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Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 Semester 1

Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas IV Semester 1
I. Choose the correct answer by crossing
(x) on a, b, c, or d !
1. Ten + twenty =
a. eleven
b. twelve
c. thirty
d. twenty two
2. I have ... fingers
a. ten
b. nine
c. five
d. seven
3. A cow has ... feet
a. one
b. two
c. three
d. four
4. Six , twelve, eighteen, twenty four, ...
a. twenty five
b. thirty
c. twenty eight
d. thirty four
5. 10 – 5 =
a. ten times five equal five
b. ten divided by five equal five
c. ten and five equal five
d. ten less five equal five
6. 2 x 3 = 6
a. two times three equal six
b. two divided by three equal six
c. two and three equal six
d. two less three equal six
7. X : ... ?
Y : “My name is Emmy”.
a. What is your name
b. Where is your name
c. Who is your name
d. When is your name
8. A : ... ?
B : “He is my teacher”.
a. What is he
b. Who is he
c. Why is he
d. Where is he
9. A : “Look ! She is beautiful girl”.
B : “What is ... name?”.
a. His
b. Her
c. Their
d. Our
10. Kevin : “... ?”
Reno : “I am ten years old”.
a. How are you
b. How old are you
c. What is your name
d. Who are you
11. My mother is a secretary.
... works in a private company
a. He
b. She
c. We
d. They
12. I am ... television at night
a. watching
b. reading
c. listening
d. studying
13. Father and mother are my ...
a. parents
b. teacher
c. friends
d. family
14. A : Are you Yudha ?
B : ...
a. Yes, I am
b. No, I am
c. Yes, am I
d. Yes, I am not
15. Is this a book ?
... This is a bag.
a. No, it is
b. No, it is not
c. Yes, it is
d. Yes, it is not
16. Tina and Talita :” Good night, dad”.
Their father : “Good night dear, ... .“
a. Thank you
b. Be careful
c. Have a nice dream
d. Have a nice trip
17. Is this your book ?
a. No, it is
b. Yes, it is
c. Yes, I am
d. Yes, it is not
18. We use tongue for ...
a. tasting
b. chewing
c. thingking
d. walking
19. The colour of bananas are ...
a. red
b. white
c. blue
d. yellow
20. Their hobby is playing football. They are
playing in the ...
a. farm
b. field
c. garden
d. road
21. Its colour is white. We use it for writing on
the blackboard. It is ...
a. cupboard
b. table
c. pencil
d. chalk
She is ...
a. sweeping the floor
b. cleaning the floor
c. mopping the floor
d. watering the floor
23. Andra likes listening to the ...
a. music
b. television
c. picture
d. toys
24. X : “Where is the flower vase?”
Y : “It is ... “.
a. at the wall
b. on the table
c. at the door
d. on the door
25. My mother cooks in the ...
a. kitchen
b. garden
c. garage
d. bed room
26. I ... drinking a glass of water.
a. am
b. is
c. are
d. do
27. The colour of the sea is ...
a. black
b. grey
c. white
d. blue
28. There is a pencil. We use it for ...
a. reading
b. cooking
c. writing
d. eating
29. Ariel goes to school everyday. He is a ...
a. doctor
b. student
c. farmer
d. soldier
30. The colour of our flag is ...
a. red and white
b. black and white
c. red and black
d. red and blue
II. Fill the blank with suitable words !
1. Alexa ... a diligent student.
2. A : “... a chair?”
B :” Yes, it is”.
3. There are ... days in December
4. Rani : “ ... ?”
Yuli : “Today is Sunday”.
5. The children ... playing doll
6. We can see many animals in the ...
7. We use ... for seeing
8. The cat has four ...
9. We sit on the ...
10. It is very hot. Turn on ... please !
III. Translate into Indonesian !
1. Soraya has long hair
2. We speak using our mouth
3. There are many books on the table
4. We usually have dinner at 7 p.m
5. Arif And Fajar are playing kite
IV. Write in English !
1. Ada sebuah meja
2. Rumahku bersih dan rapi
3. Pak Andi mengajar di kelas
4. Mereka sedang menyanyikan lagu Garuda
5. Ayah menyimpan uangnya di bank