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bahsa inggris UAS

A: What is your job now?
B: As a cook / chef.
A: Where do you work as a chef?
B: I work at Alana Hotel.
A: Are you happy with your job?
B: I'm happy with your job?
C: What is your job?
A: I'm a teacher
C: Ohh, that's a good job. How long have you been a teacher?
A: it's been almost 2 years.
B: What are you as a teacher?
A: English teacher.
C: Nice to meet you, see you later
A: See you too.
A: What music do you prefer?
B: I really like English music
C: Who are the singers you like?
B: Adele
A: Why do you like English songs?
B: Because the song is fun to hear
C: Do you prefer the original or the cover?
A: if I like the cover, when are you?
B: original
C: can you learn English by listening to the song.
A: Certainly very able to understand how to speak
B: Because English songs are very fun to learn
A : It’s bad day today.
B : I know. I think it might rain.
A :It’s mind-summer,it shouldn’t rain today.
B : That should be strange.
C :But at home i have rained.
A : Yes,especially because it’s beyond ninety degrees
C : I knwo, it would be tribe it it rained and it was hot outside.
A : Yes,of course
C : I really hope it’s not so hot every day
B : Me too,I can’t wait until winter
A : I also like winter,but sometimes it’s too cold
C : I prefer to be cold than hot.
B : Me too
A : this is a beautiful dress for you.I Made it my self lask week
B : what a beautiful dress!!How do you get?
A : i think it’s toothis dress is for you
B : This is perfect.
C : Please make a suit forme too.And I really like your work
A : Just wait and see
C : Thanks you friend
B : very beautiful made your dress. I really like it
C : I like the design of your perfect shirt
A : Of course
A : What are you doing this Sunday?
B : I’m going to go to the movies this Sunday with abta.
C : Do you wanna come?
A : I’ve wanted to see that too! I would really love to come with you. What are you going to watch
B : Okay then. I’m thinking of watching Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2.
C : What do you think about the movie we’ve just watched
A : It was a good romantic movies. I don’t usually weep at this kind of movie but that last scene
managed to get a tear out of me
B : Oh my God, me too. That was just so sweet. I wish I could have a relationship like that
C : Exactly