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Goldilock and The Three Bears

Goldilock and The Three Bears
Once upon a time there live a three bears in the house. The big bear name is papa bears, the
middle bear name is mama bears, and the small bears name is little baby bears. In the house
there are three chairs and three bed which one is teh big to papa bears, the middle to mama
bears, and the small to little baby bears. When the papa bears read the newspaper, the mama
bears cooked the porridge in the kitchen, and the little baby bears playing. After that the mama
bears serve porridge in three bowl to breakfast.
One time there is a girl which name is Goldilocks. She walked and her found the house. She
knocked the door and entered the house. Goldilocks exciting and happy. She looked three
chairs and try the three chairs. In the small chairs, the chairs is broken. Then, goldilocks go to
the dinning room, and looked the bowl porridge. She try taste the there bowl. The first bowl,
she taste the porridge very hot. The second bowl, the porridge very cool. The third bowl, the
porridge very right. After that she sleepy, and want to sleep. She go to the bed room, and locked
three bed. She try the there bed. The first bed, she feel to hard. The second bed feel to soft, and
third bed fell like it home.
One time in the afternoon, the three bears playing in the yard. And then the three bears entered
the house and sit the chairs. The bears are the porridge. When are the porridge, the three bears
“someone eating the porridge”. After are the porridge, the three bears slep in the bed room. The
three bears say “someone has been occupying in my bed”. The little baby bears locked someone
girl sleep in the bed. Goldilocks feel disturbed sleep, wake up. She looked three bears, and feel
shocking. And the she jumped from the window. Goldilock fear, and wll never come back to
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