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Top Business Magazine in Europe

Top Business Magazine in Europe
The European
The European is a publication that imparts knowledge about corporate
finance news and is highly demanded by business professionals. This is
a quarterly Finance and banking Magazine.
The European organizes a Global Business for several years and is
preferred by several business professions as a leisure reading. The
magazine helps readers to make thoughtful decisions for their business.
It guides officials and imparts key knowledge regarding success,
achievements through experts’ advice.
Who we are?
The European is a quarterly business publication, published by ChasePublishing in London. It is available in hard copy, digital format and is
accessible at various trade fairs around the world. The European takes its
readers on a thought-provoking and objective tour of business, political,
geopolitical, and cultural initiatives.
We provide an intellectual read to our customers and all business
professionals and also believe in imparting knowledge through our
magazine. The European is a provider of all facts and business news and
is praised among the investment community.
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