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tugas bagas

: Bagas Putrayadi
: 18034072
: Fisika B 18
Mata Kuliah : Bahasa Inggris untuk fisika
The zoo is a prison for animals in zoos receive inappropriate treat ment, and
even many animals die from illness and starvation. Wild animals such as lions,
tigers and other wild animals that have lost their natural instincts. This loss of
natural instincts is often because raw meat is fed from dead animals and can also
becaused by frequent intraction with humans. Even thought i tis limited by iron and
Sad news ofthen aired of television almost 90% of zoos are not suitable and
also become a place to torture animals. Such as the incident in the depok mini zoos
whose cage is dirty irraguler feeding.
A of animals in the Kasang Kulim zoos, Kampar regency, Riau province,
are kept in poor phisical condition. The deer from past of leste looks disheveded in
it’s cage with partially dangled for and unhealthy skin. On the other side of the
stable the are also horsis and sun bears that look dry. Judging by the condision of
the animals, the zoo is not taken care of. But the respon from the owner of the zoo,
was duet o factoris from birth.