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rest ulfatun hasanah

This is story about one man , he is a funny , friendly , nice man and really love
his family specially his son and also his wife .
The story begin in Arezzo , Italy 1936 . There is man the name is Guido Drifice , he come
to the city with her friend to find a job , some silly and dumped he doing in the traveler to city .
In traveler Guido find with a beautiful women her name is Elidora , and Guido fall in love to that
women ( Elidora ) .
Guido live’s with his uncle , he is a cheef of the restorant . Guido have a job in a hotel , especially in the
restorant , he is a nice man and friendly . Every morning he goes work by riding his a bicycle . one time , Guido
goes to work by then he meet Eldora in the street and the relationship is begin , Guido try to find now about this
women ( Eldora )