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Form Gymboree

Dear Gymboree Corporation Vendor:
The Gymboree Corporation has always been dedicated to ensuring that all manufacturers
producing our branded merchandise share our commitment to the Gymboree Terms of
Engagement. We are pleased to include lnsite Compliance Services ("lnsite") as a new
approved service provider for this important program.
lnsite Compliance Services is the Social Compliance division of Modern Testing Service (MTS),
a global independent provider oftechnical services to retailers, vendors and manufacturers.
lnsite provides the support and resources needed to identify and prioritize Iabor issues
throughout our global supply chain.
Since The Gymboree Corporation's direction to lnsite is to perform unannounced audits, the
auditors will arrive at your facilities without a pre-arranged appointment. Please extend all
courtesies and cooperation to lnsite's auditors during their audit of your facilities. The
confidentiality of all proprietary information will be respected.
The Gymboree Corporation will pay for the audits as well as any associated travel expenses to
conduct the initial audit; however, any additional costs incurred as a result offailure to
participate and moperate, including denying access to any part of the facility, are the
responsibility ofthe vendor. Additionally, any necessary re-audits will be the responsibility of
the vendor.
lf you have any questions regarding Gymboree's Corporate Compliance program, please
contact your appropriate production manager.
Thanks and Best Regards,
Amanda Gillett
lranager, Standards & iompliince
The Gymboree Corporation
500 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA 94105 - 3000
Mike Mayo, SeniorVice President, Manufacturing
Gina DelVecchio, Senior Director, lmports and Social Compliance
hercby ae,ee to the lems
Facto.y l\ranager
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