . The both should appear immediately before the word being
compared. In this case there are two verbs, provides and uses. A is incorrect not only because it is missing the but also, which is
needed to complete the construction, but also because the not only is out of place. It would also appear just before the verb. D is
missing an important word because the expression is as a result of.
5. D: rise. The correct word would be raise because it is a transitive verb, meaning it is followed by a direct object, their test
6. B: not to write. The verb instruct is followed by the infinitive (to verb in simple form). The negative is formed by adding not
before the infinitive.
7. C: dinosaurs became extinct. This is an embedded question, and thus the order is subject verb, with no auxiliary.
8. D: because. The expression must be because of because it is followed by a noun phrase, the low scores.
9. A: had not been. Use the past perfect construction in past condition.
10. B: supporting. Decide must be followed by the infinitive, to support.
11. A: the jeep had been left. After the question word in an embedded question, the order is subject verb.
12. A: had allowed the photographers to enter the building. B is incorrect because let is followed by the verb in simple form, not
an infinitive. C is incorrect because after because there must be a clause, and the word permitting sets up a phrase, not a clause. D
is incorrect because the order is incorrect. After the subject of the second clause, somebody, must appear the verb, not another
noun phrase. Also, documentation is a non-count noun and is not made plural.
13. C: the president’s not informing them. After the verb resented there must be a noun phrase or a clause. It would also have
been correct to say “resented the president for not informing them of the meeting.” Remember that after a verb that requires a
gerund in the subordinate clause, any noun must be possessive. Informing is a gerund because of resented.
14. D: Only after entering the store. After a limiting word (only) introduces a sentence,
the order of the subject and verb is altered. That is why this sentence has the auxiliary did. A would have been correct if the order
hadn’t been reversed: Upon entering the store, Arthur realized . . . .
15. B: are. The subject of the sentence is The congressman. The words in commas after it are parenthetical and do not affect the
verb. Thus the verb should be singular, is.
16. A: Because. After because a clause must appear. After because of a noun phrase must appear. The phrase the torrential rains
that had devastated the area is a noun phrase, so the sentence should begin with because of.
17. B: are. The subject of the sentence is lack. The prepositional phrases of sanitation and in restaurants are both irrelevant to the
determination of the number of the verb. The verb should be is.
18. D: as the first. The comparative is formed with the adjective -er or more adjective ... than. So the correct phrase is than
the first.
19. C: have. The noun that controls the verb is cultivation. It is singular so the verb should be has.
20. C: are causing. The subject that controls the verb is the decision. All the other words after that are modifying the noun but do
not affect the verb. The correct verb phrase is is causing.
21. B: has been. The subject that controls the verb is species, which is plural, so the verb should be have been.
22. C: diligent. This word needs to be an adverb (diligently) because it modifies the verb had worked.
23. D: them pull. This is a reduced passive voice structure, combined with a causative verb. The correct phrase would be having
them pulled.
24. D: had he entered. After the word hardly at the beginning of a sentence, the order is auxiliary subject main verb.
25. B: to change. After had better, which means the same as should and is used in much the same way, the simple form, change,
is required.