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(Download) The Bachelor BY : Andrew Palmer

(Download) The Bachelor BY : Andrew
Author : Andrew Palmer
Pages : 288 pages
Publisher : Hogarth Press
Language :
ISBN-10 : 55655098-the-bachelor
ISBN-13 : 9780593230893
An incisive, witty, and tender debut novel about love and commitment, celebrity and obsession,
poetry and reality TV. Reeling from a breakup with his almost-fiancée, the narrator of Andrew
Palmer's first novel returns to his hometown in Iowa to house-sit for a family friend. There, a
chance flick of the TV remote and a new correspondence with an old friend plunge him into
unlikely twin obsessions: the reality TV show The Bachelor and the Pulitzer Prize-winning poet
John Berryman. As his heart begins to mend, his fascination with each deepens. Somewhere
along the way, representations of reality become harder and harder to distinguish from real life.
Soon he finds himself corresponding with multiple love interests, participating in an ill-considered
group outing, and trying to puzzle through the strange turn his life seems to have
taken.Intellectually ambitious and thought-provoking, The Bachelor is also an absorbing comingof-age tale that tells the story of finding one's footing in love and art. If salvation can no longer be
found in fame, can it still be found in romantic relationships? In an era in which reality TV can
make two dozen women fall in love with one man in six weeks, where does entertainment end and
reality begin? Why do we, season after season, repeat the same mistakes in love and life?
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