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(Get-PDF) Creatures of the Night BY : Grace Collins

(Get-PDF) Creatures of the Night BY : Grace
Author : Grace Collins
Pages : 296 pages
Publisher : Wattpad Books
Language : eng
ISBN-10 : 54968304-creatures-of-the-night
ISBN-13 : 9781989365496
Make your way home at five. Be in the tunnels as the sun begins to fall. Seal the entrance. Leave
enough room for malfunction. These are the rules I grew up with, the ones I never dared to break.
Until now. Milena’s twentieth birthday, the day she would join the ranks of her village’s hunters,
should have been the most exciting day of her life. Being a hunter meant she would be able to
help protect her village from the murderous wolves who take human form—the creatures of the
night. But a chance encounter with Elias, the enigmatic leader of the creatures, leaves her
questioning everything she has ever believed to be true. Up until now, Elias has managed to
protect the creatures of the night and keep the secrets of his past well hidden. Now, as tensions
between the groups grow, Elias is forced to make hard decisions: ones that will cost lives. Nobody
is safe, especially Milena, the person he is inexplicably drawn to even though it could destroy them
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