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kuis Leprocitory

Quiz A
Answer this quiz by giving checked mark in one of the alphabets which you think is the correct answer
1. The leprosy disease caused by..
a. Mycobacterium leprae
b. Leprosyt bacteria
c. Fungal in skin
d. Dirty environment
2. These are groups that susceptible to leprosy, except:
a. Dirty and damp environment
b. Low formal education
c. Poor family
d. Heredity
3. The transmission of leprosy usually caused by…
a. Airborne
b. Water
c. Physical contact
d. Internet
4. Which social group who have negative perceptions of leprosy and assume the disease is a
cursed disease….
a. High educated group
b. Middle educated group
c. Group with no health awareness
d. Group with junior high school education
5. These are medical approach procedures about leprosy management, except:
a. Diagnosis,
b. Treatment,
c. Prevention
d. Persuasion
6. The treatment of diseases is not only determined by medical factors, but also prevailing
value system in the community, in this case you use an approach of:
a. Medical
b. Culture
c. Social
d. Psychology
7. Based on the leprosy distribution data in 2019, below are provinces that show progression
in eliminating leprosy:
a. Central Java
b. North Sulawesi
c. Southeast Sulawesi
d. West Papua
8. These are management strategies by Indonesia Government in eliminating the increase of
leprosy cases, except:
a. strengthening advocacy
b. strengthening community participation
c. strengthening surveillance system
d. build new hospital for leprosy
9. These are management strategies in controlling leprosy diseases by Indonesia Government,
a. health promotion
b. surveillance
c. chemoprophylaxis
d. herbal promotion
10. These are strategies by Semarang City Government in finding leprosy cases, except:
a) a. Health education regarding signs and symptoms of disease and skin examinations and
examination procedures at the Primary Health Clinic (Puskesmas)
b. Screening and identification on suspected cases of Leprosy
c. Conduct vertical referrals and consultations
d. Cooperate with school institutions
Quiz B
1. Below are people’s wrong perceptions of leprosy, except:
a. Cursed disease because of sins
b. Inherited
c. Because of black magic
d. Physical contact
2. Below are the patient’s reactions due to misperceptions in society about leprosy…
a. Exaggerate fear of leprosy
b. Discrimination behavior to the leprosy patient
c. The patient hides their symptoms
d. Inhibit the treatment and recovery of the patients
3. Because it is considered a curse disease, socially and culturally, most people in developing
countries treat people with leprosy badly, such as…
a. The patient is exiled from the society
b. Need to be medically treated
c. Must be hidden from public
d. Treated in Puskesmas
4. One of the sources of negative stigma to the leprosy patient is from religious dogma,
thing we need to do is…
a. Condemn religious value
b. Invite religious leaders to reinterpret
c. Isolates the leprosy patient from religious activities
d. Cure the diseases with sins forgiveness
5. The colonizers of Indonesia that had handled leprosy were..
a. Dutch
b. Japan
c. England
d. Portugal
6. In the historical data on the handling of leprosy, these institutions were carried out by the
Dutch, except:
a. Public Health Office
b. Catholic Missionary (missi catholic)
c. Christian Zending
d. International Red Cross
7. In order to prevent the spread of leprosy, it was known in Dutch times that people with
leprosy were isolated in a separate environment called:
a. Colony
b. Fortress
c. Camp
d. isolator
8. Isolation of Leprosy patients in a separate residential area with an average number of…
a. 4000-5000
c. 400-500
d. 100-200
9. In certain cases there is a small isolation environment of around 10 people and it occurs in the
area such as…
a. Jepara
b. Papua
c. Aceh
d. Semarang
10. The advantages of leprosy patient isolation in Colonial era, except:
a. Done to prevent negative rejection from family and neighbors
b. Isolation is a process to create good habitual: healthy and clean behavior, discipline
c. Bring out self-awareness of live independently and confident
d. Eliminate the curse