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(Get-PDF) No More Words (No More #1) BY : Kerry Lonsdale

(Get-PDF) No More Words (No More #1) BY :
Kerry Lonsdale
Author : Kerry Lonsdale
Pages : 332 pages
Publisher : Lake Union Publishing
Language :
ISBN-10 : 55219773-no-more-words
ISBN-13 : 9781542019057
From the Amazon Charts and Wall Street Journal bestselling author comes the first book in a
trilogy about love, betrayal, and the secrets families keep.Forced to choose between abortion or
adoption, Olivia Carson’s younger sister, Lily, runs away from home. Sixteen and pregnant, she
never returns. But she writes. Once a year, Lily mails a picture of her son, Josh, to Olivia until his
thirteenth year. Then it’s Josh himself who arrives at Olivia’s house, alone, terrified, and in
possession of a notarized declaration from Lily. It begins, “In the event I go missing…”Josh has
difficulty talking. He can’t read or write, but he’s a prolific artist, exhibiting skill beyond his age. His
drawings are as detailed as they are horrific. Olivia soon realizes Josh’s artwork tells a story.
There’s more to his arrival and to Lily’s untimely disappearance than it seems. Using the drawings
as a road map, Olivia traces Josh’s path back to his mom. Each drawing sheds light on Lily’s past
and reveals a darkness that forces Olivia to question everything she thought she knew about her
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