How to Handle a Broken Tooth

How to Handle a Broken Tooth
Despite your teeth being strong it can still break, chip or crack. There are many causes for
the teeth to chip. They include falling, biting something hard, and cavities that weaken
your teeth. Your tooth will not be painful when it gets broken unless it is large tooth that
breaks. In case the broken tooth is painful, the pain can come and go or be constant. You
will feel pain when pressure is applied to the tooth when chewing food. You need to go
for broken tooth treatment if it is a serious problem. Here are certain things that you
need to do depending on whether the teeth is cracked or broken.
Cracked teeth
If it is cracked teeth, you will not be able to treat it from home. You need to visit a tooth
repair dentist Houston. The tooth may look fine but painful whenever you eat
something. In case the tooth is painful most of the time, then the crack may have
damaged the blood vessels. If that is the case, then you should take the crack with
Broken teeth
You should also see your broken tooth repair dentist if you have a broken tooth. The
dentist has the needed experience to determine if the broken teeth was due to a cavity of
not. In case the nerve has been damaged, then you will need to undergo a root canal all
Before going to the affordable dental treatment Houston, you should rinse your mouth
with warm water. You can also apply a cold ice pack to the area with the broken tooth. In
doing so, it will reduce pain and swelling.
Once you go to the emergency dental treatment Houston, the dentist will treat the tooth
depending on type of break. For a cracked tooth, the dentist will use a filling. The dentist
will also put a crown that will prevent the crack from spreading. If it is just a minor crack,
the dentist will only polish the rough spots lightly. If it was a minor chip, the dentist will
not use any treatment. The dentist can recommend a filling to prevent the chip from
becoming worse.
In case it is a very small chip, the dentist will only smoothen out the chipped area. A
broken cusp will only affect the chewing surfaces that are pointed. It cannot affect pulp
and will not be painful. A crown will be required to repair the damage. For those serious
breaks that expose the nerves, the dentist will do a root canal treatment. The serious
breaks will make the tooth be sensitive and even hurt. The part that is broken will bleed.
The root canal treatment will restore the tooth to its normal function so that it can
function properly. Vertical breaks start from the root and proceed to the chewing surface.
In this case the tooth has to be removed.
If you have a broken tooth, it is advisable that you go for emergency dental care
Houston. You will get dentists who will advice on the treatment method for your tooth