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~PDF/Books~ Well, This Is Exhausting: Essays BY : Sophia Benoit

~PDF/Books~ Well, This Is Exhausting:
Essays BY : Sophia Benoit
Author : Sophia Benoit
Pages : 336 pages
Publisher : Gallery Books
Language :
ISBN-10 : 55711661-well-this-is-exhausting
ISBN-13 : 9781982151935
From GQ columnist and Twitter sensation, this hilarious, clever, and eye-opening memoir-inessays explores the ins and outs of modern womanhood—from finding feminism, the power of pop
culture, and how to navigate life’s constant double standards—perfect for fans of Shrill and PEN15
.Like so many women, Benoit spent her formative years struggling to do the “right” thing—to make
others comfortable, to take minimal and calculated risks, to live up to society’s expectations—only
to realize that there was so little payoff to this tiresome balancing act. Now, in Well, This Is
Exhausting, she shares her journey from aspiring good girl to proud feminist, and addresses the
constantly shifting goalposts of what exactly it means to be “good” in today’s world. Including
topics as varied and laugh-out-loud funny as how to be the life of the party (even when you have
crippling anxiety), navigating the disappointments of the dating world, and why no one should
judge you for having an encyclopedic knowledge of reality TV stars, these essays are sure to
move, motivate, and charm you.
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