Syllabus Geography Grade 7 Senior High School Cita Hati West

Syllabus Geography Grade 7
Senior High School Cita Hati West Campus
7 Augustus 2009
Tektonisme / Diatropisme
Activities 1, read hand book page 5-9 and bring
arttikel from internet, newspaper, etc topic
“Lumpur lapindo”
14 Augustus 2009 Volcanism
See movie
21 Augustus 2009
BIG Project ( Read hand book page10-17 )
Group project
The Dispersion Of Volcanoes
28 Augustus 2009 Earthquake
2 September 2009 Test ( ENDOGENIC)
Hand out Students
Endogenic Proses
a. Tectonic Movement (Gerak Tektonik)
Tectonic movennt is a movement which comes from inside the earth because the earth crust
always moves. The tectonic movement is distinguished in two parts, Orogenetic tectonic and
epirogenetic tectonic.
1. Orogenetic tectonic movement is a movement in the shell of the earth which causes elevation
and lowering of the earth surface which happens relatively fast.
Orogenetic causes folds (pelipatan),Fissures (retakan), faults (patahan) on the earth shell.
2. Epirogenetic tectonic movement is a movement at the layer of the earth crust which causes
elevation and lowering of earth surface.
b. Vulcanism (Vulkanisme)
Vulcanism is an action of the going up of magma inside the earth until same of them gets to the
surface of the earth and some other get into the earth's crust.
C. Earthquake (Gempa Bumi)
Earthquake is a vibration of the earth's crust which is caused by power inside the earth.
Some phenomena that are included in diatropic structure are :
a. Warping structure (struktur pelengkungan)
b. Folding structure (stucture lipatan)
The shapes of folds can be divided into five kinds as follows :
1. Flexsure
2. Upright fold or symmetrical slope (lipatan tegak atau lerengnya simetris)
3. Oblique fold or unsymmetrical slope(lipatan miring atau lereng - lerengnya tidak simetris)
4. Overturned fold of one fold covers another fold (lipatan terletak atau lipatan yang satu menutupi
lipatan yang lain)
5. Lying fold or one fold covers up another folds with a bigger size.
c. Faulting Structure ( Stuktur Patahan)
Five kinds of faults
1. Normal Fault
2. Reverse Fault
3. Strike-slip fault
4. Oblique-slip fault
5. Rotational fault
d. Fissure Structure ( Jointing)
a. Definition of volcanism : Volcanism is natural phenomenon as the effect of magma activities
inside the earth
Magma is blazing liquid rock in the earth
b. The Forms Of magma Intrusion and Extrusion ( Bentuk Ekstrusi dan intrusi magma)
1. The forms of magma instrusion ( bentuk instrusi magma)
a. Still ( Retas)
b. Lacholyte ( Lakolit)
c. Hypabyssal( Gang / Korok)
d. Batholite
2. Magma Extrusions Form ( Bentuk ekstrusi magma)
Based on the shape of eruption hole, the magma eruption can be divided as follows.
a. Linear eruption (Crack) (Erupsi liniar (retakan))
b. Areal Eruption (erupsi linier)
c. Central Eruption ( Erupsi central)
Central eruption will happen if the magma gets out from a hole which make several
independent volcanoes in certain areas. Based on the magma discharging processes, eruption can
be classification into three kinds, they are :
1. Explosive Eruption ( Erupsi Eksplosif)
2. Effusive Eruption (Erupsi Efusif)
3. Mixed Eruption ( Erupsi Campuran)
c. The Volcanic Material Which Come Out at the Time of Eruption ( Bahan-bahan vulkanik
yang keluar pada waktu erupsi)
These material , based on the form, can be classification into
1. Liquid volcanic material, consists of : Lava and lahar
2. Solid volcanic material (eflata) are as folllows
a. Volcanic bomb
b. Tephra
c. Volcanic sand
d. Volcanic dust
3. Volcanic material in Gasous form ( material vulkanik berbentuk Gas)
Gases come out though a gas source as follows:
a. The gas source which produces sulphuric gas is called solffatara.
b. The gas source which produces water vapor is called fumarole
c. The gas source which produced carbon dioxides gas is called mofette.
Volcanoes ( Gunung Api)
Based on the shape , volcano can be divided into three kinds as follows
a. A volcano with a shield shape ( aspites) Gunung api bentuk tameng (Aspites)
b. Maar Volcano (Funnel) Gunung api bentuk maar (corong)
c. Strato volcano (cone) Gunung api berbentuk strato (kerucut)
The Dispersion Of Volcanoes ( Penyebaran Gunung Berapi)
The Volcanic regions in the world are as follow
a. At the Fold of young mountain
1. Cir cum pacific fold mountains (pegunungan lipatan sirkum pasifik)
2. Cir cum Mediterranean fold mountain ( Pegunungan lipatan sirkum mediteranian)
b. Fissure area from East of Africa until Red sea ( Daerah retakan di Arfika Timur sampai Laut Merah)
c. Other Areas which are widely spread, such as Iceland, Greenland, Hawaii archipelago etc
The spread of volcanoes in Indonesia is not uniform. Based on the spread area, the scientists
make your big classifications, they are :
1. Sunda Cluster
2. Banda Cluster
3. Sulawesi and Sangihe cluster
4. Halmahera cluster
ACTIVITIES 1 Individual
Jawablah pertanyaan di bawah ini ! Tulislah jawabanmu ke dalam bentuk karangan dengan
memperhatikan hal-hal yang dinilai dalam rubrik yang telah ditentukan.
Tulislah sebuah karangan tentang terjadinya bencana lumpur lapindo di Sidoarjo, Jawa
Timur. Tulis juga dalam karangan tersebut tentang pengaruhnya terhadap kehidupan
masyarakat sekitar.
Untuk Rubrik penilaian lihatlah buku paket siswa halaman 33.
A. Skill Test
1. What is emergency act you are in the following disasters ( Bagaimana tindakan awal yang
harus dilakukan apabila kita dalam situasi bencana !
a. There is an earthquake when you stay on the beach ( Terjadi gempa bumi ketika sedang dipantai)
b. There is an earthquake when you stay at home or in a high buiding ( terjadi gempa ketika sedang di
rumah atau bangunan tinggi)
c. There is a volcano eruption around us ( terjadi letrusan gunung api di daerah kita)
B. Student worksheet
1. Created group of 5 students each. Your task is to make clippings about phenomenon of
earthquakes, volcano eruption from 1990 to 2007. You can obtain information from different
sources such as printed mass media, internet, and electronic media
2. Each picture in the clippings must be accompanied with a comment that goes with the theme
of each picture
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