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(Download) Rise to the Sun BY : Leah Johnson

(Download) Rise to the Sun BY : Leah
Author : Leah Johnson
Pages : 336 pages
Publisher : Scholastic Press
Language : eng
ISBN-10 : 55376657-rise-to-the-sun
ISBN-13 : 9781338662238
A stunning novel about being brave enough to be true to yourself, and learning to find joy even
when times are unimaginably dark.Three days. Two girls. One life-changing music festival.Toni is
grieving the loss of her roadie father and needing to figure out where her life will go from here -and she's desperate to get back to loving music. Olivia is a hopeless romantic whose heart has
just taken a beating (again) and is beginning to feel like she'll always be a square peg in a round
hole -- but the Farmland Music and Arts Festival is a chance to find a place where she fits.The two
collide and it feels like something like kismet when a bond begins to form. But when something
goes wrong and the festival is sent into a panic, Olivia and Toni will find that they need each other
(and music) more than they ever imagined.
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