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4 Unique Designs of Key Holders Available
Exclusively at WoodenStreet
Wooden Street
 07/17/2021 05:39AM
Key holders are an excellent home decor item, which also serves an essential utility. Most of us
regularly either misplaces our keys, or face a difficult time finding it. Therefore, having key
stand can help you immensely and if it can in any way contribute the over-all look of the room.
At Wooden Street, there are wide varieties not only in the term of designs, and patterns, but
also materials. Be it wooden key holder or metallic key hangers, the styles are unique and the
collection astounding. You can not only buy it for yourselves but also give them as gifts to your
loved ones.
If you are looking to bring home gorgeous key hooks, to solve the problem of misplacing keys
as well as contributing the decor of the room, browse through the amazing collection of Wooden
Street. Here are mentioned some of the trendiest product with them.
Golden Colour Cycle Key Holder
For all the bicycle lovers, here is a product made just for you. This key holder for wall can
adorn you walls with its metallic tint. Made out of iron and shaped like a bicycle, this piece has a
metallic golden hue and charms your walls with a rustic vibe. The cycle is placed on a bar with
hooks attached to it. Homes with modern vibe can display this key hook on its living room walls.
Blue Barn Key Holder with Wall Shelf
This design is quite a piece; with a dimension of 25.5 L x 10 W x 15.5 H inches, it looms in the
walls of the living room. The appearance of it camouflages with that of any small wall shelf and
blends in beautifully as a wall décor. This is made of mango wood, with a combination of naked
wooden finish and distress blue colour, which imparts a classy yet traditional vibe to the room.
Brooch Key Holder with Shelves
This unique wooden key hanger does much more than holding just keys. Made of mango wood
and brown in colour, it is provided with a flowerpot stand and a letterbox. This is a perfect piece
to be mounted on the entrance wall or main door of any home. It has both a traditional design
and a rustic vibe, and gives an old-school look to your homes. You can even decorate it with
beautiful flowerpots.
Madhubani Art Handcrafted Key Holder - 6 Keys
This is an excellent gifting item besides bringing it for your own house. Wooden Street has a
vast collection of products like this, which are handcrafted in Madhubani art. Made of wood, and
painted with vibrant colours this piece is a nice work of art and can give a bright and happy
ambience to your homes. You can add mirror frames to give unique look.
Be it near your main entrance or your living room, key holders are a common sight in every
household. Apart from serving utilities, it also acts a decor of the house. They come in a range
of colour and designs, which enhances the look of the rooms that they are placed in. Wooden
Street has a wide collection of gorgeous key chain holder, which brings a unique glamour to
your rooms. Browse through the website today, to order one for yourself and your loved ones.
Here Is What Nahid from Mumbai Has To Say About Us
“My friend has a knack for desi artistic stuff and I thought of gifting her something
unique. Then, I saw this beautiful Madhubani key holder which I instantly fell for. My
friend loved it and now I have ordered one for myself too!”
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