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Name :Binti Soleha
Class :Physics 6A
Story in Jogja
This was our second fild with friends
force in 2012 along with physical
education lecturer Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University Of Jakarta, if before we
had to travel to the destination Hydroelectric Sukabumi PLTA Ubrug and plant PLTU
Pelabuhan Ratu on 11 to 12 June 2014. This time we do field trip to Yogyakarta on 2-5
June 2015 with the theme "Technology Towards Nuclear Energy Security Awareness
Against the Future" with a variety of places that we will visit, among others BATAN
(Badan Tenaga Nuklir Nasional) of Yogyakarta State University, Malioboro, Prambanan,
UGM Parangtritis and final destination is Borobudur. Well we are going to review one by
one how our trip this exciting. Check it out ...
Previously had happened in our anxiety to go to Jogja but with strong intention
eventually we did this trip. With kasiangan I woke up a little bit and friends who sleep at
my home some what hastily, we went to college at 05.00 pm with all purposes and some
things new buses will run at around 07.00 Pm, with a long way, we joke ria in bus. Had
on this night bus drove so fast and if there are twists or bends we try to maintain a fixed
position in the seat, as has been studied in a circular motion concept that here there is a
centripetal force, the force that tries to always interested kepusat. And time continues
to pass until we arrived in Yogyakarta at 24.00 pm right in front of the hotel where we
were staying
On 03 June, 2015 Our planning is to BATAN, UNY and Malioboro. Early in the
morning we make preparations towards BATAN in place we strongly feel this is the
importance of nuclear to Indonesia, here we learn about the Treaty content in depth,
here too we Nuclear reactors are shown and how the process of nuclear use, starting
to obtain the uranium fuel that is still intact then in purified to form a fuel that is shaped
like bamboo inserted into a nuclear reactor and then uranium is fired neutrons which
will occur fusion reaction is a merger of two light nuclei the core of heavier atoms and
elementary particles, accompanied by the release of enormous energy. Therefore this
reaction will energize great for Indonesia.
The next goal is to UNY approximately 13:00 pm here we do visit the seminar
with friends UNY physics education, discuss the role of teacher preparedness and
readiness in the physics faculty asean face the free market, where we know that we will
asean economic face of the community. Certainly the role of the teacher is very influend
in this case because it is through learning activities Teach here we can changing the
mindset of the nation to make this country into developed countries. The next goal is to
malioboro hunt for souvenirs including clothing, accessories, food and other items that
collectable, because malioboro and kertaon jogja not too far then we dinner together at
the palace until 22:00 pm we waited for the bus to return hotel, while waiting for the
bus we were eating dinner together and enjoy the view of the night in the city of Jogja,
we also duudk on top of the banner that has been provided by the committee, the above
banner here we can rest while looking at the dark night sky, but can we see the moon
and stars, moonlight can be seen because the moon reflects light from the sun. Once the
bus arrived in the location we went back to the hotel. on arrival at hotel we rested for
the next day journey stamina.
Today on 04 June , 2015 we will be on the path toward Candi Prambanan, UGM
and Parangtritis. More morning compared with the day before we headed to the
Prambanan temple, this is the second time I to Prambanan before I ever do a trip
together friends high school friends. The Prambanan temple is the largest temple in
Indonesia incorrect the evidence of the history of Hindu culture. Although the heat of
the sun was overpowering in today with the spirit in us will tired eliminate foot after
circling the temple. Our next we travel to the University of Gajah Mada in this place we
get science that is not less than before the principal bahasanyang we get on Nuclear
Technology and energy security, which late on before we obtain provision regarding
nuclear content and here we obtain how we as a prospective teacher to process and
respond to nuclear energy security, actually I really feel very heavy drowsiness but this
discussion very interesting submitted and designed by Mr. Haryono one UGM lecturer in
engineering physics. Many he who assume that nuclear has a very harmful impact,
actually everything would be dangerous if misused and cause keruskan use by certain
elements, please note turns power plants nuclear of energy source of electricity is a very
minimal risk of figures accident in 31 years there were only 30 deaths due to accidents
NPP but 20,000 ++ death the plant, we as the youth must realize that the importance of
nuclear energy ketahana`n untun some obstacles that are being facing the government
to set up nuclear power plants are due to the lack of public understanding of the
importance of their nuclear knowing only nuclear danger itself and therefore is where
our role to help socialize about nuclear, with the use of nuclear power is then will be of
much help in various sectors, among which the most important is sectors of the
economy on agriculture, health, industry and other etc. Moving on to the next event this
afternoon moments encouraging us toward the beach parangtritis to enjoy the beauty
sunset in early evening day, waves crashing on the seaside and the sand is sprinkled on
the edge of the beach. The south coast is spread wide and the eye can see, we can only
see the view that widened due to the shape of the earth round but slightly oval.
This is a photo while in parangtritis
After we pray in maghrib prayer room that is around, despite the time zone of
Yogyakarta and Jakarta at which pm (western Indonesian time), but the time for prayer
melaksankaan still differ, it is because the sun rises from the east and sets in the west,
while the city of Yogyakarta position further east than Jakarta, therefore, when we were
in Jogja will be praying in advance in comparison with our when is in jakarta, after of
parangtritis then we headed to the hotel. coast then we headed lodging for the night,
our arrival at the inns on our next gathered by bringing gifts we had brought from
Jakarta, at night We exchange gifts I got from my friend that gloves
hand to me riding a motorcycle, and continued with the private events. By this I walked
out of the inn to go around the city and I Jogja decided to go to the southern palace a lot
of people say that here There are two banyan trees and is said to myth, if someone is be
able to pass the distance between these two banyan tree with eyes closed, his request
will be granted. With curiosity I was a fad to feel and if I made it through two banyan
tree. Let the games begin with a close eye I kept stepping down keep walking path kept
going and eventually it turned out I made it through this. Then I tried with greater
distance from these last two banyan tree What will happen? And it turned out I had
failed. Try again. This is only for have fun, not to believe in the myth that has been
widely circulating in the community. The evening passed with sufficient cool and
subsequent lodging for the night back to bad rest because tomorrow there is still one
place else should we visit.
After resting overnight, we take a trip back through Magelang area which is
where the location of the Borobudur temple, we arrived dicandi Borobudur skitar 11:00
am followed Friday prayers for the men. Then did we implement the midday prayer
followed by a meal lunch and entrance to Borobudur, the same thing with this is
Prambanan The second time you kecandi Borobudur. Borobudur is a Buddhist
monument grandest and terkompleks. In the sun shining on us in the afternoon day
with a very pungent, I was not able to climb up to the summit of the temple. Until we
were the first people down first compared with friends were still above. Until 17.00 pm
we came out of the temple Borobudur for a way back to Jakarta. Until finally we arrived
dijakarta 09.00 pm. This is my journey together with friends physics. bye bye ...