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The Effect of Bangun-bangun (Coleus amboinicus)Tea on Fetal Development Disorder
of Mice (Mus musculus) Induced by Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) During Pregnancy
Sufitni1, Lita Feriyawati2, Pane Y.S.2
1,2Department of Anatomy, School of Medicine, 3Department of Pharmacology and
Therapeutic, School of Medicine,
Background: The safety of MSG on fetus has not been confirmed yet. It is known that MSG
will induced free radical and then will give various adverse reaction in various organs and
fetuses. Bangun-bangun tea has an antioxidant activity.
Objective: to determine the effect of bangun-bangun tea on fetal development disorder of
mice (Mus musculus) induced by MSG during pregnancy.
Methods: The present study is an experimental with a Completely Randomized Design
(CRD), consists of six groups (n = 6 in each group) i.e., group K0 (negative control, that
received aquades 0,3 ml), group K1 (positive control, that received with MSG 4mg/g body
weight/d), group K2 (positive control, that received with bangun-bangun tea 0.14g/20g body
weight/d), group P1(treated with MSG 4mg/g body weight/d, and bangun-bangun tea
0.0728g/20g body weight/d), and group P2 (treated with MSG 4mg/g body weight/d and
bangun-bangun tea 0.14g/20g body weight/d). and group P3 (treated with MSG 4mg/g body
weight/d and bangun-bangun leaves 0.28g/20g body weight/d). All treatment and control of
mice were killed by cervical dislocation and then dissected for the fetuses removal. Data
obtain were then analyzed by Anova, with p<0,05 as level of significant.
Result: Giving of high doses of MSG to mice during pregnancy, give embriotoxic effect,
characterized by decreased the number of live fetuses and increased the number of embrio
resorption but not significantly with p>0,05. Giving bangun-bangun tea can reduce
embriotoxic of MSG effect, particularly they are giving together will increase the number of
live fetuses and decrease the number of embrio resorption.
Key words: Monosodium glutamate (MSG), mice, pregnancy, fetal development disorder