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“Fit Out Office”- How to turn offices into places of well-being

“Fit Out Office”- How to turn offices into places of well-being
Offices have, over time, stopped being seen as grey, dull and dysfunctional spaces. The monotony and negligence began, little by little, to remain
outside the door, with companies more aware of the importance of responding positively to the concerns and motivations of workers.
Today, corporate architecture is increasingly committed to the “office fitouts Perth” concept, and how it acts as a guarantee of well-being,
comfort, and quality of life in the workplace.
At LTD Projects (http://ltdprojects.com.au/), we are one of the leading and experienced office fit out companies.
we have capabilities capable of developing any type of project or work, but the office segment represents a significant part of our business
volume, in line with the evolution of the market.
Contrary to this trend, due to the reduced availability of office space this year, we believe that the hotel and the residential market will
represent a considerable increase in our activity.
“Fit Out Office”? How did you come up with the idea of betting on this aspect?
The office market and the concept of “office fitouts” has always been present in our careers and professional development in the companies we
have been through, in the areas of architectural design, real estate promotion and investment, management, and marketing of office assets,
among others. And associated with an increasingly professionalized and consolidated real estate market, capable of attracting and retaining
more and more companies and investors.
At LTD Projects, we are specialists in interior design for any business: offices, stores, hotels, gyms, retail fit out, etc.
What are the big trends in Australia?
In corporate architecture, in Australia, and the world in general, we believe that there is a growing concern with comfort and quality of life in the
workplace. The well-being of employees is increasingly an imperative premise when designing office space. Visual quality associated with
acoustic and thermal comfort, whether in work areas or relaxation areas or multipurpose spaces made up of ergonomic and functional furniture,
is the order of the day.
How does the creation process unfold?
The creation process of commercial fitouts starts from the moment we meet our clients and understand how they want to position themselves
in what concerns not only their corporate image but also their positioning in the business.
We have numerous 'conversations' that allow us to understand the fundamental points that govern the client's business and we start analyzing
its entire 'modus operandi'.
Sometimes, this analysis leads us to solutions that are different from what the client is used to and makes us optimize resources, spaces, and
new forms of socialization.