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Stephen Hawking
“ An Unimagineabe Story ”
I am Stephen Hawking
Today I will tell you
How I Achieved Success with Disability
A Life Lived to Fullest
Before I was diagnosed, I was an unexceptional
university student . After experiencing some
unusual symptoms, I was diagnosed with ALS. In
moments, I went from being tired of life to having
a life-threatening challenge before me. I was
expected to live only a couple of months after I
was diagnosed. As anyone who ever listened to me
knows, I outlived my prediction by quite half a
“I believe alien life is quite common in the
universe, although intelligent life is less so.
Some say it has yet to appear on planet
A Life Lived to Fullest
Instead of depressing me, The
diagnosis gave me a renewed
will to live. I knew that I
may only have a few months,
possibly years to live, and
tmy changed my entire
perspective. As my body began
to deteriorate, I made great
strides in theoretical
physics. In the 1960s, I
showed that mathematically
reversing the creation of
black holes explained how the
universe could have expanded.
ALS may have forced Me to
live in a wheelchair and
use a computerized voice
synthesizer, but it
didn’t damper my bright
outlook and sense of
humor. In fact, I used to
joke around about using
the voice synthesizer,
“the only trouble is it
gives me an American
"God may exist, but science can explain the
universe without the need for a creator."
Getting theDiagnosis
Initially, I was shocked to understand that my life would end
so soon. For people with ALS, death often arrives once they are
unable to swallow food or when the lung muscles pack up . I
began to dream that I was being executed in the dark or that I
had the selection to die to save lots of people . Despite the
grim prognosis, I found that I was ready to return to normal
life and shortly became engaged. The engagement gave me
something to measure for, and a search fellowship at Cambridge
University gave me a purpose.
"People who boast about their IQ are
Getting the Diagnosis
◍ As any parent knows, having a
◍ By my third year, I began
toddler with a disability or
special need is tough . Being
that child can sometimes be
impossible. I was clumsy and
not particularly good at handeye coordination as I was
growing up. But I didn’t let
that stop me from my studies.
Years later at Oxford
University , I took up rowing
and eventually found a sport
that I excelled at.
noticing that I was
increasingly clumsy. the
subsequent year, My father
made me attend the doctor
for tests. fortnight later,
the diagnosis came back. I
had an incurable disease
and was expected to die
within months at the worst
, two or three years at the
best .
"There is nothing bigger or older than the
Getting the Diagnosis
◍ As the years progressed, I became
increasingly recognized in the
scientific community. My new status and
international fame made it easier to
get accommodation close to my work, and
colleges were more willing to hire me.
"We are just an advanced breed of
monkeys on a minor planet of a very
average star. But we can understand the
universe. That makes us something very
Getting the Diagnosis
By the 1980s, my disability
was starting to become too
much. At the time, I was able
to slur words that were
interpreted by people who knew
me well. After a case of
pneumonia and a tracheotomy, I
was unable to speak at all.
Luckily, a Computer Guru from
California heard of my
predicament and created a
program called the Equalizer.
Through a switch in my hand,
I was able to speak again.
Over the years, my voice
synthesizer had been modified
as my disability progressed,
eventually identifying
movements in my cheek muscles
to understand the words I
wanted to say.
"Many people find the universe confusing
-- it's not."
This Was My Story that How I Achieved Success in
despite of disability
Hellen Keller
“ An Untold Story ”
I am Hellen Keller
Today I will tell you
How I Achieved Success with Disability
Who is Hellen Keller ?
I am Known for her fierce intellect and
intelligence, Keller was a fanatical advocate
for the rights of persons with disabilities.
She traveled the planet to market my cause
and my foundation continues to support people
across the world to the present day.
“The highest result of education is
My Story
Born in Alabama in 1880,
Helen Keller was the first
deaf-blind person to be
awarded a Bachelor of Arts
degree in the United States
of America. From a young
age, Keller became renowned
for my intelligence and
ambition, despite being
rendered deaf and blind
following an illness –
possibly meningitis or
rubella –
despite being rendered deaf
and blind following an
illness – possibly
meningitis or rubella – that
she contracted at the age of
only 19 months. Keller was
one of three siblings, and
also had two older halfbrothers from her father’s
first marriage, but she
would forge a deep
friendship with her teacher
and long-time companion,
Anne Sullivan.
“A person who is severely impaired never
knows his hidden sources of strength
until he is treated like a normal human
being and encouraged to shape his own
During her childhood, Keller was educated at
numerous schools for the deaf. She learned to
talk and was ready to read people’s lips
together with her hands. Keller became an
accomplished orator , giving lectures on a
variety of subjects, including women’s suffrage
and disability rights, to audiences round the
world. She visited numerous countries and met
world leaders, including several US Presidents,
Churchill and Nehru . Keller’s speeches are
accessible from the Keller Archive.
“We are never really happy until we try to
brighten the lives of others.”
Although she became
engaged to Peter Fagan,
Keller never married. She
was a committed socialist
and supporter of the
rights of marginalized
and vulnerable groups.
Keller helped found the
American Civil Liberties
Union (ACLU),
as well as founding the
Hellen Keller
organization in 1915.
Throughout her life,
Keller campaigned for the
rights of disabled
people, women and
“Optimism is the faith that leads to
achievement ”
Keller started writing from a young age and at the age of only
22 she had written her autobiography, The Story of My Life,
which has been translated into 50 languages and remains in
print today. Her other works include Out of the Dark, a
collection of essays, and The World I live In, in which she
describes her life and therefore the way during which she
learned to adapt to her loss of sight and hearing. She was
documented round the world for her bravery and compassion and
was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom – one among the
very best civilian awards within the USA – by President Lyndon
B. Johnson. She has been depicted in films, books and on
television, including The miracle man , a 1962 film which
depicts how Keller’s teacher, Sullivan , was ready to teach her
the way to communicate
"Walking with a friend in the dark is better
than walking alone in the light."
Her Death
Helen Keller died
peacefully at her home,
just weeks before her
88th birthday. Helen
Keller International
continues to operate as a
non-profit organization
dedicated to preventing
blindness and reducing
malnutrition across the
globe, with more than 120
programs in 20 countries
in Africa and Asia.
“Optimism is the faith that leads to
achievement ”
◍ Founded Hellen Keller International in
1915; the organization continues to
operate today, with over 120 programs
in 20 countries.
◍ Awarded the US Presidential Medal of
◍ The first deaf-blind person to be
awarded a Bachelor of Arts Degree in
the USA.
This Was My Story that How I Achieved Success in
despite of disability
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