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Stop blaming us : Surabaya mayor kneels down and cries over rising
case number.
Surabaya Mayor Tri Rismaharini knelt down on the ground and broke into tears as she held a meeting
with doctors and hospital directors in Surabaya center of COVID-19 cases in East Java’s capital city,
which has become Indonesia’s epicenter of the outbreak.
Risma, as the mayor was holding a meeting with the Indonesian Medical Association (IDI) and local
authorities to discuss COVID-19 management at the Surabaya City Hall on Monday. In the video, which
went viral shortly after the meeting, the mayor, known as Risma, was seen kneeling down, crying and
apologizing after a pulmonologist from Dr. Soetomo Hospital in Surabaya shared in the meeting that the
hospital was overloaded with COVID-19 patients.
The doctor said that the hospital was overwhelmed with patients while also highlighting that there were
still many residents of Surabaya who ignored the required health protocol to prevent further
transmission of the highly infectious virus. The statement led to a temporary halt of the meeting as
Risma started to kneel down and cry.
“If you blame us [Surabaya administration], I won’t take it. We can’t even enter the hospital,” she said in
tears as reported by tribunnews.com.
Risma argued that her office faced hurdles in reaching out to the hospital even when it tried to offer aid,
without explaining the details. She also said that her administration had undertaken various efforts to
control the spread of the coronavirus. “Please don’t keep blaming us,” she said while crying. Currently
Indonesia’s COVID-19 epicenter with a tally of 283,000 confirmed cases as of Monday, surpassing the
capital city of Jakarta that has recorded 72,577 cases. Based on the East Java COVID-19 task force
report on Sunday, Surabaya recorded half of the case of the province with 14.170 cases and 1.054 died.
Despite the worsening situation of the pandemic in the region, the Surabaya mayor has been long
caught in the ongoing feud with the East Java Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa over how to handle
the pandemic in the region.
An official at the East Java COVID-19 task force suggested that the city reinstate the large-scale social
restrictions (PSBB) in the wake of soaring new cases. However, Risma said PSBB reinstatement was not
in her administration’s plan for the time being as she would shift the focus to more testing and shutting
down markets of shopping centers if positive cases were found, claiming that the numbers showed.
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