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~PDF/Books~ An Ambush of Widows BY : Jeff Abbott

~PDF/Books~ An Ambush of Widows BY :
Jeff Abbott
Author : Jeff Abbott
Pages : 352 pages
Publisher : Grand Central Publishing
Language :
ISBN-10 : 55898099-an-ambush-of-widows
ISBN-13 : 9781538719145
In New York Times bestselling author Jeff Abbott’s latest novel of riveting psychological suspense,
an uneasy alliance forms as two widows delve into their husbands’ deadly and dangerous
secrets—as they try to protect their own.Henry North is a down-on-his-luck cybersecurity expert
from New Orleans. Adam Zhang is the cofounder of one of Austin’s most successful venture
capitalist firms. These two men didn’t know each other. They had never met. Yet they died
together, violently, in a place neither had any business being.When Henry doesn’t return from a
business trip, his wife, Kirsten, panics—and then gets an anonymous phone call: “Your husband is
dead in Austin.”Flora Zhang knew her husband was keeping secrets. She suspected an affair, but
she had decided she could forgive him for his weakness—until her husband ended up dead. And
with no explanation for her husband’s murder, the police begin to suspect her.Together, these two
widows will face a powerful foe determined to write a false narrative about the murders. In doing
so, neither Flora nor Kirsten will remain the women the world thought they were.
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