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Customer reviews are influencing your business success!
Over 90% of consumers are reading
Consumers are increasingly relying on reviews. Review usage is high on
the mobile device and this usage is increasing across all age groups.
Consumers are looking at different aspects like star rating, recency,
review quality and length. In such a situation a local business can stay
on top of their game only with the help of Freshreview, a Yelp review
Customer reviews are influencing your business success
65% of customers believe that reviews
more than 3 months are not relevant.
Consumers spend an average of 5-12 minutes to research and read up
reviews about a particular business. Reading a couple of reviews which
are 8 months old is irrelevant. But recent and consistent reviews would
empower the consumer and they would not look elsewhere for
confirmation. This Yelp review management medium is designed with
features that help your business get the required buzz around your
product and helps you manage the reviews.
Customer reviews are influencing your business success!
Consumers are vocal about their
unhappy experiences.
Word of mouth communication is still a big medium to attract more
customers to use the services of your business and a Yelp review
management software enables businesses to reach out to more
number of customers. This is especially useful in cases where unhappy
customers who are extremely vocal about their experience online. Their
review would not represent a business extremely unfairly. Every negative
review is likely to impact and cost a business nearly 30 new customers.
Usually a good Yelp review management software is equipped with a
internal messaging system to help address negative reviews.
Customer reviews are influencing your business success!
Time required to manage online reviews.
It takes time and a well-defined process with additional resources to
effectively manage and grow business reviews. This means taking away
time from core business operation which the owner cannot really afford.
A great Yelp review software makes it simple, easy and effective for the
owner to build the reputation a business truly deserves.
Yelp Review Management For Local
Yelp reputation management tools like Freshreview, help businesses to
effectively leverage on customers from different segments or
demographics. Business owners can grow their reviews to outsmart
competition, drive more sales and win local markets, with the help of a
fully featured Yelp review management software. Review requests to
customers are sent through SMS, Email and WhatsApp. This direct
communication attracts the attention of the customers and encourages
to leave their reviews, immediately. Review generation is the most
important aspect of Freshreview.
Why Bad Reviews On Yelp Help A
Business Even More
A good Yelp review management system helps in requesting for reviews,
without gating the reviews. This ensures that a business has a great mix
of reviews. Freshreview, a Yelp review software can help businesses in
the review generation, constantly reminding customers to leave a review
which would help them to stay ahead of competition. In case you do
receive bad reviews here is what you can do quickly.
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