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Mr. & Mrs. Jamal Mittal request the
pleasure of your company
on the auspicious occasion of the wedding of
their daughter
(son of Mr. and Mrs. P. K. Goval)
at their residence at 10, Mall
Road, Shimla at 8 p.m.
on Sunday, 24th of January 2021
Mahesh Mittal
Suresh Mittal
I. Read the invitation above and answer these following questions!
1. Who are going to get married?
Malti and Naresh
2. Who are Mr. Mrs. P.K. Goval?
Naresh Parents
3. The bridegroom is …
4. Where will the event be held?
At Mr. and Mrs. Jamal Residence at 10, Mall Road, Shimla
5. How do we confirm if we can’t attend to the event?
We can reply to Mahesh Mittal or Suresh Mittal, whether we can attend or not
II. Complete this informal wedding invitation based on the above invitation!
December 20
Mr. and Mrs. Chakrawarty_______________
Dear Mr. And Mrs. Chakrawarty,
I am happy to share with you that my ___Daughter____________(a), _Malti_and Naresh (son of Mr. and
Mrs. P.K Goval)_____________(b) is to be married on ____Sunday, 24th of January
2021____________(c) to ________________(d). It would give me great pleasure if you could attend the
wedding feast. The wedding feast will be held at ___my Residence 10, Mall Road,
Shimla_____________(e) at __08.00 p.m.______________(f). I hope that you will give me pleasure of
your company on the wedding day.
Yours sincerely,
Jamal Mittal