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How to BET

If you are new to football betting or would like to explore more ways to bet on football,
then this guide will run through the most popular types of football bet. This is a list of the
most popular types of football bets available. I have collected these related information
from other places, I hope it can be helpful to you
⭕ Full Time Result
The most common football bet is on the match result or 90 minutes result. This can be
called "WLD" (for win lose draw) "1x2" (being the pool notation for home win, draw and
away win).
You are basically predicting whether the result at the end of normal time will be one of
three options - a win for one team, a win for the other team or a draw.
▶ Full-Time Result Example
Liverpool v Spurs:
Bet Spurs to win
Wins if Spurs win.
Lose if its a draw or Liverpool win.
▶ [Important] Normal Time Definition For Football Bets
Most football bets are based on what happens in normal time. Normal time excludes extra
time and penalties but includes injury time. This is also known as the 90 minutes result when the whistle is blown after 90 minutes and injury time
⭕ Total Goals (Under/Over)
Also known as under/over, typically this is a two option bet on whether there will be more
or less than the number of goals quoted. Normally the bet is more or less than 2.5 goals
but you will often see many variations such as 0.5, 1.5, 3.5 and 4.5. Again this is at the end
of normal time. This is quite a popular bet as there are only two outcomes and often it can
be possible to predict high and low scoring games yet you don't really have a clue what
the score might be.
▶ Under/Over Example
Newcastle v Bolton: Over 2.5 Goals
Wins if 3 or more goals
Loses if 2 or less goals
⭕ Correct Score (CS)
This is predicting the score at the end of normal time. Scores are quotes as "Home Team
Score - Away Team Score" so be sure to check you get things the right way round.
There are many possible scorelines for a match so the odds can be quite high but also the
chances of winning quite low. Often the odds offered by bookmakers on this market are
not as competitive as some of the other bets so while a fun bet, it's rarely a good
However, in some cases, there can be value for certain results if you know a team's scoring
▶ Correct Score Example
Chelsea v Man Utd: 2-1
Wins if Chelsea win 2-1
Loses if any other score
⭕ Half Time/Full Time (HT/FT)
Also known as "double result" this is a bet on predicting the result at half time and full
time in the same bet.
▶ HT/FT Example 1
Let’s take a match between Liverpool and Chelsea. There are 9 possible results for the
"double result bet".
At half time there are 3 possibilities - it could be a draw, Liverpool winning or Chelsea
winning. Then for each of these, there are the same three possibilities at full time.
Consequently, the options are quoted below in the form:
"Half time result - Full-time result"
▶ HT/FT Example 2
Liverpool v Chelsea: Liverpool - Draw
This wins if Liverpool are winning at half time AND its a draw at full time.
This loses if any of the other 8 situations occur.
This can be an interesting bet. In particular where one team is heavily fancied to win,
betting on it to win at half time and full time will give you much better odds than just
betting on it to win at full time. But it is also riskier and not always sensible to bet a team
to do something they don't have to do.
Also for weaker fancies sometimes betting on there to be a draw at half time and then for
them to be winning at full time can be popular, especially where there's a fair chance there
may not be any goals in the match and hence a 0-0 draw at half time is quite likely. If you
know the teams who come from behind to win or play safe in the first half and go for it in
the second half then you could pick up some good bets using this type of football bet.
⭕ Half Time Result (HTR)
Same as the Full-time result but based on the result at Half Time. As you might expect this
is the score when the whistle goes, including first-half injury time. As with a full time bet,
there are three possible outcomes but the draw is much shorter of course.
If you can find a tight encounter where neither team will be taking big risks in the first half
you could be onto a good bet for a half time draw.
▶ HTR Example
Man City v Everton: Half Time Draw
Wins if its a draw at half time.
Loses if one team is winning at half time.
⭕ Draw No Bet (DNB)
This is like a full time result bet other than there is no option for the draw. You can bet on
either team to win and if its a draw you get your stake back. The downside is that the odds
on each team winning are reduced because of this. This has the attraction of there being
only 2 outcomes to the bet and is often quite an easy bet to call (in theory) - i.e. you're
saying "I think Chelsea will win, but Id like a saver on the draw".
▶ DNB Example
Tottenham v Aston Villa: Aston Villa (DNS)
Wins if Villa win the match.
Loses if Tottenham win the match.
You get your stake back if its a draw.
⭕ Asian Handicap Betting (AH)
This is a very popular football bet.
Each team is given a goals handicap and you bet on the match result after that handicap.
Because of the variations in the handicaps given and the different types of handicap, this
can at first appear confusing.
However, there are good value bets to be found as the bookies margins are often a lot
lower than in normal full time betting markets.
We have devoted a whole lesson to understanding Asian Handicaps. Take a look at our
Asian Handicap Guide.
Once you understand, make sure you are using the best bookmaker for Asian handicap
betting which we outline in our guide
Currently the community only supports 1X2, o/u and AH for games predictions, but many
of our analysts give other play options in the detailed analysis section. If you found this
article helpful, please like, share or comment. Thanks & Good luck
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