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The Traveler's Grip
Alhamdulillahi Rabbil ‘alamin. All the praises be to Allâh, the Lord of the all things. Allohumma sholii ‘ala
Muhammad wa ‘ala 'alihi wa shoh-bihi aj’ma’in.
This is an offering from a faqir ila Alloh-servant to Allah, let's call me Chef-San. Like food served in a
restaurant, you don't need to know who cooked it, the important thing is that the dish is liked and eaten
with blessings from Allah SWT.
InsyaAlloh, what we present in the following series of sentences per chapter is a reflection of the manhajul
hayah-way of life- that comes from the Al Quran and the Sunnahs of the Prophet Muhammad Saw. I take
refuge in Allah from deliberately writing things that violate both of them.
Thus, I hope Allah will make it easier for us to understand and practice the contents of this booklet.
Welcome for free to reproduce and distribute to anyone who needs it.
Wallahu a’lam bi showab - God knows the best.
Allah's Earth, 1442 AH / 2020 AD
Al faqir ila Alloh
Table of contents
Get to know Allah-The Creator, The Referee and The Judge
Grand Design of Life (GDL)
The trickery of Satan and his soldiers
Second parable: Is the route that we are taking correct?
Heaven and Hell
The figure of a great warrior
Muhammad, PBUH
The life of the world as a field of Great Struggle and a field of Trials
Amal Jama'i (Organizational Movement)
Turning the Heart
Little work for BIG results
Hereafter oriented people
Reflection Realizing that we are very weak creatures
Judgment Day
The third parable
Justice is enforced
Regret .... and .... regret
The next step
A big football game with a game rule system and there is a BIG CUP-TROPHY for the winner.
Imagine, all humans - as players – rightnow present in the football field, changing from one generation to
the next. All players –everyone- want to win so that able to achieve A TROPHY, but the conditions of the
players, the attitudes they take and the way they play are very different. While the kick-off has been blown
for a long time, the game time is currently up and running ... and all the players have already understood
that one day –in the short future- the game will be over ... it will stop when the LONG whistle blows.
Then...the description of their condition - the humans - the participants in the soccer game - have different
positions and behaviors, as follows:
 Many people choose to remain outside the arena / outside of margins, do not want to enter the
arena, do not want to bother- do not want to fight as a real player, they only want to be a
complement / accessory, just be a good audience, just a nice sitting commentator, spectators, who
can shout freely here and there, loud cheers and also free to chat and so on.
 Many people who enter the field trying to become players, they are already on the field but confused
about not knowing what to do on the field, don't understand the rules of the game well, want to play
but don't know how to play, so they walk around and run around without a certain path , without a
strategy, just follows the steps of his own ambition.
 Some of them have entered the middle of the field, but the goal is not to play / compete, they are
rather busy researching the condition of the field grass, the type of soil, gravel, and even busy looking
for grasshoppers, ants and other animals. They are drowning in activities that are not ordered by the
rules of the game.
 Some of them have entered the field, but instead they sit on their chins in the middle of the field
watching the chaos, don't care about it, are lazy to move and don't bother. They are passive and
sneer at other people. They don't want to bother others and to be disturbed by others. They only
want harmony with the environment, peace and comfort.
 They already in the middle of the field, but they just want to cheer on, busy dancing around
entertaining themselves, also chattering jokingly about this and that, then commenting on the shape
of the field, the shape of the goal, the type of grass, questioning this system of rules and that which
feels heavy, not in accordance with his personal wishes, namely playing the game with full
enjoyment. (read: according to the taste of his own lust).
 There are also many players who know the rules of the game, then play for a while, have a little
support but it's not over the match and it is not clear how the game ends but they have demanded
that trophy be given to be enjoyed right away-instantly, eventhough the game still running, as a
result of the little effort that has been done earlier.
 There are also many players who know the rules of the game, understand the correct strategy they
have to implement, but they actually become opponents of the existing rules of the game - because
they judge the rules of the game to be incorrect - then make up other rules themselves with various
kinds of shouts of promises and slogans and reasons. -contrived excuses to trick everyone into not
becoming a TRUE PLAYER according to the established rules. They even become an accomplice to
the enemy team's team who prevent the players from following the correct game rules and try to
disturb the players so they don't become the Correct Player.
 In fact, only a small fraction who REALLY BECOME TRUE PLAYERS, who understand the football match
system that has been outlined, obey the boundaries of the rules, then with self-awareness become
part of the team team that plays really synergy on the field, struggles exerting hard effort, delivering
technique and football strategy, increasing his capacity to fight against enemies in earnest, very little
talking but a lot of work, tiring himself in teamwork that is directed synergy and with clear objectives
until the end of the long whistle, with high hopes of being able to win and get the trophy LATER when
it's over.
Brother .... Remember that football field is the world we live in today, we are now in it. We are in a
BIG MATCH. The player is US. The game or the match is the stage of life in this world. The players
are creatures-created by Allah Azza wa Jalla. We humans are creatures because we didn't create
ourselves. Who created? He is ALLOH, the Creator. The Sole Referee, Who Created the playing field
which equipped it with the facilities and infrastructure to follow the competition, the stage of life in
this world.
Brother…. Bear in mind for each of us that we are only given ONE OPPORTUNITY TIME to MATCH,
the kick off has started since we live in this world, the time is rolling until later the Referee blows the
long whistle to signify the game time is up. If the time / chance for the match is over, that is when
death comes, then there is no chance to compete for the second, third time and there will be no
extension of the injury time at all. NO REINCARNATION. How will our fate / condition life EVER since
the match ended (in hereafter- lasting forever) is determined by how we fill (belief, action, thinking,
etc) in this short match time-which is in this world-rightnow.
Brother… who is busy here and there with all agenda….. please be pause for a just moment, in the
middle of the lonely night, let us alone contemplate these things to improve our respective positions.
We very very need this contemplation since life is such a big game with predetermined rules, the
game strategy is clearly explained and EVEN exemplified clearly AND CONCRETE.
Brother .... remember that every step we take in the arena of this competition is continuously
recorded day and night, no matter how small, even including the tracks of thoughts and opinions
hidden in our hearts and all of them later on surely will be opened to records of our steps, NOTES OF
OUR CONVICTIONS AND THOUGHTS, were judged and countered by the SINGLE Referee, Alloh Azza
wa Jalla.
Brother ... think from the deepest of our hearts ... wake up ... wake up ... hurry up .... The time
for the match is getting narrower… .. the remaining opportunities are getting limited…. The
match will be over soon ……… The referee is getting ready to blow the long whistle …………. Let's
be TRUE PLAYERS ....The real one ………. …………………….
2. Get to know Allah-The Creator, The Referee and The Judge
Where did this initial step begin? Let start from knowing Allah since this knowledge is the most
important..the most principal..the most excellent ... THE MODALITY which is the most beneficial for
Nobody can explain about Allah except He Himself, Who Knows all things and all of its essence.
ALLOH… ..He is the Almighty Creator-created everything in the heavens and on the earth, all visible and
invisible, immovable and creeping, the Most Regulating and Most Forming, whatever His creation is
arranged and shaped by Him, Who creates the 'football game / match' that already mentioned before,
provides its all field facilities, determines its shape, makes the rules of the game, regulates the attendance
of the players, from one period of time to another in groups one by one. The various types of fields
provided are different for each person but the basic rules / game systems are the same, LIKE FOOTBALL,
that as Sunnatulloh for all of His creations. The parameters and indicators of success / victory are also He
(Himself) who determines, where all participants have the same opportunity and modality to achieve this
success criterias. These common basic modalities are hearing, sight and heart. Hearing and sight as
absorbers and supplies to the mind and heart, the mind contemplates, the heart processes and analyzes
it then produces / directs deeds. All human beings start their struggle armed with the same modality, so
that it is fair, because Allah is the Most Just, there is no wrongdoing to all His creatures, He not even willing
to do wrong.
Allah provides an explanation of anything related to the game's rule system, so that it is clear and easilt
understood for people who want to serach and study it diligently, that bringing the people to living in
bright light like walking in the broad afternoon sun, but many people don't care about this explanation don't feel the need for this enlightenment - until his life is in the dark, not knowing what to do in life in
this world like a person who is already in the middle of a football field but doesn't know and is still
confused about where his feet are going to be. Allah also explained the technical way how to play in order
to win victory, sent examples of humans who live like most humans as EXAMPLE PLAYERS, so that all
humans can easily practice, because they just have to follow it, but many people turn away, do not need
and do not care, they hate and oppose these exemplary Players. The exemplary players also explain the
details, the strategy, the techniques to improve the quality of the style of play, have to do this and that,
don't do this and that, everything is made very clear and complete, so that humans as players become
comprehend, having a clear vision how to play and the high spirited until the last second of the game i.e.
when the whistle is blown.
In that game, Allah is The SINGLE referee, The timer, The recorder of all the players' behavior, visible and
hidden behavior, and later on all the things that the players have done will be reported. In the hereafter,
ALLOH alone as THE SINGLE JUDGE who will decides whether a player succeeds or fails. Allah already
prepared the CUP-for the winner, noting that the CUP was created before the players were created.
Allah explains Himself, and again, only Allah is able to explain Himself, as a SINGLE Referee to the players,
determined the rules of the game as well as the criteria for success / victory, completed and detailed so
that all the players know and can adjust the style / strategy of the game to gain that victory . Allah explains
that Allah is All-Powerful, Greatest, Most Glorious, Most Noble, Most Beautiful, All-Mighty. One fact proof
that could be recognized everyone through His products-He made, which is the universe that stretches
so great so wonderful so beautiful, at any time that anyone can see it, through His creatures in the sky
and in the earth, visible and invisible, the oceans and their contents, the plains and the mountains with
their various inhabitants, the small and the great, that slithers between the grasslands, which flew hither
and thither among the tops foliage, His creatures who inhabit the seven layers of the sky, namely the
angels that our eyes cannot see, the genie who inhabit this earth who cannot be seen either. All as VISIBLE
AND INVISIBLE VERSES, signs of the greatness and majesty of Allah, the Creator, the true Owner. So that
the human kind feels his smallness, small, weak and helpless before Him. So that people want to
acknowledge His greatness, enlarge Him, not make partners for Him, then surrender, submit to obey the
rules He has made. So that man feels his smallness, dwarfishness, weak and helpless before Him. So that
people want to acknowledge His greatness, oneness of Him, surely-not make partners for Him, then
surrender, submit to obey the rules He has made. So that man feels his smallness, small, weak and helpless
before Him. Again...So that people want to acknowledge His greatness, oneness of Him, surely-not make
partners for Him, then surrender, submit to obey the rules He has made-foreever.
Brother… Remember again, everyone is a MATCH PLAYER who has just only one chance to play, one
stage, if the time runs out, then there is no chance to play a second, a third, no time to repeat. ONE
TIME PLAY that determines the player's fate for the next life period, forever-in hereafter-the life after
the death. Watch professional football players take advantage of the time per second because, those
every players very understood that the time of playing is very limited so that they have to manage
every single minutes to be very useful. Seriously, focus, hard work, a solid team-work, strategize,
synergize hand in hand in different roles but one commando with one goal of achieving common
Our Referee, He is ALLOH WHO KNOWS. Knowing anything, however and whatever, anyone, anytime.
Allah Who Turns On and Who Shuts down all His creatures, past, present and future, then all human beings
–all creatures - should depend on Him, serve and devote their lives to Him alone, not to His weak
creatures, nor to devote to themselves -the weak- (i.e. following his own passions). Allah is the Most Holy,
Who stands alone, who is busy all the time taking care of His creatures, who are not at all tired, who are
not sleepy – not have a sleep even a single moment, whose knowledge includes everything, there is not a
single whisper in the sky (by angels) and in a single breath on earth (by humans) that escapes from His
knowledge, past, present and future. Allah continues to record the deeds of humans and genie, small and
large, visible (outer) and invisible (deeds of heart, inner, desire, hidden desire, feelings, intentions,
thoughts, life goals, beliefs, opinions in mind), and later on-all of that by Allah will be reported to each of
them, in the hereafter. No matter how large and small human actions are, they are continuously
monitored and recorded by Him, even as heavy as the dzarrah-very very smal item- will be brought back
and calculated by Allah in yaumil reckoning yaumil mizan-hereafter. He is the One who does not need
anything from creatures, but all beings need Him. Holy Allmighty Allah. Then later on- all of these things
by Allah will be reported to each of them, in the hereafter. Again...No matter how big and small human
actions are, they are continuously monitored and recorded by Him, even as heavy as the dzarrah will be
brought back and calculated by Allah in yaumil reckoning yaumil mizan... Again... He is the One who does
not need anything from creatures, but all beings need Him. Holy Allmighty Allah.
Allah is also THE KING...THE REAL KING...WHO HAVE AUTHORITY ... Who regulates, who plans, who
controls, who maintains, who gives opportunity, who bestows sustenance, who makes the laws of life,
determines the law, which determines whether this is permissible and that is not allowed, which governs
the affairs of all creatures that He created, namely the angels whose numbers are hard to count - the
inhabitants of the 7 layers of the sky above us, while the planets and stars above us are only in the world
sky (the first heaven) and the inhabitants of the earth, namely the genie - who are invisible to the eye,
then humans, animals, fish, insect, bird, and others.
Allah is the Most Just, also the Most Demanding, Most Adjudicating and Most Recipient, for all his
creatures. LATER, when the matches in this world have finished until the last player on earth, there will
be charge of an accusation from Him. LATER-SURE when all the players are brought back to life, then all
of them are collected, not one soul is left, all of His creatures are in one place at one time-one land, there
will be an accountability to humans and genie, namely in the Hereafter. The hereafter life, that is the true
land, the real-genuine one, which is everlasting and eternal. That is, The Resurrection Day, Yaumul Ba’ats,
Yaumul Mahsyar, Yaumul Hisab, Yaumul Mizan, Yaumul Jaza- The day of Retaliation. At that time, Allah,
Al Malik Ad Dayyan, the King-Only Judge, the Sole Prosecutor will judge and demand all of His creatures
as fairly as possible, true justice. Glory to Allah from the slightest injustice. Because Allah has forbidden
tyranny for Himself. On That Day, Not even the angels feel safe from the demands of Allah, all humans
and genie, His prophets and messengers and each of their people, are charged of accusation for their
duties / obligations / mandates that are imposed on them in this recent world. Considering that ....No one
is saved except those that Allah mercy and save.
Allah is All-Knowing, All-Knowing, All-Powerful, All-Strong, All-Meticulous in Watching, The Most Designer
of Life. We are all in that Grand Design of Life that Allah created, now, before and after. We cannot get
out of the Grand Design of Life, so it is like a BIG FLOW, fortunately those who understand correctly and
completely the Grand Design of Life then arrange themselves to be safe in going through the BIG FLOW,
and harm those who blind themselves and oppose the BIG FLOW because of being arrogant.
Allohu Akbar, Allah is The Greatest One, far greater than the greatness that is imagined in our minds, far
greater than the estimates of creatures. The real greatness of Allah only Allah Knows. The seven layers of
heavens above us are so great .. even so small compared to His Throne. And Allah resides above His
Throne. Allah is the Greatest.
However, Even Alloh is The Greatest One, Allah also who is All-Knowing, clearly knows the footsteps of
the little black ant on the black stone in the middle of the night.
However, Allah knows - at all times - all wet and dry sand grains, which are above ground or below ground.
The number, location and condition.
However, Allah knows - every time - the number of leaves that fall from their stalks, in mountains and in
the valley, in the east and in the west, and not a single leaf leaves the stalk without His permission. Allah
is the Greatest.
However, Allah knows all the drops of rain that fall from the sky, heavy and light, in the south and in the
north, which fall on rocks or on wet ground. There is not a single drop of rainwater unless it has been
determined the level and the place where it fell. Allah is the Greatest.
What is more frightening is that Allah knows all the whispers of our lust, all the desires hidden in our
hearts, the goals and ideals that are buried deep in our hearts, as well as all the tricks of hidden cunning
that we wrap with sweet speech. and gentle in front of others ... all are not immune to His sight, His
hearing, His knowledge and control.
So the way of salvation is ... to acknowledge our weaknesses, acknowledge the greatness of Allah Azza wa
Jalla, then surrender to submit and obey Him, to devote ourselves to Him alone, not to associate anything
with Him. Faith in Him, surrender obedience and loyalty to Allah alone, not to others - not to creatures.
Brother… ..in this world we cannot immediately see Allah, our God, the God of all creatures, the God
of creatures that are visible and invisible. But we can feel His greatness and majesty with the eyes of
our hearts. We close our outer eyes for a moment, we turn on our hearts. We feel that whatever
part of our body has a use, has a function. We recognize with certainty that whatever is around us,
rocks, plants, grass, air, sunlight, soil and whatever is on it and in it, everything has a use, has a
function, has a purpose to manifest it all. Nothing is wasted. Glory to Allah who made all of this for
us, then we should function according to His will.
Brother… .. then we are sure for sure that the sky that is hard to measure the edges, the earth that
lies with various kinds of charm in it, all of that must have a purpose and function created by the
Creator. What is its purpose and function? That's what we want to find the answer to. Take, for
example, a remote-controlled toy car for children and a real Toyota car that is partly automatic. One
small, one big, one easy to make and one more complex to build, one of limited functions and uses
and the other one more diverse functions and uses. Ponder more deeply and replace the toy car with
whatever has been produced by humans, and replace the Toyota car with the breadth of heaven and
earth and all the contents that He created. Compare the toy car manufacturer and the Toyota auto
factory. Meditate and take in deeper and wider. Then we will agree that the creation of the heavens
and the earth where we live now that is so big and vast - while we are only small and weak creatures
-, there must be a big purpose for creating all that creatures...which is - we called it the purpose is
HAQ. Allah wants His creatures to recognize His greatness, strength, power, so that they exalt Him,
supreme Him, then submit to Him inwardly and outwardly. Have faith in Him, justify His messengers,
follow His direction. so that they enlarge Him, magnify Him, and then submit to Him inwardly and
outwardly. Have faith in Him, justify His messengers, follow His direction. so that they enlarge Him,
magnify Him, and then submit to Him inwardly and outwardly. Have faith in Him, justify His
messengers, follow His direction.
In the Qur'an, Surah 20, QS Tha ha, verses 41 to 56, the story of Musa As occurs as follows:
41. and I (Alloh) have chosen you (to be a Prophet and Rasul) for myself.
42. Go you and your brother (Harun As) with My signs (power-verses), and don't both of you
neglect to remember Me;
43. both of you go to Fir'aun, because he really has transgressed;
44. then speak both to him (Pharaoh) in gentle words, hopefully he is aware or afraid.
45. Both said: "O our Lord, really we are afraid he will torture us soon or will increase beyond the
46. He (Allah) said: "Do not you both worry, verily I am with you both, I Hear and See."
47. So you both went to him (Pharaoh) and said: "Indeed, we are both messengers of your Lord, so
let the Children of Israel go with us and do not torture them." Indeed, we have come to you with
evidence (of our prophethood and apostleship) from your Lord. And that salvation is bestowed on
those who follow directions.
48. Indeed, it has been revealed to us that the punishment (is inflicted) on anyone who denies (the
teachings of our religion that we carry-Islam) and turns away (does not care about it). "
49. he (Pharaoh) said, "Who is your God, O Moses?"
50. he (Moses) said, "Our God is (God) who has given the form of events to all things then gave
them guidance."
51. he (Fira'aun) said, "So how was the condition of the previous people?"
52. he (Musa) answered, "the knowledge about it is in my God-knowledge, in a book (Lauhul
Mahfudz), my Lord will not be wrong or forget the slightest."
53. (God) who has made the earth as a stretch for you, and made the roads on it for you, and
who brought down water (rain) from the sky. " Then We grew with it (the rainwater) various
kinds of plants.
54. Eat and herd your animals. Indeed, in that there are signs (verses of the greatness and power
of Allah) for those who are wise.
55. From it (the land) that We Created you and to it We will Return you and from there We will
Remove you at another time (during the Day of Resurrection-Doomsday).
56. And really, We have shown him (Pharaoh) the signs of (greatness) of us all, but in fact he was a
liar and was reluctant (to accept the truth).
3.Grand Design of Life (GDL)
Allah has planned, arranged, decided and determined the Grand Design of Life for all His creatures. This
GDL binds all humans, all angels, all genie, all animals, all objects in the heavens and on earth, all of them
follow it without exception and no one is able to escape. Because Allah is Just, Not Dzalim at all, the GDL
was conveyed to mankind through His prophets and messengers when mankind was still living in the life
of this world - at this time - a life that was given the opportunity / freedom for humans to choose their
way of life. The parable of the GDL is like the current of a huge river wave, and all humans are like small
boats sailing in the middle of the big current flow, sailing in stages, alternating one by one, the tip of the
river's mouth is heaven, but on either side of the river there are many branches of which at the junction
there are callers ensuring that the branch path is the right way to go, but –the fact- it ends up going to
hell. So many boats ran aground and got lost to the branches of the river because they were deceived by
the propaganda at the fork of the branch and only a few - those who were given the guidance of Allah survived to the mouth of the river at its end-al jannah. Those the few are blessed by Allah Azza wa Jalla.
So the beginning of salvation is to know and understand correctly and completely the terrain of the
current area of the great river waves, which RIGHTNOW we humans are living in the middle of the stream.
Realizing that we are all sailing and do not know whether to survive to the mouth of the river or get lost,
because it is determined at the end of our lives, namely when we will face death in this world. Innamal
akmalu bil khawatim. In fact, the charity is determined in the end. When death comes, that is the final
charity, whether husnul khatimah or suul khatimah, which is according to the mizan / assessment measure
of Allah SWT – which is already delivering through His revelation – Al Quran - and the criteria said by the
Prophets and His messengers including the last Prophet Muhammad (The Sunnah Prophet) , not according
to other criteria.
This is the Grand Design of Life which encompasses all beings, which can only be made by the One Who is
the Greatest, the Most Powerful, the Most Meticulous in Watching, the All-powerful, the Most Perfect.
Namely Allah Azza wa Jalla. All beings should and have to understand well this GDL, because all beings, all
of us, are actors in the arena of the Great Wave of this GDL. No one can escape from this GDL, whatever
he does and no matter what condition he is in, no matter how smart and great he is, he cannot escape.
Allah has delivered the GDL through His revelations, which were conveyed through the Angel Isrofil then
to the Angel Jibril, then delivered gradually to His Apostles from among humans, the chosen prophets,
then conveyed to mankind according to their time, clearly, both the outline and the details. GDL covered
all things that has happened, is happening and what is in the future, from beginning to end.
GDL is a complete puzzle that is interconnected and connected. Here's the picture:
1. In the past, Allah SWT was alone, there was nothing else with Him. With His Majesty and the
Holiness of Him, with the glory of His FACE, with the eternity of HIS POWER, with the greatness
and perfection of His NAME and NATURE. Allah is Alive, Al Awwal Al Akhir.
2. Then Allah created Arsyi (His throne) on the WATER. Then His Chair (His placemat).
3. Then Allah created Al Qolam, then He ordered Al Qolam 'uktub', then written maqodirul kholaiq
ila yaumil qiyamah (destiny for His creatures until the Day of Judgment). Everything that has
happened, is happening and will happen, is on His side, in Lauhul Mahfudz. Allah knows best.
4. Then, 50,000 years later Allah created the heavens and the earth, alone without anyone's help,
forming them according to His will, the expanse of the earth on which we stand and the seven
layers of heaven above us, which are getting bigger and wider. Think of our earth as a small ball,
which is placed in a large room. The sun is like a large ball stuck to the ceiling of the room. Imagine,
during the day we move everywhere because there is general illumination from the sun, while the
sun is just a small object from Allah's creation. The stars above all of us, including the sun-the little
star, are still in the first sky (the world's sky). The distance between the first sky and the second
sky is as far as / for 300 years the speed of birds flying, how big is the world's sky, God knows best,
Likewise, the distance between the second sky and the third sky is as far as / for 300 years the
speed of birds flying, how much is the second sky-Allah knows best, the distance between the
third sky and the fourth sky and so on to the seventh sky, each 300 years the speed of birds flying
/ ships fly-current. The higher it is, the broader and wider of the dimensions. Allohu Akbar, Allah
knows best.
5. Then Allah created the angels from nur (light) as inhabitants of the seventh heavenly layer. From
the first heaven to the seventh heaven filled / inhabited by angels. The sky creaks because there
is no place the size of 4 fingers of the palm except there are angels who are standing, prostrating,
bowing, day and night, praising and purifying Him, without feeling tired, from the very beginning
they were created until later- the Day of Resurrection. Allah is the Greatest. Angels are an invisible
magical creatures. Angels guard the entrance, from the first heaven to the second heaven, from
the second to the third, and on to the seventh heaven. Allohu akbar, walillahil hamdu.
6. Then Allah created the genie from fire, which inhabited this earth. Genie are also magical
creatures. Initially, those genie did a lot of damage on earth, so Allah sent angels to fight the genie.
The genies were defeated to inhabit the coasts. Allah knows best
7. 2000 years later, Allah created Adam, the Father of all humans. Adam was created from various
earth textures on earth, then the lump of earth was brought by an angel to the sky, then formed
by Allah that posture Adam. According one source, Allah leave this posture for about 40 days or
40 years without a spirit. It was then that Harith or Azazil (his name was the devil before being
cursed) approached Adam's posture, knocked on him, and found his voice was a hollow sign and
made the conclusion that the new creature lacked a permanent stance, could be easily seduced /
tricked, and began to appear his desire to seduce human beings. Allah knows best.
8. Allah breathed the spirit into Adam's posture, lived Adam AS, the spirit entered from above
through the head first, vision of life, mouth, then down to the feet. When visions of life then what
you see are the fruits of heaven, then the desire to get the fruits of heaven is strong, but the feet
are not alive so they cannot move. Human character tends to be quick to rush. Allah knows best.
9. Alloh touch back of Adam with His Hand, then the spirit of all progeny of his (all human kind)-until
the Day of Resurrection, go out with different layer of ray/condition, with certain age written
between their eyes. In front of all those human beings, Alloh declare that He is the only God
exisiting to be devoted and they all admit and witness of that. Allah know best.
10. Then...Allah taught Adam, the names of all His creatures in heaven and on earth.
Anything...everything. As a sign of glory from Allah for Adam over His other creatures.
11. Allah ordered the angels to prostrate to Adam, then they prostrate, which is prostrate in respect,
not prostrate in servitude, while Harith/Azazil does not want to prostrate because of envy and
arrogance. Then ..as result Allah cursed Harith until the Day of Resurrection. After being cursed,
the Devil-Iblis-name of Harith after being cursed, vowed to try to mislead all of Adam's children,
all humans, including us, with various kinds of tricks, so that most people are not grateful to Allah,
that is, they don't want to submit to His teachings. Allah knows best.
Adam lived in heaven, then He created Eve from Adam's rib. Adam and Eve lived in heaven for a
long time. In one source of history mentioned about 40 years. Allah warned Adam and Eve about
his true enemy, Iblis/Satan laknatulloh so as not to be deceived by him. Allah knows best.
Adam and Eve were tempted and deceived by the devil, repeatedly, until they finally violated
Allah's prohibition, namely eating fruit from a tree in heaven, even though He forbids approaching
that tree, then....Adam and Eve immediately regretted and asked Him for forgiveness.
Allah's decrees apply, which Allah predestined in Lauhul Mahfudz. Allah sent Adam and Eve to the
face of the earth, also Iblis laknatulloh. Earth as a battlefield and hostility between humans and
On earth, the children of Adam and also the descendants of the devil, developed and spread out
to the many regions in this world.
Then the era of prophets take place in this world. From one generation to others, a long long timecenturies- being occured. That was from the time of Adam, Shit ibn Adam, Idris, Noah, Hud,
Sholeh, Ibrahim, Luth, Ismail, Isaac, Yaqub (Israelite title), Yusuf, Musa, Harun, Dawud, Sulaiman,
Ilyas, Ilyasa, Dzulkarnain, Ayyub, Yunus, Zakaria, Yahya, Isa and –finally- the cover of the prophets
was Muhammad SAW. The number of all the prophets in the narration is mentioned at 124,000,
and the total number of all the apostles is 313. Many Prophets were chosen by Allah from the
children of Israel. The revelation (guidance of the true way of life) from Allah was revealed to man
through the Prophets and Messengers whom He chose from man in his various times and places
alternately until the last Prophet Muhammad SAW, as a guide and light, to guide man to the right
path, to call man to the eternal state of salvation, the state in the hereafter of heaven as wide as
the heavens and the earth whose lots are difficult to measure, so that man is not misled by the
devil who calls man to a burning hell and its torment is very painful. Since the Prophet Muhammad
SAW died, then the revelation was cut off from the sky until the Day of Judgment. When later
Prophet Isa was sent down by Allah from the sky, to fight against the Dajjal and uphold justice on
earth, then Prophet Isa followed / carried out the Shari'a of Prophet Muhammad SAW. On that
era still no revelation was sent. Allah knows best.
Khilafah ala minhaji nubuwah – kholifatur rosyidah- The leadership under the true guidance
(namely era of Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, Ali), radhiyallahu anhum. It has a short period of about
44 years, but is recorded as a golden age. The era in which the system of life was strictly enforced
based on the Islamic system of rules revealed by Allah, based on the Qur'an and the Sunnah of
His Prophet. It is upheld by people who are committed to the way of life taken by Rasululloh Saw,
so that the guidance of Allah spreads in various parts of the earth, so that believing humans who
live in that era become role models for the next believers UNTIL THE END OF TIME, they are
human -man blessed by Allah-the Most Merciful and Most Merciful. They are the companions of
the Prophet Saw, they are the people who were fostered and cadre directly by Rasululloh Saw, in
order to continue the struggle of the Prophet and His Messenger- fi sabilillah.
18. The era of mulkan adzon, the era of the king to bite. Still the leadership of ummah (peopel) base
on the Islamic Rules (Al Quran and Sunnah Nabi Saw) but on the spot implementation- the factbeing deviated. Also take a quite long period. Starting from the time of the Umayyad caliphate,
continued by the Abbasids ... continued to other dynasties ... until the collapse of the Ottoman
Era in Turkey. Again...the life system is based on Islam but its implementation is corrupted. The
ummah getting weak and more weaker ... Most common people faced a lot of miserables due to
that deviation, especially by The Leaders. Allah gives guidances to whomever He wants and
misleads to whomever He wants.
19. The era of mulkan jabariyan - the era of dictatorship (from 1924 until to this day where we live in
- the present era). The Caliphate system- which is based on the Islamic rules - was removed from
the face of the earth and replaced with other ideologies, namely socialism, nationalism,
capitalism, liberalism and so on. Along with that, expand very fast through every regions, the
common understanding of materialism (the success of life is just only measured by mastery of
worldly things), hedonism (the goal of life just pursuing the pleasures in this world), permisism
(the understanding of permissiveness with the jargon of individual freedom), and secularism
(dividing the role of religion and state in life, narrowing and dwarfing the role of religion is only
for matters of ritual worship and certain personal matters), to the development of socialism communism (a philosophy based on social ownership of goods produced with the aim of creating
broad social welfare related to material matters only) and also atheism (a life that is godless, do
not confess of existing god, and does not have a particular religion, as well have faith no life after
death). As a result, there was an extraordinary deviation from the original islamic teachings, the
damage that spread to various areas of life, as a result of the removal of the Al Quran and Sunnah
of the Prophet from the basis of the law of life as a result of the uprooting of Islamic roots in the
life order and breasts of the Muslims. Many oddities occur, someone claims to be Muslim, but he
hates the rules of Islam, even becomes hostile if Islam is enforced on this earth. Many lectures
were heard but the material did not add to the love and fear of Allah, did not add to the love for
His apostle (ittibaus sunnah Prophet Saw) and did not add to longing for the land of the hereafter.
There is a lot of tyranny spread on the face of the earth ... that is, when humans serve humans,
humans serve materiality, when humans serve and follow their own desires ...At this era, since
the life efforts conducted far away from the revelation of Alloh, people tend to living follow their
own idea - a lust – which is individualistic mindset. But in other side at this times ...this is also the
beginning of the emergence of the struggle to re-enforce the words of Allah on the face of the
earth ... calling on humans to enslave themselves only to Allah, the Most One, none other than
Him. Including that servitude is calling on humans to obey the rules of life revealed by Allah,
namely Islamic Rules- which is pure islamic rules as adopted by Prophet Saw and his companions
20. The era of the khilafah ala minhajin nubuwah again, the time when the words of Allah were reestablished on the face of the earth, when Islamic justice spreads all over the world defeating
other systems of life rules, as His promise in the Quran, which is sure to happen. The era when
Islamic rules was presenting in the reality ..... was upheld by many humans who enslaved
themselves only to Allah the Almighty, upholding His Sharia law, fearing no one but Him. Humans
who only hope for His mercy and pleasure because they believe that the real power and glory
belongs only to Him. At this era, the true prosperous will be gained – bi barakatillah..with blessing
from Alloh..InsyaAllloh.
The era of the occurrence of many slanders and trials...the era that closing more to the end of this
world, the emergence of various events and incidents as signs of The Resurrection Day, as
revealed by Allah in the Qur'an and reported by Rasululloh Saw in his words, some of them which
are from the appearance of a talking reptile, the descent of fog, the emergence of fire in the land
of the Hejaz, the breakdown of the fort that Zulkarnain built so that the release of Gog and Magog,
the emergence of the Dajjal, the presence of Imam Mahdi, the fall of Prophet Isa (following the
Shari'a brought by Muhammad Saw ), until humans are divided into two positions of Muslims or
infidels, a period of tranquility, then humans are further away from Islam, the more they do not
know Allah, until there is no longer a single Muslim on earth, so that the name Allah is no longer
mentioned on earth ... ... then the decree of Allah azza wa Jalla applies to all of His creatures .....
there will be a Day of Destruction...The Day of Resurrection...The Day of Judgment, which is
certain to happen, there is no doubt the slightest, a day that is warned repeatedly in through His
Prophets and Apostles. Allah knows best.
Doomsday Kubro begins with the first long, loud, long-winded trumpet that shocks and shakes all
the inhabitants of the earth and the sky (genie, humans, animals, whatever, and even the
inhabitants of the seven layers of the sky - the angels) is blown by the angels Isrofil at the
command of Allloh Tabaraka wa Ta'ala, the creatures be shocked and frightened. The devils to be
visible to see, running and flying here and there in confusion, humans and animals as well as
confusion do not have the desire to eat and drink anymore, then followed by the second trumpet
when the procession of gentle winds enveloping the earth, death covering all beings on earth, and
also death creeps in the inhabitants of the seven layers of the sky, then the whole sky melts, the
earth shakes, great earthquakes strike, the mountains scatter, cities and villages along with their
buildings and structures made by humans were completely destroyed, hot seas evaporated ...
until ..... the round earth held by Allah became flatting. Everything under His Throne shook as a
result of the Doomsday incident. Everything happened to the permission of Allah, the Essence of
the Most Living, the Mighty. When all beings on earth die and the inhabitants of the seven layers
of the sky die, then what remains is Allah, Who is the Living One, who will not die forever, then
the angels Gabriel, Michael, Isrofil, the angel of His Arsyi (khalawatul Arsyi) and the Angel of
Death. So the provisions of Allah apply, kullu nafsun dzaaiqotul maut, kullu man alaiha fann. One
by one Allah ordered the angel of death to remove the remain living creatures. The last being to
die (under His Arsenal) is the angel of death. Allah ordered him to take his own life. Then...Stay
Alloh Al Malikul Haq Himself above His Throne. Allah knows best.
Allah is the Living One who will not die, alone in His Majesty, Greatness, Holiness, and Might. His
Strength is eternal. Alone in 40 times. While other than Allah is weak, dwarf and has no power
and strength. In a history, when the Kubro apocalypse occurs, everything under His Throne will
be destroyed. When Allah instructed the angel Isrofil be die, the big trumpet was handed over to
His Arsyi. Then it was given back to him when the angel Isrofil was brought back to life by Him.
Allah knows best.
Day of Resurrection. Starting from when Allah said "there lived the angel Isrofil, the angel Gabriel,
and the angel Michael." Allah rains water from under His Arsyi like adult semen, onto the flat
earth, then the death human bodies develop which grow from the seeds of the tip of their
tailbone, like a plant growing on a dry land then poured by heavy rain, standing on the face of the
earth without a soul. Then Allah gathered all the spirits of His creatures in the big trumpet, and
was ordered to blow the third trumpet by the Angel Isrofil, then the spirits flew away, Allah
reunited the spirits with their bodies, brought back all His creatures from the barzakh / grave
realm. The first being that was resurrected from his grave was Prophet Muhammad. None of His
creatures have ever lived, whom He has not brought back to life, including ourselves. Allah knows
25. The escort of creatures to Mahsyar Courtyard from their respective graves. The human condition
took many forms, most of them were frightened, shocked, confused and sorry for not being well
prepared for that real events of the Day of Resurrection. The condition of humans and genie varies
according to the level of faith and devotion. For unbelievers (non-Muslims) the real calamity
begins. Even though they were previously in the grave, they also felt the torment of the grave.
Those unbelievers being shacked and dragged by angels along the rute. Some of them become
blind-shacked-dragged and walking by his head not by his leg. Humans begin to feel hunger and
thirst, except for those who are given food and drink by Allah Azza wa Jalla. Then.. all human
beings held in a place for 40 years. Allah let the conditions be like that. Allah was very angry at
that time. All beings are in a state of fear, humans, genie, even the angels do not feel safe from
the threat of His torment. The prophets and apostles were powerless. Allah is the Only King. All
powers and decisions belong to Him alone. Allah knows best.
26. Mahsyar Courtyard. That absolutely A GREAT day. The gathering place for earth creatures from
the earliest to the last generations. This is where humans and genie are gathered, in the Mahsyar
field, the sun-according to what Allah wants it to be-the distance between the creatures is
aoround 1 mile, then the period of 1 day there similar with 50,000 years in this world. Humans
were gathered naked, uncircumcised, barefoot, in confusion, no one cared for to others, they
busy with their own affair, they only focus on their own safety, overcrowding, many were thirsty
and hungry and sweaty, and some even had their own sweat reaching their leg, other reaching
their waist, other reaching until their throat...so miserable moment. Only those who are protected
by Allah are saved.... again...only those who are protected by Allah are safe. Lots of events will
happen here with each atmosphere that has been generally conveyed and warned by all of His
Prophets and Apostles, which must have happened in accordance with what Allah promised and
said and was also confirmed in the words of His prophets and apostles. Where in the world
(rightnow), many people who don't care and don't believe in that truth – the real incoming event,
so they don't prepare themselves to face it, don't prepare provisions to be safe from it. There are
many verses of the Al Quran and the hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad that describe the human
condition at this time. It was then that Muhammad Saw Al Ma'shum (who had already been
forgiven for his sins both what had happened and would be in the future) became the leader of
mankind. All earthly beings who have ever lived are gathered in this GREAT PLACE, all humans, all
genie, all animals. Again.....All. Allah knows best.
27. Yaumil Hisab-Yaumil Mizan. Starting from the opening of the first sky with a thick white fog, then
the angels who inhabited the first heaven came out, which were more numerous than the total
number of inhabitants of the earth (genie, humans, animal, fish, bird, insect, etc), then the second
heaven opened, and came out the angels of the inhabitants of the second heavens who were
more numerous than the combined the total of the angels who inhabited the first heavens plus
the inhabitants of the earth, and so on until the angels who inhabited the seventh heavens came
out which was more than the combined total of the inhabitants of the first to the sixth heaven
plus the inhabitants of the earth. All of them are His creatures. Allohu Akbar. Then the time has
come for the arrival of Alloh Azza wa Jalla with all His greatness and Arrogance, residing on His
Arsyi (Throne) which is Al Adzim, all creatures kneel down, then upheld a court for all of His
creatures by Allah Almighty with the fairest, most thorough, no matter how small the deeds that
are done by humans who believe in Allah sincerely and follow the sunnah of His prophet will get
multiple rewards. No matter how great and no matter how good the deeds that are done by
humans who do not believe in Allah - who associate Allah with other - who slaves themselves to
other than Allah - then these deeds are not counted at all - that is, useless. Allah is not wrong at
all. Since this rule was conveyed to humans through His revelations and through the words of His
Prophets when humans were still alive in the world. But they still do not believe of that. Because
the barometer and measurement parameters of acceptance or rejection of charity have been
conveyed in the world, then there is no wrongdoing at all. Power and decisions all belong to Allah
the King of kings, the Living never dies. Justice is enforced as fairly as possible by Allah, the Most
Just, Who Knows both what is visible and what is not, Who Knows All that is revealed and what
man hides in his heart. All charities weigh, no matter how small. The deeds of disbelievers (nonMuslims) become mirages, of no value at all because the conditions for acceptance of charity are
that they must become Muslims, believe in Allah according to the true information of faith that
He revealed and explained by His prophets, whose charity is intended for Allah solely (sincere)
and in accordance with the example of the sunnah of the prophets and messengers. Allah is Rich,
do not need charity that is intended for other than Him. Even charity that is intended for Allah but
also for other than Him (associates with Allah), then that charity is not accepted by Him. That the
Rule. Allah knows best.
Gift of charity notebooks. The day of judgment, this moment is very crucial moment for everyone.
whether someone will get salvation or will get tornment. The day of judgment, the survivor is
given a note from his right, the wretched from the left and from behind his back. Then....for nonMuslims, unbelievers, polytheists, were led / dragged away to hell. Allah knows best.
Al Kautsar Lake. Prophet Muhammad's lake for the believers of his people who are committed
with their faith until the end of their life in the world. They were kept away from the al Kautsar
Lake who deviated from the guidance of the way of life which is the Sunnah of Prophet Saw.
Man in darkness, beside / edge of bridge. It was then that Allah replaced the existing heavens and
earth with another heaven and earth, according to His will. Allah spread the bridge over hell. The
color of the hellfire was pitch black, the heat was intense, the cold was intense, the voice of hell
boomed terrifyingly.
Shirot, climb the overpass. At the end point is heaven and beneath it existing a burning hell. The
participants are believers and hypocrites. Hypocrites are falling, believers there are survivors,
some are bad, this what happen base on the level of light they receive according to the level of
their faith and good deeds. In one source, mentioning that the bridge was broad and long, but
then over time it continued to shrink until it was as thin as a hair and as sharp as a sword blade.
Large hooks hung on either side of the bridge to hook the passersby. The journey time of climbing
normally for 3000 years, flattens 3000 years and decreases 3000 years, in another history 5000
years up, 5000 years flat and 5000 years down. The ones who pass first are His prophets and
apostles. Then the people of Muhammad, then the other prophet’s people. Even the normal time
for climbing is so long which is take thousand years, but for certain believers, with permission of
Alloh, they be able to cross very fast. The first wave that passed over the bridge moved as fast as
lightning, the next wave passed as fast as the wind was blowing, then as fast as a bird was flying,
then as fast as people run, then as fast as people walked, then as fast as people crawling. It was
during this recent wave that Rasululloh Saw stood in his place to intercede for those whom Allah
wanted to be saved. The angels also asked Allah to give intercede to save believers. So there are
those who fall down (hell), and there are also those who survived to the end even though with
grievous pain and wounds. Allah knows best.
32. HEAVEN AND HELL, the place where the stages of life end, forever and ever. For sinful believers
who have not had the chance to ask for forgiveness and repent when their death picks them up
in the world, they are tormented in hell for a long time ... to purify it, with Allah's permission, after
all this time occured, was ordered by Allah to raised them from hell, bathed in the river of life,
and put to heaven with His Mercy ... And those who die remain in disbelief in Allah (do not want
to convert to Islam even during in the world life knowing of Islam, knowing of Al Quran, knowing
of Prophets with the true guidance), who still do not want to worship Allah alone, while Allah has
created him, who has provided sustenance throughout his life in this world, day by day, day and
night, for those who dare to fight Allah by being hostile to His religion, who do not believe in the
Last Day, who turn and are hostile to the prophets and messengers, who refuse and even be
hostile to His sharia law, then for those enemies of Allah, Allah has provided for them the painful
torment of hell forever. Na udzhu billahi min dzalik. We ask Allah for protection from becoming
that way. As for those who truly believe in God, soul and body, devote their life and livelihood to
Allah, hope in His forgiveness and mercy, who are obedient, obey the teachings brought by His
Prophets and messengers, who used to ask forgiveness from Him for their sins and mistakes and
sure that no one can forgive all these sins except Allah alone, who struggles to defend and uphold
His religion on earth, with his wealth and soul, then Allah, the Most Forgiving welcomes them in
His grace and pleasure, put it into His heaven, the land of salvation and eternal enjoyment. May
Allah forgive, bless and bestow us and give permission to enter into His heaven. Amen Ya Rabbal
As for the life stages per individual, the stages of human life are broadly as follows:
1. Realm of the Spirit. When Allah has finished creating Adam AS, then Allah rubbed Adam's back,
and scattered the spirits of all of his descendants, who will be present in the world generation by
generation until the end of the world, including us, with a light shining between his eyes. The
number is only Allah knows. Those who are not destined to be born will not be born, those who
are destined to be born must be born.
2. Natural womb. About 9 months in our mother's womb. Allah form us here according to His will.
Allah determine his age in the world, the amount of rizkinya, the end of his life in the world.
3. The realm of the world, where we live rightnow, a place of testing, a place of competition, a place
to determine the choice of life path conducted by human beings-be muslim or not, a place to
collect travel provisions, a place to invest for future-life after death. Time in this world is a very
valuable opportunity for us, a just one opportunity so that we can become true Muslims or
become other, have strong faith or not, strengthen devotion to Him as described in the Al Quranul
Karim and detailed in the contents of the Prophet Muhammad's da'wah or other. All deed,visiblr
and invisible (action of heart) write down and will be counted in Hereafter.
4. Dead. All beings with souls will die. A necessity. The taking of our spirits by the angel of death with
His permission. It cannot be accelerated and it cannot be slowed down. By that dead, whatever
has been gained from the attainments of worldly life will be abandoned.
5. Natural barzakh. The realm of the grave, the realm of waiting for the end of the world (The Day
of Resurrection) to arrive. There is a blessing of the grave as a garden from the gardens of heaven,
an appetizer of eternal blessings in heaven for those who are true believers in their faith and
sincerely do good deeds according to the guidelines of His Prophet. There is the torment of the
grave as a valley from the valleys of hell as an opening for painful torments for those who
disbelieve, polytheists and hypocrites.
6. Doomsday, the day of Resurrection from the grave, as mentioned before.
7. Padang Mahsyar-Yaumil Hisab-Yaumil Mizan, as mentioned before.
8. Shirot-The Bridge, as mentioned before.
9. Heaven and Hell, as mentioned before.
This is the GDL that Allah has outlined and determined for His creatures, which are stated in the Al
Quran and the hadiths of the Prophet, and Allah is Al-Matin, who is the Most Sturdy in the execution
of the plans that He has outlined, Who is Most Keeping the promises of what He promised.
Whatever humans doing, in past, present, and in the future, whatever efforts are made, whatever
work programme are conducted, whatever action plan they constructed, whatever beliefs they
believe in, then what happens in this life and livelihood is this Grand Design of Life from Allah, base
on verseses in Al Quran and what be said of Prophets Saw. This GDL, then, delivering from
Companions Ra to the next generation then...to the next next generation ....until this recent
generation. So it is fortunate that those who believe in it then do their utmost to live it in order to be
safe at every stage - in order to reach Allah's heaven, with earnest hope for His forgiveness and mercy.
Allah knows best.
4. Al-Qur'an
Al-Quran as the words of Allah contains the most basic, most important, most valuable, and most urgent
matters to be understood and guided by humans, for all humans since the time of the Al-Quran was
revealed to the Day of Judgment. Al Quran describes the right way of life, the right faith, the right purpose
of life, the Shari'a which His creatures have decided to follow for making easy life not for making
difficulties for TRAVELERS (be considering that we all human kind are the travelers), which begins with
Makrifatulloh (knowledge of knowing Allah) and the Grand Essence of the Design of Life, in outline, which
is further clarified by the hadiths of the Prophet Saw. Al Quran contains real stories at the level of belief
and thought up to real practice in everyday life to become a guide for the right way of life for mankind. Al
Quran contains various kinds of true stories that are presented by Allah as the best possible story for
people who want to return to Allah in His grace and pleasure. There is no faith without believing and
confirming Al Quran - including all holy verses in it.
Al-Quran contains all the essence of the previous holy books and shuhuf-shuhuf that Allah sent down
earlier to His Prohet and Messenger. Allah has sent down 104 holy books and shuhuf, 50 shuhuf was
revealed to the prophet Shit ibn Adam AS, 30 shuhuf to Idris AS, 10 Shuhuf to Ibrahim AS, 10 Shuhuf to
Musa AS before receiving the Torah, Zabur to Dawud AS, the Bible to Isa (Jesus) AS and Al Qur-an to
Muhammad SAW. Whatever is revealed by ALLOH in the various scriptures and shuhuf is a package of
systems and rules, one which reinforces the other, is complementary, one frequency, all in-line of matter,
one direction of the straight path, be sawaus sabil-shirotol mustaqim-the right path, there is no
contradiction side by side but endorsing and perfecting each other, because it all comes from ONE
SOURCE-which is ALLAH- The Most Noble and The All-Knowing and The Most Precise and The Most
Perfect. The Dhawabit (root and stem) is the same, the point of belief is the same, the principal of the
struggle is the same, but the rules of the Shari'a (branches) are muruah / flexible and adapt to the real
conditions that exist in each era, for mankind's misfortune, it can vary somewhat because it adapts to
changing dynamics of society. This is because Allah, the Almighty, constantly monitors the development
of His servants from time to time, from one era to other era, past, present and future, in this world until
the big trumpet is blown by the angel Isrofil-surely later, as promised by Alloh The Mighty.
All the prime and main ways of life are described in it for all human beings, the right path and the wrong
way-to be choosed by human beings along with the consequences of that selection pick up, along with
living examples in both concise and detailed stories. Bright, clear, concrete, easy to understand, easy to
implement for those who are serious. Allah gave instructions with the Qur'an for whom He wanted and
He also turned away from it for whom He wanted.
Al-Quran is the Truth from Allah, everything is true, all stories mentioned in it has actually happened in
the past, what mentioned in it being happen in nowdays then it is still happening rightnow and what
mentioned in it will be happen then it will happen in this world and in the life after this world. All the
verses are useful for human life for those who believe / justify it, light, guidance, grace for those who
familiarize them and those who fear Him. Al Quran is the best that deposit in our souls, counselors and
lights for those who guided by it.
Anyone who familiarizes himself with the Qur'an, his heart becomes alive, gentle, tawadhu (humble) and
directs his goal of life to the eternal land without limits, namely the land of the hereafter, then his heart
blooms and life grows and develops, a heart that lives in firm belief, a heart that knows its Rabb correctly,
the gaze of his heart penetrates outer boundaries (out of physically matter), expands and enlarges.
Whereas those who are far from Al Quran, their hearts are shrouded in doubt, are dim, arid, a heart that
hurts, resides with a lot of worldly hatred and greed, getting hardened more and more until become hard
like a rock, dark and blind- the heart that just occupied by materialism.
Al Quran Kitabulloh, the suffering comforter , conditioning worried, refreshing fatigue, activating laziness,
encouraging mental awakening, individual awakening, small community awakening, big community
awakening, with the permission from Alloh Azza wa Jalla.
Brother .... wherever you are right now, there is already in our midst the Holy Quran, a collection of
revelations from Allah, His words, the Glorious one, the True, which does not have the slightest lie in
it, what is mentioned in the verses of Al Quran is what has happened, is happening and is sure to be
happen, in this world and in the afterlife - eternal life - true life - forever.
Al-Quran 100% from Allah, was delivered by the Angel Jibril to Muhammad - the last prophet and
messenger - to be conveyed to all humans who lived from the time of the Prophet Muhammad to
the last man on earth - including ourselves today. Al Quran has summarized the essence of the
previous holy books and shuhuf (sheets containing revelation from Allah). So it is sufficient for us to
make the Al Quran as a guide for life and livelihood, as the basic law of life, the Al Quran as the
preserved word of Allah, from the time it was revealed to the Prophet until now until the end of the
world, eternal. Insha Allah.
Al Quran is the greatest miracle of the Prophet Muhammad, the greatest legacy for mankind,
extension and light of the path of life, whoever reads it, learns its contents, absorbs its meaning, puts
into practice the messages in it then they are the lucky group of people. Whereas for those who stay
away from it, hate it, dwarf and insult it - even though with various reasons to avoid it - they are the
ones who lose, in this world and in the hereafter. So one measure of whether the road we are
currently taking - right now - is right or wrong is to look at the barometer of how close or far we are
standing with Al Quran (tahamulil Qur'an - familiar with the Quran).
Brother… .. familiarize yourself with the Al Quran because it is the word of Allah, Allah knows
everything. AL QURAN expresses CERTAINTY. He is the source of truth in this life, and if rightnow your
heart and thinking occupied with materialism, then begins to reduce your familiarity with man-made
thick books - which are not derived from Qur'anic values - which are promoted by humans in various
places, because humans, whoever they are, are still weak and superficial in their knowledge, so that
man-made books reveal UNCERTAINTY.
5. The tricks of Satan and his soldiers
Alloh is destined for humans that we have real enemies who are very ambitious and try hard day and night
to lead people astray from the right way of life, with all kinds of tricks, whispers in our minds and desires,
various ways of being cautious for humans getting farther from Allah (do not know Him, do not believe in
Him, do not devote their lives to Him) in various moments and situations. If humans know Him, it is made
by this our enemy so that they disobey Him, turn away from His religion, forget more about the afterlife
and are more and more immersed in the puddle of their desires. So that his heart is getting harder and
blinder, busy with activities just to fulfill worldly dreams.
The real enemy is Satan laknatulloh and his soldiers - demon - from the genie and humans, who try to
continuously destroy human life by keeping away from the right path, from the time of our Father-Adam
AS to the time of the Day of Judgment. Including the present era when we live. Satan and his army of
genie type live on earth with us, but they are invisible. For carrying the mission for lead humans be astray
to be succes, the devil gathers his soldiers in the morning-everyday-, briefs them like a commander and
briefs his troops before heading to the battlefield, then sends them to everyone on the face of this earth,
including each of us individually, so that humans do not enter the religion of Allah (Islam), hesitate about
the true of Islam, do not be attractive being muslim, so that humans do not have faith in Him, so that
humans associate Him with creatures, so that those who are already astray will get more astray, so that
those who get guidance fall into various sins and are misled, so that those who often sin are increasingly
proud of their sins and procrastinate to ask forgiveness from Allah and repent to Him. So that people do
not know the Haq religion, namely Islam, if they know Islam they are not interested in Islam, so they do
not convert to Islam. If they are Muslim, they become hypocrites and even apostates. In order for those
who are already Muslims to fall deeper into the puddle of sin, so that those who claim to be Muslim have
views and beliefs like non-Muslims, even hate Islam and its Sharia, so that they move away from Islam
and even fall away from Islam. So that people do not know the Haq religion, namely Islam, if they know
Islam they are not interested in Isalam, so they do not convert to Islam. If humans are Muslim, then those
enemy try hard to seduce them become hypocrites and even apostates. So that for those who are already
Muslims become to fall deeper into the puddle of sin, so that those who claim to be Muslim have views
and beliefs like non-Muslims, so that those who claim to be Muslim do not care and are not even
interested in fighting for the establishment of Islam, even hate Islam and its Sharia, so that they move
away from Islam and even apostatize out of Islam-without aware of it.
So that people are negligent, increasingly negligent, forgetful and increasingly forget of the hereafter so
that they are helpless in trying to prepare themselves and invest seriously for that hereafter-the real life
(true life).
So that humans are far from Allah, do not dhikrulloh (remember Allah), do not fear and submit to Him, by
keeping people busy with worldly activities, by simply following their desires (looking for wealth, position,
comfort in the world, busy work, busy with their family and groups- that all be done for the pleasure of
self-esteem and conceitedness). Satan teases to whisper that people in this world are afraid of being poor,
afraid of a difficult life, themselves and their families, as well as their children and grandchildren.
Satan continously try to seduce so that people stay away from the Al Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet
Muhammad and the Nabawiyah siroh by keeping busy with other sciences which are their professional
fields of work, until their time - their minds –their energy are drained every day just to drown themselves
with worldly things alone, the heart becomes more negligent of His verses, the heart is far from the values
of the Al Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet, until then the heart is doubtful about the contents of the
Al-Quran, doubts about the promises of Allah contained in the Holy Quran and their heart also less
concerned or no need for warnings, teachings and guidance from the Prophet Muhammad, to be a
diseased heart, filled with many doubts about what was warned, then the heart became dark, stony and
blind. His physical eyes are bright, but his heart's eyes are blind and dark.
They - the devils - come to people who pray so as not to be immersed in their prayers by whispering
memories of this and that until a Muslim forgets how many prostrations have been doing and does not
absorb what he is saying in that prayer.
Allah has forbidden humans to follow the steps of satan, whatever it is, so that we don't fall into his traps.
Satan and his syaithon-army call people to become residents of hell which is it’s torments are sore and
painful- with false call. Meanwhile, Allah calls on humans to become residents of heaven, a place of true
pleasure forever-with true call.
Brother… remember that we have a true enemy, an eternal enemy, a real enemy, whom we cannot
see, but they are stalking us, they do not sleep, day and night. Their whisper interferes with our
desires, their trickery rides our desires and passions. Their deception has succeeded in misleading
many people, from generation to generation before us. Allah, the Most Wise, has described the
process of deception in the best stories in Al Quran since the time of our Father Adam (AS),
continuously until many countries were destroyed by Allah because their inhabitants were
incarcerated by Him, associated Him, served not Him, followed their passions and turned away from
the guidance of His prophets.
Brother ... actually Allah Almighty has warned us repeatedly in the Quran so that we do not follow
the steps of Satan. They are our real enemies. All the steps of Satan, if followed, will lead the
perpetrators into the abyss of hell.
Brother… there are many satan steps that were told by the Prophet Muhammad and his companions
RA so that we avoid them. That is envy, jealousy, self-proud, arrogant, killing without haq, immersed
in the pleasures of lust, for instance, the excitement of music, dancing, mingling with non muhrim
men, adultery, drinking alcohol, gambling, lying, perjury, worldly greed, hunks, irritable, vindictive,
like backbiting, pitting, greedy for worldly matter, servant of dinar, servant of dirham, servant of
self-appearance, likes to be praised and adored, and so on.
Brother ... let us take a lot of refuge in Allah from the deceit of the devil and the satans. Allah is the
best to protect us. O Allah, we seek refuge in You, the Greatest, the Most Glorious Your Face, The
Most Eternal Power from the cursed Satan.
6. Second parable: Is the route that we are taking correct?
Many people desire and dream of being in a place where they can enjoy a beautiful view straight from the
top of the mountain, beaten by the mountain breeze in the morning breeze or in the cool evening breeze,
feeling the surrounding peace and the fragrance of the leaves and the grass with the morning dew
accompanied by a splash of clear water flowing calmly among the vegetation and decorated with wild
flowers that were blooming here and there.
Those who want that atmosphere know and are aware that in order to enjoy such a comfortable
atmosphere, there is no other way but to go through the route up the mountain that climbs, through
winding paths up and down, sometimes slippery and thorny. The route is rugged and rocky, which is taken
with great will, to work tired with various difficulties and fatiguing in half a day or even a day and a more.
They want to go to the top of the mountain but they don't want to take the route there. They are reluctant
to bother or to get difficulties. In fact, the road he is currently taking - the one he is traveling - is to navigate
a toll road that is comfortable, smooth and easy. Will they get to that destination, the top of the
Brother …… everyone, almost everyone wants to go to heaven and doesn't want to go to hell. But the
Prophet said that heaven is surrounded by 'makarih' and hell is surrounded by 'lust'.
Makarih is all that is displeased by human passions.
Lust is the opposite of makarih, that is, everything that the human passions love.
If we want to enter heaven then we have to go through makarih first, that makarih existed in this world.
Meanwhile, if you want to go to hell, it's easy, just follow our lusts.
What do our passions want? Partly, the desire for a lot of wealth and abundant material facilities so that
life becomes delightful, easy and comfortable, has a high and stable power / position / ranking, so that
many people are honored and hailed, have a beautiful woman by their side so that their life is successful,
satisfied because the dreams of pleasures are manifested in this world, they are famous and have a high
social status so that their speech is heard and no one dares to insult them, they have a large, happy,
prosperous family so that the comfort of happiness and pleasure becomes their days. Many achievements
in worldly life have been inscribed so that many people praise and adore them.
Many people still want to go to heaven but the route they are currently taking is going to hell.
The Prophets had come to warn people by delivering Allah's message so that people would take the route
to heaven and stay away from the route to hell, but most people disliked and ignored the warning,
opposed his warning so that even the prophets were insulted, hated, despised and many of them also
wanted - to be killed.
Brother ... .. Prophet Isa AS has said ... it is not a miracle that someone who perishes by working his hard
way to hell, but what is miraculous is someone who survived by working hard on his way to heaven.
7. Islam
Islam is the way of life, Islam is the Religion of Allah, the religion of all His angels, the religion of all His
prophets and messengers. Islam is the only Dinul HAQ, from then, now to later, forever. Allah is one, the
true way of life is one, that is, the way of life that Allah has explained / revealed to humans through His
prophets and messengers. This is a clear and simple explanation.
Islam is a system of way of life, the overall order of Allah for all His creatures. Islam means submitting
obediently to surrender to Allah. All His creatures have submitted and surrendered to Allah, except
humans and genie. Humans and Genie are given the choice to become believers or become infidels. And
there is no faith without Islam. Because true faith must be come only from Alloh-Al Haq. Because Islam is
a universal way of life for all human beings, wherever and whenever, with various levels of conditions, in
mountains and in valleys, in cities and in villages, so that the way of life of Islam is easy and clear to
understand, simple to practice.
Islam is a religion of nature, a religion that is compatible with human nature, whenever and wherever he
is. Because humans be created by Allah and Islam is also from Allah, there is no contradiction between
the two, as long as humans are still in accordance with their nature. So that Islam prohibits things that
destroy human nature, such as drinking khamr, lying, false oaths, eating usury, and stealing.
A person cannot be called a believer if he has not converted to Islam. True faith must be in accordance
with the faith that is contained in the Al Quran and the Hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad. Claims of faith
that are not in accordance with the Al Quran and the hadiths of the Prophet are rejected.
Opening to Islam is believing that there is no God who must be worshiped unless Allah and Muhammad
Saw is His servant and messenger. The meaning of worship here includes Allah who is the only Essence
that must be exalted, purified, servile, devoted, loyal, submissive and obedient, including submission to
the rules and laws that He revealed. Not a Muslim and not a believer someone who does not believe that
Muhammad was His slave and messenger. The meaning of believing here includes confirming the sayings
of Muhammad Saw, trying to follow as hard as possible the Sunnahs of Muhammad Saw, including
following the life path of the struggle that he left, trying to love him more than his father, mother, wife
and children, even more than love to himself and also other humans.
Allah Ahad and Wahid. Allah is the only Essence for servitude, devotion, loyalty, leaning back,
surrendering, asking for guidance and asking for forgiveness. The only Essence that must be feared and
obeyed. Fear and obedience to other than Him can be done as long as He allows, for example, fear of hell
as His torment and obey His Messenger as a derivative of obeying Allah.
Allah The Great One means that nothing is equal and becomes His partner, past, present and eternal, also
nothing is equal in all of His attributes and deeds. So Allah does not deserve to be associated with anything
other than Him. Allah has no children and is not begotten because Allah is Most Holy, Who is Most
Beginning and Most Enduring, Most Living, Does not need to eat or drink but Who feeds and drinks, Most
Noble, Most Great, Most Rich, who does not need His creatures while all of His creatures need Him all the
Allah is the One, the One Almighty Essence, which means that this system of life is one, everything is in
His arrangement, everything is interrelated, the Grand Design of Life (GDL) is also one, the true religion as a way of life - is also one, namely Islam. Islam is the only religion from Him, the only way of life that is
HAQ, nothing else. Islam is a way of life to Allah's heaven as wide as the heavens and the earth. While
other religions are religions made by His weak creatures, which are misguided and deviating, as a way of
life to hell.
Goodness is all deeds that can enter someone into heaven, and badness is all kinds of deeds that can
plunge someone into hell, all with permission of Allah. In other words, it is not a deed that is good if it
plunges a person into hell, and it is not a bad deed if it puts someone in heaven, again with permission of
Allah Azza wa Jalla. Judging the size of something is good or bad, the measurement of its dimensions must
be measured to the end of its life, not in this world, but the end of life in the hereafter as embodied in His
Grand Design of Life.
Islam is a way of life that is solid, clear, clear and applicable / easy to implement. Meanwhile, apart from
Islam, it is a way of life that is blurry, dark, doubtful because there are many contradictions - because it is
made by a weak creature, confusing because the evidence is weak and is arranged according to the lusts
of human beings with limited interests which are generally oriented towards worldly life alone.
Islam is a comprehensive and integral package of life rules covering all dimensions / aspects of life. There
is no partiality, not allowing taking only what he likes and leaving what he doesn't like.
Islam came at a strange beginning, the nobility officials did not like it because Islam placed all human
beings equal in the eyes of Allah, whoever he was, except those who glorified him by faith and piety. Islam
was not liked at the beginning of its arrival because in Islam - the rules of Allah - it is not permissible to do
wrong to fellow human beings, even if it is doing wrong for pets.
In Islam, all humans have the same position before Allah. There are no aristocratic titles, no superior race,
no superior skin color, no nobler ethnicity, no special privileges due to wealth, power and social status.
Islam is a universal rule that can be followed by anyone, anywhere. Simplify and lighten life's burdens.
Islam is Ad-Din dunya wal akhirah. People who enter Islam will have a broad heart because their vision
and life goals are far ahead, namely the land of the hereafter, the true country, the land of eternity, not
in this world, with a clear direction, namely to avoid torments of hell and enter heaven with the permission
of Allah, the Rabb of heaven and hell.
Islam, the religion of Allah, originates purely from Allah, servitude is only to Allah, the system of laws and
regulations from Allah, the authority to justify and forbid things only belongs to Allah, who embraces Islam
and practices his way of life close to Allah. His prophets and messengers were in charge of conveying Islam
to mankind and providing examples of living according to that Islam which was revealed to them.
It is emphasized in the Al Quran, Surah Ali Imron verses 19 to 22:
19. Innaddiina 'indallohil Islam .... (In fact the religion on the side of Allah is Islam). It is not
incompatible with those who have been given the Book (books that were revealed before Al Quran),
except after they have obtained knowledge, because of envy between them. Whoever denies the
verses of Allah, then indeed Allah is very fast in calculating.
20. Then if they deny you (Muhammad), say: "I surrender to Allah and (likewise) those who follow."
And say to those who have been given the Book and to those who are illiterate, "Have you converted
to Islam?" If they convert to Islam, that means they have received guidance, but if they turn away,
then your duty is only to convey. And Allah sees His servants.
21. Surely those who deny the verses of Allah and kill the prophets without rights (the right reason
according to Allah's law) and kill those who order people to do justice, give them the good news
that is painful torment.
22. These are people whose work is useless in this world and the hereafter, and they do not find
In Al Quran Surah Al Maidah verse 17, Allah says:
17. Indeed, people to be disbeliever who said, "Verily Allah is the Christ, the son of Mary." Say
(Muhammad), "Who can obstruct the will of Allah, if He wants to destroy Al Masih, the son of
Maryam and his mother and all (human-beings) who are on earth?". And belongs to Allah the
kingdom of heaven and earth and what is between them. He creates what He Wills. And Allah has
power over everything.
In Al Quran Surah Al A'raf verses 40-41, Allah says:
40. Surely those who deny Our verses and are proud of themselves, will not be opened for them the
gates of heaven, and they will not enter heaven, until the camel enters the eye of the needle. Thus
We reward those who sin.
41. For them sleeping mats from hell fire and on them is a blanket (hellfire). Thus We give back to
those who do wrong.
In Al Quran Surah Ali Imron verse 91, Allah says:
91. Indeed, those who disbelieve and die in disbelief, will not be received (ransom) from someone
among them even (in the form of) gold as full as the earth, if he wants to redeem himself with it (in
the hereafter). They are the ones who get painful torment and will find no help.
Mentioned in the book of the Date of Ath-Tabari (vol 3 / 517-524), Saif bin Umar told from his
teachers that before the Qadisiyah war, the Persian commander Rustum asked Saad bin Abi
Waqqash RA, the Muslim commander, to send a messenger to him for a dialogue. Saad then sent
Al Mughirah bin Syu'bah RA. After arriving at Rustum's camp, the Persian commander said to him,
"Behold, you are our neighbors, and we have always been kind to you and refrain from harming
you, so go back to your country, so we will not prevent your merchants from entering our country.
Al Mughirah replied, "Indeed we do not want the world, but we want and seek the hereafter. Allah
has sent an apostle to us, and said to him, Verily I (Alloh) will defeat those who do not want to
embrace my religion, and I will punish them through the adherents of My religion, and I make
victory for them as long as they acknowledge this religion. It is a religion that is Haq, no one hates
it but he will be despised, and no one will cling to it unless he will be noble. "
Rustum asks, "What religion is that?"
Al Mughirah replied, "The religious declaration is a statement that there is no god who has the
right to be worshiped except Allah and that Muhammad is His apostle, and acknowledges the truth
of everything that comes from Allah."
"How good is this religion. Then what again?"
"Yes, this religion is to get people out of human servitude to fellow humans and shift their servitude
to Allah alone."
"That too, then what else?"
"All humans are descendants of Adam, so they are brothers and sisters."
"That is good. What do you think if we embrace your religion, will you return to your country? "
"Yes, for the sake of Allah, then we will not approach your country except for trading or for other
"That is good. "
Al Mughirah then left, Rustum conveyed the results of his dialogue to the leaders of his people,
and offered Islam, but they refused to embrace Islam.
Saad bin Abi Waqqash Ra then sent another messenger, Rib'i bin Amir. Dressed in plain clothes, a
sword, shield and a short steed. Rustum asked him, "What brought you here?"
Rib'i answered loudly, "Allah sent His Messenger to us to remove any human being that He wants
from servitude to fellow creatures shifted to servitude to Allah alone, from the narrowness of the
world to its freedom, from the tyranny of the system of rules of man-made religions to Islam. So
Allah has ordered us with His religion to invite all His creatures to embrace it. Whoever receives it,
we accept it and we return. Whoever refuses, we are ordered to continue to fight against him, until
we reach what Allah promised us. "
"What did Allah promise?"
"Heaven for the dead fighting those who refuse, and victory for the living."
“I have heard your words. Are you willing to give toughness to this case until we consider it and you
also consider? ”
"How long, a day or two?"
"No, but until we send a letter to our advisers as well as our higher ups."
"Rasululloh Saw never gave an example to us to suspend the enemy after dealing, for more than
three days, please make a choice after the postponement period ends."
"Are you their leader?"
"No, but we, the Muslims are like one body, and the lowest of them can guarantee the security of
even the highest."
Rib'i then went out and Rustum had a meeting with the top brass of his people, then he said. " Have
you ever seen someone whose words are nobler and better than this person earlier? "
Brother .... what have you been waiting for .... when life in the world is getting narrower ... ... death
can catch us at any time ... if you haven't converted to Islam, immediately convert to Islam, the way
of life of salvation, the way to heaven of Allah as wide as the heavens and the earth, the land of
enjoyment eternal, forever. Brother, there is no term late, as long as we are still breathing, it means
that Allah still opens opportunities for us to repent, beg His forgiveness, return to a natural religion,
which is compatible with our human nature. Simple, because Allah created us, it is Allah who knows
and understands more about us, and Allah has called us humans to enter His religion, namely Islam.
Brother… what are you waiting for… the evidence of the truth of Islam has been scattered
everywhere. Open and read the Quran and its translation. The Scriptures that cannot be falsified,
cannot be inserted with one word or one sentence from humans. It has been more than 14 centuries,
the words of Allah in the Al Quran are still original as the revelations received by the Prophet
Muhammad. Meditate and ponder its contents. May Allah open hearts to believe in the truth.
Brother .. please study the siroh nabawiyah prophet Muhammad SAW. The life of the Prophet in the
struggle to spread Islam, advise mankind, enforce the words of Allah on earth. Undoubtedly one will
find the truth of the calls conveyed by Muhammad Saw.
Brother .... look at the sky above us, the expanse of the earth in front of us, all in harmony, orderly,
synergy in a solid and beautiful order. Who has the ability to organize and maintain all of this? Only
Allah is Strong, Almighty.
Brother, everything that Allah says in the Quran and also all the sayings of the Prophet are in-line
with the conditions of the reality of this universe. All the news and conditions that Allah spoke and
said by His prophet that will happen later, on the Day of Resurrection - the Day of Judgment, are
TRUE and will definitely happen. Alloh Al-Haq, Almighty True, not even lying, not breaking any
promises. Prophet Muhammad was Prophet Ash Siddiq who never lied, even before he was adopted
as a prophet, especially afterwards.
My brothers who are already Muslim ... strengthen it ... strengthen it ... remember that the glory of
life is only with Islam, namely life to fight for the upholding of Islam in ourselves and also to others,
to live in order to uphold the words of Allah (Dinul Islam) on this earth .
8. Heaven and Hell
This is the land where the stream of life ended, the land of eternity, forever. So people who are happy are
people who are saved from hell and go to heaven, while those who lose are those who are immersed in
hell, and the most losers are those who are put into hell forever.
Heaven and Hell are measures to judge one's deeds. It says good deeds if the end is to heaven, is being
called bad deeds, whatever it is, if the end goes to hell. All of Satan's steps are his direction to hell.
Allah created heaven before humans existed, as a place of His vengeance for servants who are true in the
faith, who really want to achieve it according to the way of life led by His prophets. Heaven with all the
pleasures in it as His promise to those who submit to Him, who helps to establish His Din to be upright on
the face of the earth.
Allah created hell as a place of vengeance for those who are disliked by Him, who deny Him, associate
Him with other than Him, those who disobey Him who do not want to ask forgiveness and repent to Him,
to people who block the way of fi sabilillah. Hell with its various painful torments in general is a threat to
all of His creatures.
Heaven is surrounded by makarih, namely all things that are displeased by human lust. So if a human
being who wants to really enter heaven needs to understand that the way to heaven is a lot of thorns and
barbes. The thorns and barbes existing be passthrough in this world. So heaven is for those who belief in
Allah and able to be patient, be patient with all the things they don't like that happen to them, no matter
what happens to them, they remain in faith in Allah, are pleased with His destiny, are grateful for His
blessings, remain surrendered to Him, hope for His mercy and forgiveness, until the end of his life in this
world. Look at the difficulties of life carried by the Prophets and His Apostles in their struggle to advise
their people, insistently, being hated, reviled, expelled, boycotted, hunted, imprisoned, wanted to be
killed, one after another,
On the other hand, hell, whose torment is incomparable, is surrounded by lust, which is everything that
human lust likes. So a person who lives according to the lust of his soul, lives as he pleases in this world,
hell is more appropriate for him in the future.
Allah knows best.
9. Injustice
The tyranny committed by humans has many levels, forms and varieties. The greatest is Dzalim to ALLOH
who has created them, shaped and given them an image, bestows sustenance by providing all the facilities
of their life so that they can live moving and enjoying various things, day and night. Dzalim to Allah is by
associating with Him, likening Allah to His creatures, the example of humans being childbirth and
begotten, then assuming that they believe that Allah has children who have children on this earth. This is
one of the greatest lies and oppressions. This misguided view is neutralized with the support of large funds
and human resources which are abundant in their places of worship, in schools, in social institutions, in
cities and in villages, in many places in the world, past time until now.
Next, a great tyranny is rejecting the truth from Allah (religion-the way of life-the true rules of life), then
replacing it with man-made. Truth is only from Allah, the Most Holy, the All-Knowing, the Most Just, the
Most Glorious. While the way of life - the rules of life made by humans are colored by the interests of lust
that benefit those who make them and tend to do wrong to those who are weak. There were so many
examples, then, especially nowadays. It means that if someone hold any religion apart from Islam, then,
this person acted a dzalim (injustice) to Allah and Allah will be took a account of that action in Hereafter.
Dzalim to yourself
Dzalim to others, dzalim to neighbors, dzalim to poor people, tzalim to the common people.
It is even said that it is dzalim if you intentionally hurt an animal, which is prohibited from being hurt.
All these forms of injustice will be held accountable by Allah - the Prosecutor - in Yaumil Hisab Yaumil
Mizan. Because Allah has forbidden injustice. This is the rule of Allah, the rule of Islam. Because of that,
many nobility officials dislike Islam because of the many injustices that have been done by their hands.
So the way of salvation is to ask Him for forgiveness a lot and then improve. Thay why, In islam, since so
many injustice may be conducted by human beings in their life daily, a Muslim is encouraged to multiply
asking forgiveness from Allah and improve himself according to the rules determined by Allah and
exemplified by the Prophet.
Allah knows best.
10. Figure of Great Warriors
They are the inhabitants of the earth who are amazing to the angels who inhabit the heavens. Their
starting point is to acknowledge weakness, stunting and self-deprivation before the Lord of all the realms
of existence. Then they surrendered, followed His call, converted to Islam seriously, with body and soul,
wholeheartedly, familiarize themselves with Islam, fulfill its demands, warmly welcome the practice of
their obligations, day and night because they believe in the truth of His promises. His promise is eternal
life in His heaven that awaits anyone who believes and does good deeds in earnest. Because it is certain
that anyone who follows the sunnah of His prophet, namely believing and striving in the way of Allah, will
enforce His sentence on the face of the earth, that Darus Salam will be his later, forever. Regarding this
criteria of Figure of Great Warrios will be explain in the booklet-2, insyaAlloh.
Brother… .. look around us, look at the sky above… can you predict the edges to what extent… the
universe is really big… big… far… so far it's hard to find the edges… .. but even so large and vast, for
all are still creatures, everything is in His arrangement, maintenance and power.
Brother .... the sunshine in the daytime that covers all the plains and valleys ... ... we know that its
source is from the sun ... ..and the sun compared to the extent of the sky around it is only a small
object ... a small star in the frame of the galaxy .... the sun is a small object from His creatures - Allah
the Creator. Until now, other stars have been found that are millions of times the size of our sun.
Remember… all the stars are still in the world's sky, the first heaven. Above it is a second heaven that
is greater and wider; above it is a third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh heaven which is even greater and
greater. Above the seventh heaven is Allah's Chair, which is much bigger and wider than the seven
layers of the heavens. Above his chair Allah is His Arsyi. The parable of the magnitude of Allah's Chair
compared to His Throne is like a metal dirham thrown into the vast meadow ground, where the metal
dirham is the Chair of Allah and the vast meadow is His Throne. And Allah resides above His Throne.
Remember His Throne is also His creature. Allah is the Greatest. Allah Most High. Allah is Great.
Brother .... Allah Almighty wants all of us who are weak and have little power, all of us to be Great
Fighters in the Great Struggle. It is called a big struggle because the rewards are very large-very big.
What reward is greater than Heaven, the Place of Enjoyment forever, which is as wide as the heavens
and the earth, there are no words of sleepy, sleep and lethargy. All of this can be achieved with His
Permission and Mercy. Only Allah is able to provide the facilities of eternal enjoyment. There is no
partner for Him. Allah the Most Rich. That place will be in the afterlife. For whom? For those who
believe that they will seriously participate in the Great Struggle. But for those who deny and doubt,
they will ignore and be lazy and even turn away from the Great Struggle area. Allah has called all
humans ... yaa ayuhannasu ... let's convert to Islam, submitting obedience to Allah Who is not in the
slightest injustice to His creatures, be has serious faith, follows with the spirit of the sunnah / example
of His Prophet's way of life, namely striving to uphold Allah's sentences on the face of the earth,
anywhere, on behalf of Him , glorify Him, devote their soul and body only to Allah Azza wa Jalla alone,
not for others.
Brother …… how long is the struggle? Only briefly, that is, during life in this world, only a few years a
few tens of years, but the Reward that Allah has prepared is forever. We are asked by Allah to bother
for a while in this world to reap the great harvest in the hereafter forever. Will you?
11. Muhammad Saw
He was an ordinary human being, an ummi, who could not read and write, never studied, so that 100% of
what he taught and passed down was from Allah, his Rabb, our Rabb.
Before becoming a prophet, he was known by his people in the community as someone who never lied,
al amin, a trusted person, so it was common for the people of Mecca to leave their belongings with him
if they wanted to travel far.
He lived like everyone else lived, experienced the ups and downs of life, just like us. He also needs to eat
and drink, feel hungry and thirsty, tired and sick when being hurt, is not immune to disease, does not have
superhero powers. Live like most people live. Be common human being as us.
He was chosen by Allah because of His will, from among the people of the large tribe of Quraish, who at
that time were mostly also still ummi. His lineage is known as a descendant of Prophet Ibrahim AS through
Prophet Ismail AS.
Muhammad bin Abdulloh Saw is a role model for the Great Warriors, who are the best in implementing
the right way of life based on Al Quran, passing on the As Sunnah / way of life of the right struggle, shirotol
Muhammad SAW is the cover of all His prophets and messengers. There will be no more prophets after
that until the Day of Resurrection comes. Later when it approaches the end of time, Allah will send Prophet
Isa Almasih to the world to fight against the Dajjal but Prophet Isa will follow the Islamic law brought by
the Prophet Muhammad, pray five times a day, uphold tawhidulloh, destroy crosses, etc., as stated in the
hadiths saheeh.
A prophet is the leader of his people. He was assigned by Allah to invite, offer, call, guide, nurture, lead,
regulate, rule and model life for all humans in his time or the ethnic groups of his people. Especially for
Rasululloh Saw, he was sent to all humans from the time he was appointed as a Prophet until the Day of
Resurrection. So a person's faith is not true until he pledge syahadatain, swears that there is no god but
Allah, who must be obeyed and surrendered to his servitude and loyalty, and swear that Muhammad SAW
is His servant and His Messenger to be obeyed, followed and led, because of all the orders of Rasululloh
Saw is a derivative implementation of the commandments of Alloh Saw which are contained in the Holy
Rasululloh Saw is the person who most understands about the Al Quran, so people who want to live
according to the Al Quran and make the Al Quran as their Law of Life, they must learn the way of life of
the Sunnah of Rasululloh Saw, his struggles, what he likes and hates, ittibaus sunnah (following that path
of life). Furthermore, the companions of the Prophet Radhiyallahu anhum are those who best understand
about the Prophet's sunnah, because they interact directly with the Prophet, then they are also nurtured
and trained directly by Rasululloh Saw so that they become cadres of fighters who will continue the
struggle of the Prophet, so that this ummah (people) who want to following the Sunnah of the Prophet
must study the dates of life of Rasululloh Saw, Siroh Nabawiyah (the struggle of the Prophet), and also
Hayatus Shohabah Ra (life of the companions of the Prophet).
12. World life as a field of Great Struggle and a field of Testing
Allah created everything that is in the sky and that is on earth and that is in between, all of them, have a
Haq goal, a great goal that is a great battlefield and a testing ground for His servants who He created so
that they use the world field as a means, to achieve glory in the hereafter, so that they can use all of His
verses as a modality to believe in Him, to fully serve Him, so that they deserve His reward later, namely
the salvation of His torment and His inclusion in Darus Salam, Heaven a land full of eternal enjoyment.
What are you fighting for?
Shape yourself and Call others to know about Allah based on information from Him (authentic revelation),
surrender and rely on Allah alone, have faith in Him, do not associate Him with others, magnify Allah and
dwarf other than Allah, devote his life and life only for Allah alone.
Those who know Allah properly, the more they know Him, the more they love Him, and the more afraid
of His threats. Until trying to live according to the direction of His guidance and instructions, everything,
easy or difficult, big business or small business. Because you are sure that Allah is All Seeing, All-Hearing,
All-Knowing, All-Supervising and Most Noting whatever they do, both dhahir / physical and heart deeds,
both visible and invisible.
They firmly believe that real life is life in the hereafter, while life in this world is a field of charity, a field
for farming, opportunities to struggle, time to gather supplies and invest, hoping that they will be
harvested and receive the results of their hard work in The Hereafter, looking forward to all replies from
Allah Azza wa Jalla in The Day of Retaliation. So they hasten to devote whatever they have to faith and do
good deeds for the afterlife. They emigrated to Allah and His Messenger. They fulfill whatever Allah and
His Messenger command.
They are confident that the charity received in the hereafter will be sincere deeds for Allah alone and also
the deeds ordered, liked, wanted and exemplified by the Prophet Muhammad, so they are serious about
improving the level of sincerity of their deeds and striving for the Prophet's will, whole soul body.
They accept Islam as manhajul hayah (way of life) in their personal life, rejecting any other way of life.
Because they believe that the way of Islam is the only way of salvation in the hereafter.
Then they enter the locomotive carriage of the struggle that has been passed down by the prophets and
messengers, namely iqomatuddin, applying Islam to its totality in their daily life, calling on humans to
enter Islam - the only way of salvation, warning of a painful torment for whom those who refuse to convert
to Islam, then give good news to those who want to convert to Islam and comply with the rules of law and
the order of life.
After believing in Allah and His Messenger, they struggle seriously without hesitation to uphold the words
of Allah on the face of the earth, call people to Islam, and if humans reject it and block their way of
struggle, they will fight it until there is no more slander on the earth.
As a test area, there are success and failure criteria, there are distractions, there is supervisor and the
The participants are all genie and humans. All. Wherever and whenever.
The supervisor is Allah the Almighty, who orders His angels who are obedient to Him to carry out some of
the supervisory functions, namely the supervision and recording of visible behavior. As for inner charity
(which is in the heart, thoughts, feelings, intentions, life goals, desires, wish, wills, beliefs, sincerity) only
Allah knows, Allah only tells His angels the inner deeds according to His will. And later in Yaumil Hisab
Yaumil Mizan in the hereafter, all visible and spiritual deeds, large and small, all of them, will be reported
to the participants.
His disturbing obstacles: Satan who seduces and deceives through was-wisu (a whisper) in his thoughts
and desires, then lust that wants to be satisfied and tends to lead to ugliness, enmity and resistance of
disbelievers, deception and insults of hypocrites, envy of Muslims who love much the worldly things.
What is successful is those who - due to Allah's permission- get Husnul Khotimah when their lives are
taken in this world. Namely Muslims who are sincere believers, who adhere to the way of life of Islam the straight path of the struggle for da'wah ila Alloh fi sabilillah in the frame of the congregation's shaf,
which Allah saved from worldly intruders and slanders. They welcome death in a state of pleasure to Allah
and like to meet Him, then Allah is pleased and likes to meet him.
Those who fail are those who - due to Allah's permission- get suul khotimah at the end of their lives in this
world. They are people who do not want to convert to Islam - because of provocation and hereditary
doctrines from various circles of figures and families - who do not care about life after death because they
believe that life is just life in this world, after death is over for all affairs, die like a long sleep. They are also
people who claim to be Muslim but their hearts and minds hate Islam, they don't like it when the Islamic
system of rules - the rules of Allah the Most Wise - is enforced in various parts of the world. They obstruct
the path of struggle fi sabilillah, openly or secretly, even though Allah Knows and Records everything.
They deceived Allah and His Messenger. Na Udzu Billahi min dzalika. We are seeing protection from Alloh
become like that.
Allah knows best.
13. Amal Jama'i (Organizational Movement)
Amal Jama’i is a necessity. Because of the following:
The mission is great, which is to call on all people to give servitude only to one God, not to associate Him
with anything, to invite mankind to embrace Islam, to unite together with the religion of Allah. Then call
again for humans to submit and obey His rules, to His sharia law, fear His torment, immediately ask Him
for forgiveness, walk the path of His pleasure, to enforce His sentences as the only source of the order of
life in this earth. Simple, this earth belongs to Allah, Who Creates and Maintains it all, so the source of the
order of life on it also deserves from Allah. The goal is great to achieve the mercy and pleasure of Allah
Azza Wa Jalla, to reach His forgiveness, so that people are saved from the torment of hell, which is
unbearably painful and put into eternal pleasure in His heaven.
This great work involving all prophets and messengers of Allah as leaders, and mankind who believe in
Allah and have faith in His Prophets, from one generation to the next, from the beginning to the end of
life in this world-later. What is asked is to mobilize all the potential he has, body and soul, property, time,
energy, day and night.
While there are many enemies and obstacles, namely Satan and his soldiers from the genie and humans,
from time to time, who use various tricks to mislead and whisper empty dreams, follow lust (personal
ego) who likes worldly delights and comforts , polytheists and disbelievers who are hostile, who deploy
facilities and infrastructure to destroy Islam and the Muslims, smooth and rough, also hypocrites who stab
their backs, who dislike Islam standing on the face of the earth, and some Muslims themselves who are
envious because his personal ego is more dominant and trapped in the puddle of his worldly lust.
All of the above, cannot be done and struggled for except by amal jama’i (organizational movement).
Amal jama'i is Sunnatulloh on His creatures. Is there any creature in the world that lives alone? There is
no. All of them form a line group, work together in teams to achieve common goals. For instances, ants
that crawl day and night, bees that fly here and there, also migratory birds.
Amal jama'i is Sunnaturrasul, all the apostles of Allah carry out their duties by working in ranks with the
believers, supporting each other along with those their followers.
Allah has ordered to form a solid, neat, strengthen each other,please help among them, arranged in the
frame of loyalty and obedience to Allah and His Messenger. Allah forbids the internal Muslims to divide,
envy each other, be hostile to each other, fight against each other, and other behaviors that damage the
unity and integrity of the Muslims.
How do you do amal jama'i? There are qiyadah (leaders) who are chosen through shurro, sincere leaders
who become role models in the struggle for da'wah ila Alloh, role models in zuhud and righteous deeds.
There are jundiyah (soldiers) who understand, are honest, tsiqoh-trusted and obedient. There is also taklif
(loading). Have we done amal jama'i? Allah knows best.
14. Turning the Heart
The way of Islam is the way to enliven the heart, the way to expand the capacity of the heart and also to
enlarge the heart.
A path other than Islam is a path of blinding and also of death to the heart, a way of narrowing the capacity
of the heart.
A living heart is a heart with makrifatulloh, a heart that knows its Rabb, the Living Rabb who is also the
Most Animate. Allah Almighty Turns the human heart over, Allah also turns the human heart on and off.
That is a heart that continues to grow and develop, the raw material for its growth from what is seen,
what is heard, what is felt from all the things around it, even from what happens to itself, to make heart
with Makrifatulloh, to make heart with Makrifatur Rasul, and to make heart with Makrifatul Islam, more
and more deeply.
A living heart is a heart that knows Allah, then is connected to dhikrulloh, which feels Allah's presence
wherever and whenever, because Allah is All-Alive, All-Witnessing, All-Knowing What is Visible and What
is invisible, All-Record and All-Reporting of all deeds in the hereafter, the visible and the hidden, the Most
Judging and Decide on, whether this charity is right or wrong, whether this charity is accepted or rejected
according to the standards that have been determined by Him, the standards have been conveyed in the
life of the world (life today) through His revelation, also the judging standard made clear more by His
messengers. Because Allah is Just and Most Wise, do not dholim (injustice) at all to all His creatures.
A living heart is a heart that is attached to the afterlife, a life ahead that is sure to happen, there is no
doubt at all. The heart that is connected to all the processes of the stages of the afterlife, from the blowing
of the trumpet by the angel Isrofil, to being resurrected (revived) all creatures by Him, is gathered in the
Mahsyar Field, yaumil Hisab, yaumil Mizan, Shirot and the ending in Heaven or Hell. Hereafter, this is true
life because it is endless. The real one for whom believers.
A living heart, a heart entitled with mahabatulloh (love to Allah, love to love because of Allah).
A living heart, a heart entitled with mahabatur rasul (love for Rasululloh Saw above love for family, other
human beings and even yourself).
A living heart, a heart that loves the struggle to uphold Islam fi sabilillah.
15. Work a little BIG results
This is the buying and selling of humans with Allah. Humans are weak and Allah is the Most Strong. Poor
humans and Allah the Most Rich. Humans who have many sins with Allah, the Most Merciful and Most
Man is selling, Allah is buying it. They are sold very little but are bought at a very high price so that the
value cannot be calculated.
Selling is believing in Allah and His messengers and then struggle fi sabilillah, by working for a while in this
world, struggling and struggling for a while in the world, just a few years or a few decades until the death.
Selling is we are told to have true faith in Allah, truly body and soul, according to what He has determined
and exemplified by His prophets. Then believe in His Messenger by following the path of life of the prophet
Muhammad SAW, justifying it, following his directions and orders, without arguing, fighting according to
his struggle, namely preaching to humans to believe in Allah, in order to monotheise Him, to serve only
Him, then struggling to inherit the struggle of the prophets, namely upholding His sharia law on this earth,
within the framework of amal jama’i, trying as hard as possible, and being pleased with whatever happens
in the end.
For sale, we are told to do heart conditioning so that we are sure of all the truth of the words of Allah in
the Qur'an and then try to live a life in reflection of the values of Al Quran by imitating the lives of those
who have been blessed by Him, namely the way of life of the prophets, shiddiqin (true heart and true
said), martyrs and sholihin (people whose deeds will be accepted in the afterlife). Those all prophets and
companions of the prophet rodhiyallahu ‘anhum are the best living examples. The exemplary leader is the
Prophet Muhammad Saw.
For sale, we are told to control our spoken utterances, regulate the movements of our limbs so that they
are in line with the values of the Quran and the Sunnah of His Prophet.
We are told to sell our deeds only to Him, trying to live a life following the Sunnahs of the Prophet
We are told to sell it to be more silent in mental reflection, refrain from doing anything that is forbidden
by Him.
For sales, we are told to move, excited, by what He commands.
Patience in this condition, until the end of life in this world.
Then Allah will buy all that mentioned, by saving us from the torment of the grave, the shock of the Day
of Judgment, hunger and thirst and heat in the Mahsyar field, fear in the Day of Reckoning, loss in yaumil
mizan, and destruction - who do not die and do not live - in His torment of hell. Then Allah will enter into
heaven whose land is as wide as the heavens and the earth for him, whose pleasures are hard to imagine
for the heart and mind because the pleasures of the world today are worthless compared to the pleasures
there in the future (hereafter-yaumil akhir), foreever, with permission of Allah Tabaraka wa Ta'ala .
InsyaAlloh bi idznillahi.
16. People with an afterlife orientation
Who are they?
Because of their faith that is imprinted on their souls, they are people who see the world with all its
contents and knick-knacks as a bridge, a means, a field of charity, a place to find provisions, opportunities
to struggle, time to invest, valuable opportunities to work hard, day-to-day to repair his heart, strengthen
his faith, strengthen his belief in Allah and the afterlife, straighten his path in accordance with Allah's
direction and the guidance of His Prophet, expand his life goals for the eternal land, his eyes are fixed on
a land where there is a threat of shock and the incomprehensible sorrow and also existing bestows on
forgiveness and amnesties. The land –foreever- that has been prepared by Allah, the Creator and Most
They are people who are very sure of the truth of Allah's promises and also the truth of the preaching of
the trusted Prophet Rasululloh Saw, about the guarantee for those in this world who live to be sincere
believers, who try to give up their charities for Allah only, both those who worship mahdhoh and ghoiru
mahdhoh, and who try to live according to the example of the noble life guidance of the Prophet
Muhammad, then for those will receive Allah's forgiveness in the afterlife and be put into heaven with His
They believe that heaven is surrounded by al makarih - all things that are not liked by lust, so in order to
reach heaven they are happy and tolerant of facing the difficulties of life in this world as long as they
remain in faith in Allah Azza wa Jalla and do not associate Him with anything. They also believe that hell
is surrounded by lust - all the things that human lusts like, so they try to live not to follow their lusts. For
example, by eating and drinking according to the sunnah of the Prophet with reading Bismillah, halal the
source and ingredient of the food and drink, using the right hand, not while walking, not exaggerating and
after all saying Alhamdulillah for all His blessings with a serious heart. All the blessings in this world are
from Allah Almighty. In order not to follow their lusts, they live according to the path of instructions from
Allah and orders from His Prophet. Familiarize shuro (consultation meeting with others) - not just follow
himself desire - in making decisions. Living in congregational struggle, ready to be arranged according to
the orders of sincere leaders. Throw away egocentric.
They are people who like to labor hard in this world as a field to grow crops and later reap their harvest
in the afterlife, from the pleasures of the grave to eternal heaven. If there is pleasure in this world then it
is a down payment from Allah which is accompanied by fear and gratitude to Allah who is the Most
Merciful and Most Merciful.
Allah knows best.
17. Contemplations The realization that we are very weak creatures
... O my brother ... .. oh man anywhere .... who are we .... from the beginning process of creation we
just a drop of semen ... a mixture of sperm and ovum that clotted in our mother's womb ... then
grew and grew become a baby figure .... who formed it?... certainly not our mothers, especially our
fathers ... of course not doctors ... not all. Who forms it is the Almighty Essence ... the Creator ... the
Most Shaper, namely Allah Azza wa Jalla.
Then Allah bestows sustenance ... clean air ... a calm earth ... the sun that illuminates ..... milk and
food intake ... all from Allah's earth ... all from livestock Allah also created it. Everything is from Allah
who provides this and that, so that we from babies grow into nimble children to become young
people who are getting stronger and growing again into adulthood ..... however ...
Be honest ... is it true that our hearing is very limited ... our eyesight is also still very weak ... our
knowledge is also little .... the ability of our muscles is also weak .... even though we claim to be
smart .... strong healthy .... no matter how great it is we ... we are still weak creatures. Nothing can
deny this except the arrogant and snobbish.
Because we are all weak ... then we need the Most Strong, namely Allah, whose power covers
In this life ... We need His guidances and directions ... otherwise we will get lost ...
On a daily basis .... We need a healthy body and soul from Him ... otherwise we will complain and
In our activities ... We need to eat, drink and dress from Him ... so that we can give thanks to Him a
lot ... otherwise ... we are like ungrateful ignorant stones.
And most importantly ... in navigating the remnants of our lives in this world ... we need His
compassion ... need His guidances to follow the right path ... we are need guided by Him so we can
be steadfast in the true path..... we need all the goodness of Him ... we need His grace and goodwill
... so that we will be gifted by Him husnul khotimah at the end of our lives in this world.
In the Sahih Muslim book, narrated from Abu Dzar Al Ghiffari Ra, from the Prophet Saw, he narrated
from Alloh Tabaroka wa Ta'ala, that Allah said:
"O My servants, verily I have forbidden injustice against myself, and I have
made injustice haram against you, so don't you do wrong; O My servants, all
of you are lost, except for those whom I instruct, so ask Me for directions, of
course I will give you instructions; O My servants, you are in hunger, except
whom I feed, so ask Me to eat, of course I will feed you; O My servants, you are
naked, except for those whom I clothe, so ask Me for clothes; of course I clothed
you; O My servants, you are wrong day and night, and I am the one who will
forgive all sins, so ask me for forgiveness, of course I will forgive you; O My
servants, you cannot do something that harms Me and neither something
useful (something that harms and benefits Me), O My servants, all of you, both
genie and human, from the beginning to the end, everything becomes like
someone who is most pious, it will not have the effect of increasing the
greatness of My kingdom, O my servants, and vice versa, if all of you, both
genie and human, from the beginning to the end, will all become like someone
who is the most immoral (disobedient), it will not reduce the magnitude of My
kingdom one bit; O My servants, if all of you, both human and genie, from
beginning to end, all gather in a place, then all ask me, then I give to each
individual (jinn and humans, all) with their respective requests, then that too
does not reduce what is on My side, but is just like a needle that is put into the
sea (then lifted again, then the water that sticks at the tip of the needle is like
anything that Allah has given to all humans and the jinn, while the deep and
vast ocean waters are what is on His side-Allah knows best), O My servants, all
deeds of you, I will calculate it for you, I will fulfill the reward for you (according
to the criteria determined by Allah), Whoever gets goodness, then praise
thanks to Allah and whoever gets the opposite, then do not blame (curse), but
to himself.”
18. Doomsday
The day that Allah promised would happen-surely 100%. A VERY IMPORTANT day for all humans and genie
because every single one will involve and experience it. The most eagerly awaited day for believers to
reap the fruits of their hard work in the world, and to be the most hated Day for unbelievers, atheists,
polytheists, hypocrites because the torment of Allah, which is VERY INCREDIBLE POIGNANT, has been
waiting for them.
This is a DEFINITELY day to happen ... There is no doubt at all ... no matter what people think and do from
Adam to the last man on this earth ... no matter what the results ... The end is bound to happen ... that is,
when Allah destroys whatever has been built by all humans – everything in the face of this earth – to be
completely demolished. Because Allah is the real owner of all contents of the heavens and the earth.
So Very Important today that in the Quran it is mentioned over and over again, it is emphasized hundreds
of times, it is warned with an emphasis that it will happen and there is no doubt at all. As a promise of
Allah the Almighty to all His creatures that the Day will definitely happen which begins with:
The earliest, long, deafening blast of the big trumpet, which shocked and thrilled all inhabitants of heaven
and earth. Shocking everyone. What is this? What is this sound that hasn't happened even once before?
This is the time promised by Allah Robbul 'Izzati. That the time which is many people –generation after
generation - forget because of their trivial activities looking for very little worldly profit. All humans
became dazed on the face of the earth, the panicked genie ran to reveal themselves, the tame animals
were stunned, the inhabitants of the heavens - so many angels who had been praying and tahmid to Ar
Rahman were also shocked.
Allah is the Greatest
The importance of that day was so very important that it was used as the main material for the da'wah of
His Prophets, often reminded to the human beings who were present around them As, emphasized to
prepare themselves for it, exemplified how to live properly to meet the Day of Judgment and series the
next stages of life in order to be saved from His torments so that they will be blessed to enter His heaven,
in every age, from generation to generation. Until nowdays generation...time to re-delivering that
massages very urgently for all human kinds. That is, all humans should not feel safe against the threat of
torment of hell, because salvation only occurs when it is truly free from the disaster, while the disaster is
still in front of us all, no one is saved except for those who are saved by Him, because He is Allah the Ruler,
The One Who Determines everything at that time. Once again even though all humans are dead, The
disaster is still in front of us, until it disappears with certainty - namely after yaumil reckoning yaumil
mizan, after leaving the shirot bridge, after stepping through the door of heaven. Only then does a person
feel as secure as possible.
Imagine then when the big trumpet was blown a second time ... ..long and shaking the hearts of all His
creatures who were still alive ... Allah brought a cold wind blowing from the sky that covered the earth
..... then the angel of death 'worked' even more actively .... death occurs everywhere, all of them are
uprooted one by one by the angel of the death-taking over permission of Allah Azza wa Jalla.
Allah is the Greatest
This is The Incomprehensible AWESOME Day that destroys all - whatever it is - that has been and is being
built by humans from long ago – from the beginning humans existing – which is Adam As era - until later
end the day on the face of this earth. When the earth is shaken, the oceans evaporate until there is not a
single drop of water, the mountains run scattering until they are crushed to dust, cities and their
magnificent buildings, well-ordered houses, roads, beautiful gardens and physical structures, all ,
shattered to the ground. Everything that humans are proud of is be useless. Never mind this small earth,
the immense sky above us is also like molten tin, the orbital order is broken and no longer composed,
planets and stars that are millions of sizes from the earth collide with one another, falling apart be pieces,
completely destroyed ... Allah know the best.
The splendor and gloriousness of this world, which most humans are proud of, have been smashed to
pieces. Then something that will be destroyed and extincted is not worthy of being the purpose of life.
Again...to be imphasized... something that will be destroyed and extincted is not worthy of being the
purpose of life. How many humans are deceived by this world. The prophets had come to warn mankind
about this, but their warning was rejected and reviled. The prophets were actually be hated, be insulted,
be reviled until they became enemies, especially by nobility officials. Until we live today.
Then ... All that remains is Allah Who is the Living, Malikul Mulku, the King of Kings, Who is the Most
Then Allah grasped the earth with HIS HANDS (Glory to Allah from the parables made by His creatures,
Alloh laisa kamistlihi shai'un, because Allah is not similar to any parable). The earth then become
horizontal, flat, and Allah extends this flatting earth according to His will. Then Allah alone in 40 times.
Then Allah sent rainwater (like adult semen) from under His Throne to the earth. Then the bodies of
humans that had been crushed mixed with the ground grew, all of them, from the small object at the end
of the coccyx to form bones covered in flesh grow and grow until they became perfect bodies just like
when they died before without soul. Each of these spiritless bodies stands tall on the face of the earth for
waiting. The flat, arid earth becomes crowded with these bodies like an arid plain that is subject to heavy
rain and then various plants grow on it. Allah is the one who revives, Allah is the one who turns off, and
Allah is the one who revives it again. Allah has power over everything.
Then Allah turn on the angels Isrofil, Jibril and Mikail with His words, "Long live Isrofil, Jibril, Mikail". So
live the three angels. What He says is what happens, what happens is what He says. Kun fayakun.
The big trumpet that Arsyi was holding then returned to the Angel Isrofil. Allah, gather all the human
spirits into that big trumpet whose circle is wider than the width of the heavens and the earth. Allah knows
Then Allah ordered Isrofil to blow the big trumpet for the third time ... ..then the human spirits flew with
various conditions - including our souls - like a horde of flying grasshoppers ... filling the sky ... towards
the bodies of each who were waiting upright on a flat earth.
The spirits that were uprooted from His previous creatures in the life of the world are now reunited with
their bodies. This is the revival of life - which Allah promises will occur when humans are still alive in the
world - which many people underestimate, ignore, even deny by previous humans. All humans are
resurrected, as well as genie and animals. All angels, including the angels in the first to seventh heaven
also came to life. Everything happened on the power of Allah the Almighty. Allah knows best.
Imagine when we were all in this condition at that time ... the shock of panic confusion broke out
everywhere, what is this, where are we, how can this be? Except for those whom Allah bless and protect.
This is the promised day ... the resurrection ... that was promised ... be true all those Prophets ... be true
all those Apostles ... lie their doctrines that violate the said of the Prophets and the Apostles ... Only then
does the awareness arise in the hearts of those humans who belittle and deny the Day of Resurrection ...
begin to feel regret over their souls.
Then there were screams blaring from the sky which was heard by all humans and the genies to walk to
the gathering place ... each human being led by an angel, for unbelievers some were shackled and dragged
... some were blind ... they complained to Alloh ... (O my Rabb why did you raise us in a blind condition
while we in the world can see ... then Allah answers ... that is because Our verses (verses of the Quran)
have come to you while in the world but you are ignorant and forget it so that on this day we also forget
you) .... some even walk with their faces. Allah who has made humans able to walk on their feet, then
Allah also has the power to make humans walk with their faces. Na Udzu Billahi min dzalika.
Gather at Mahsyar Field ................
Yaumil Hisab (The Day of Count – The day of Accusation) ........................
Yaumil Mizan The Day of Judgment .......................
Shiroth (The Bridge)............................
Heaven and Hell ............................
In the Hadith At-Tirmidhi, it was narrated from Syaddad bin Aus Ra that a friend asked, "O
Rasululloh, who is an intelligent believer? Rasululloh replied, "That is those who remember death a
lot and prepare themselves as best they can for life after death. Meanwhile, people who are
ignorant are those who live according to the desires of their passions and dream of Allah with lots
of delusions. " (Similar hadiths are also mentioned in the Hadith of Ibn Majah, Thabrani and Al
19. The third parable
Parables simplify complex and complicated problems and summarize big-important issues into something
that is easy to digest and easy to understand.
Brother .... O my brother ... Living in this world should be like a wanderer / musafir / TRAVELER who
is taking shelter for a while under a tree. The wanderer realized that he would have to continue on
his way again in a little while after feeling the shade he felt now. The TRAVELER was aware that on
the route he was about to take on in the future there was no longer any place to take shelter to
collect supplies, while the road to be traversed was still long, winding, hot, with hunger and thirst
to accompany him. So an intelligent wanderer will certainly use the brief shelters to collect the best
possible provisions for the long journey, not to use the shelter time to have fun at will, for instances
by eating or sleeping as much as you want,having fun as much as you like, regardless of how to
navigate the next long journey.
Brother .... TRAVELERS who are intelligent are those who take in this world the best provision of
provisions, namely faith and piety, and reduce worldly burdens which will become burdensome in
the long journey ahead.
Today's worldly burdens are attractive and can be exciting. Let’s say...powerful pleasures, delicious
food and drinks, soft and sumptuous mattresses, laudable popularity, laudable successes of
achievements, lauded social stability, these sparkling material facilities that make life more
comfortable and easy are some of the burdens - earthly burdens. However ... but they can all be
soothing to a true traveler.
Rasululloh Muhammad Saw has illustrated a parable about it that like himself to a human being is
like a guard guarding a firewood fireplace at night in the middle of the field, many nocturnal animals
flew towards the light of the fireplace because he was attracted by the sheen ... keepers of the
fireplace warning them so that the animals stay away because if they get too close it can burn their
bodies, but that night animals still many do not heed the warning and the bow, trying to break
through the guard because they were lulled by the attraction of the light of the hearth until finally
they fell into the fireplace, which burned their bodies and become perished. The guardian is
Rasululloh, the sheen of the fireplace is the attraction of worldly lust, and the night animals are
humans who lived in his time until the last man on this earth.
20. Justice is enforced
Only in Islam that the implementation of a true justice is found. Because implementation of justice is
enforced by a just system created by the Most Just and Most Holy Essence, which is free from the passions
of human interests and implemented by humans who are able to act fairly. Islam is a fair system because
it comes from Allah Who is All-Knowing, Most Just, and Allah does not have the slightest desire to be
unjust to His creatures. Allah has forbidden Himself to do dzolim (unjust). While human actors / enforcers
who are able to be just are only born from the Islamic guidance system, the system that gives presence
to this earth the people who believe in Allah, who believe in the truth of His promises and also the truth
of His threats, those are be truly afraid to Allah Who is Hearing and Most Supervising-every time, Who is
All-Knowing all the treacherous whispers in the mind, believe that The Almighty repays all the deeds of
His creatures large and small, visible and hidden, later – surely - on the big day of reckoning - the day of
judgment for all beings. They are humans who are afraid to do unfairly to fellow creatures, because they
understand and believe that their responsibility in the hereafter is tough if it is not fair, even though they
are believers.
So humans who are able to be fair to their close colleagues, relatives and even to themselves, are those
who place their purpose in the hereafter not for a worldly orientation - that will be abandoned- and
believe that life in this world is temporary - which has many tricks - as the test field for him whether he
can do justice with all his effort or be vice versa.
In a well-known story, Amirul Mukminin Ali Ibn Abi Tholib Ra clashed with a Jew over the possession of a
armor of war. So both of them came to Qadhi (The Judge) at the time of Ali's administration. Then after
listening to the arguments of both parties, the Qadhi invited Amirul Mukminin to bring a witness who
strengthened his argument that the armor was his. So Ali –The leader of believers – then call Hasan Ibn
Ali Ra, his son, then Hasan Ibn Ali give testimony endorsing that the armor belong to his father. However,
Hasan’s testimony was rejected by the Qadhi because it would tend to strengthen his father's argument.
Long story be short, the Qadhi finally decided - based on the evidence and arguments presented - that
the legal owner of the armor was the Jew, defeating the Amirul Mukminin, whereas the one who
appointed the Qadhi to the position of Qadhi was Ali Ibn Abi Tholib Ra himself. Amirul Mukminin was
pleased with the Qadhi's decision even though he was defeated. Done.
But some time later, the Jew returned to the Qadhi carrying his armor and stated that the real owner was
Ali Ibn Abi Talib, he not the owner because he took the armor somewhere without anyone knowing, and
... . Finally, the Jew - who understands the contents of the Bible - submits obediently to Islam – embrace
Islam - because of the justice that is enforced. Allah is the Greatest.
21. Regret .... and .... regret
Listen to the groans of our brothers who have preceded us in the grave ........
Currently ... those who have died ... the inhabitants of the grave are lamenting themselves ... regrets are
piling up .... hoping to be returned to the realm of the world ... so they can bow down and worship Allah
because he wasted years of living in the world without having had time to bow down to Allah even just
one bow... why? Because of the wrong doctrines that were accepted from his family since he was a child,
plus the misleading doctrines received from community leaders so that they do not know Allah correctly
... so that they do not know the true religion by His side. His time to live in this world is spent studying and
working hard in order just to achieve a prosperous and happy life with his family, and he has enjoyed the
dream of success for the most part ... but all of that succes life were abandoned when al-death picked him
Regret insistently .... it turns out that all of his hard work from childhood to adulthood, studying hard,
working hard ... pursuing a career ..... collecting savings piling up wealth adds to material facilities little by
little ..... house ... vehicles..this and that furniture ... looking for popularity .... attaining positions of office
..... incised these achievements ... it turned out that everything was abandoned ... at this time when he
was alone in the grave .. .all of that achievements be useless .... all success ... splendor .... joy ... joy with
family .... success in life that he had dreamed of and has achieved in the world ... the fact he face now. ...
be useless .... everything disappeared from his side ...
Currently alone ... in the crush of the earth ... who accompanies him ... only his beliefs and deeds ... while
his beliefs are apparently wrong ... because of the doctrines he had received from scholarly figures who
were believed to be true ... .but not contemplated thoroughly and integral ... while his many piled up
deeds that were thought to be good turned out to be rejected ... apparently couldn't help at all ... Want
to go back to the world again but can't ... . I want to be given the opportunity to return to the world for a
while to improve myself to be a true Muslim ... to be a sincere believer .... want to pray, fast, zakat ... but
there is no way back to the world anymore. .. is currently torment of the grave hitting him in the morning
and evening .... and later when the end comes a resurrection day begins ...torment of hell has been waiting
for him with the roar of his anger that gurgles terrifyingly ...
Regret ... why when living in a world so much time is wasted with the aim of living looking for pleasure
and self-comfort ... so that you can have fun just having fun ...
Regret ... why in the past in the world just believe in human doctrines without having time to seek the
essential truth from the trusted Holy Quran.
Regret ... why while living in the world did not study the dates of the Prophets and especially the Prophet
Muhammad, his struggles and the life examples he taught ... then really live life according to his sunnah
Regret ... ohhh ... if the humans who are still alive in the world know how much regret they have already
died who are now in the grave ...
22. Next steps
Thinking pondering about the path of life that we have taken ... let us fix it ... inshaAlloh
Determining our position ..... in front of Allah
The true purpose of life
Take the next steps decision
Pray earnestly to Allah for His guidance
Reform yourself
Actively participating in Islamic education within the framework of amal jama’i
Self-evolving ..... moving towards Alloh Rabbul ‘Izzati ...
Insha Allah.
Allah knows best.