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(Get-PDF) The Startup Wife BY : Tahmima Anam

(Get-PDF) The Startup Wife BY : Tahmima
Author : Tahmima Anam
Pages : 304 pages
Publisher : Scribner
Language : eng
ISBN-10 : 55711675-the-startup-wife
ISBN-13 : 9781982156183
Newlyweds Asha and Cyrus build an app that replaces religious rituals and soon find themselves
running one of the most popular social media platforms in the world.Meet Asha Ray. Brilliant coder
and possessor of a Pi tattoo, Asha is poised to revolutionize artificial intelligence when she is
reunited with her high school crush, Cyrus Jones. Cyrus inspires Asha to write a new algorithm.
Before she knows it, she’s abandoned her PhD program, they’ve exchanged vows, and gone to
work at an exclusive tech incubator called Utopia. The platform creates a sensation, with millions
of users seeking personalized rituals every day. Will Cyrus and Asha’s marriage survive the
pressures of sudden fame, or will she become overshadowed by the man everyone is calling the
new messiah? In this gripping, blistering novel, award-winning author Tahmima Anam takes on
faith and the future with a gimlet eye and a deft touch. Come for the radical vision of human
connection, stay for the wickedly funny feminist look at startup culture and modern partnership.
Can technology—with all its limits and possibilities—disrupt love?
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