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(Get-PDF) The Darkest Flower (Allison Barton, #1) BY : Kristin Wright

(Get-PDF) The Darkest Flower (Allison
Barton, #1) BY : Kristin Wright
Author : Kristin Wright
Pages : 296 pages
Publisher : Thomas &Mercer
Language : eng
ISBN-10 : 57590750-the-darkest-flower
ISBN-13 :
You’ll never believe the terrible things being said about the perfect president of the PTA.
Attempted murder? Inexplicable accident? Either way, a PTA mom struggled for her life in an
elementary school cafeteria, poisoned by wolfsbane. Now all eyes are on the accused, the victim,
and a woman hired to look deeper.Ambitious defense attorney and single mother Allison Barton is
anxious to escape the shadow of the low-down dog of a marquee partner carrying their renowned
Virginia law firm. A win for her high-profile new client will give Allison the career she deserves. And
PTA president Kira Grant certainly appears innocent—except for the toxic bloom in her backyard
and perhaps a bit of a malicious streak. But no one said the innocent had to be likable—or entirely
honest. Besides, with an image as carefully cultivated as her garden, Kira would be insane to risk
everything on something as outrageous as the attempted murder of one of her closest
friends.What about those in Kira’s orbit, a sunny suburb of moms behaving badly? What do they
really know about Kira? What does Kira know about them? For Allison, the answers are getting
darker every day.
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