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Changes Or No In Free Time

People have their own way to spend their free time. Usually, people will do the same thing
which they feel familiar and comfortable with.
Some think that having a change is a good thing. One should try to make a difference. Only then,
they will be able to have a new experience and get a taste of life. It may not be always favorable at first,
but it will be a good life experience for people.
Then again, what is the taste of life? It does not have a specific answer. Everyone has their own
way to interpret it. Is it a must to have a change? No, it depends on the person. Actually, having a
change is not always a good thing. Indeed, it can be a good thing, but it certainly does not apply to
everyone. People have different way of thinking. Some may adapt to changes well, but there are people
who cannot adapt at all. For those who cannot bear with the changes, the change itself will feel like a
People should live their life to their own liking. Staying on the comfortable zone is not a bad
thing. It is definitely better than forcing them to try a different thing. It is their life, whatever they do in
their free time is their choice, their own freedom. Try to respect their freedom.
To conclude, it does not matter if people do the same thing in their free time. They do not need
to have change at all.