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(Download) Reputation BY : Lex Croucher

(Download) Reputation BY : Lex Croucher
Author : Lex Croucher
Pages : 448 pages
Publisher : Zaffre
Language : eng
ISBN-10 : 55435528-reputation
ISBN-13 : 9781838774110
The hilarious debut novel from Lex Croucher. A classic romcom with a Regency-era twist, for fans
of Mean Girls and/or Jane Austen.Abandoned by her parents, middle-class Georgiana Ellers has
moved to a new town to live with her dreary aunt and uncle. At a particularly dull party, she meets
the enigmatic Frances Campbell, a wealthy member of the in-crowd who lives a life Georgiana
couldn't have imagined in her wildest dreams.Lonely and vulnerable, Georgiana falls in with
Frances and her unfathomably rich, deeply improper friends. Georgiana is introduced to a new
world: drunken debauchery, mysterious young men with strangely arresting hands, and the upper
echelons of Regency society.But the price of entry to high society might just be higher than
Georgiana is willing to pay ...
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