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An integrated Nurse calling System

An integrated Nurse calling System
Whatever your kind of establishment, be it in the healthcare, prisons, or other
market sectors, you can be sure that there will be something in our range that will
meet your needs.
These industry-specific solutions are custom designed to meet the needs of these
workplaces. From the antibacterial protection of health care to the destructive
structure for the more difficult environment, there is no doubt that we have
considered the function.
You also need to ensure that you meet and often exceed the stringent security
standards required by different systems. This includes, for example, compliance
with standards related to hospital nurse call systems, as well as compliance with
prison mobile phone systems.
Due to many hospitals, clinics, and health centres, each of these has seen the need
to make improvements in every one of the parts that make up the chain of patient
care to stay in the market.
One link in this chain is the system by which patients hospitalized communicate
with nurses. A system that has as objective that a large group of patients is cared
for by a small group of nurses and doctors efficiently and effectively, thus
simplifying the staff work.
Current systems have fulfilled this task, but their participation has stayed there; in
several alerts and calls. Therefore, this prototype of nctsm is made a good option
to enhance the function of the conventional calls, improving the quality of patient
care and making it part of decision-making.
Since it will store all the information that involves a call from nurses by a patient,
such as time of call, time of attention and type of call. It will facilitate installation
and expansion of it since it will use a type of communication wireless. You will
have the advantage of contacting the doctor on call through a mobile device if your
presence is required immediately.
Hospitals and clinics have automation on their side. Many of the technological
developments have benefited the industry that cares for us all in many ways.
Although the nctsm solutions fulfil an important function and improve safety,
comfort, performance and administration, there is an essential product in the health
centres of the 21st century. We refer to the call to nurses or nurse call by its name
in English.
Although the fulfilment of the mission of hospitals depends on many processes,
when it is said that the call for nurses is a vital product in hospitals, it has
foundations. The most important is that with this system, patients and their
relatives can be sure that the response times of medical personnel and care, in
general, will be reduced, which in cases of life or death is transcendental.
How does an nctsm work?
It is a system that works with several modules and a central unit in most cases
since some references, depending on their robustness and functionalities integrate
more or less other components or can operate in perfect synergy with other
A call to nurse’s works through modules located in the rooms and receiving teams
in the nursing stations, which monitor what happens with the patients. On the other
hand, there is also the possibility of equipping the staff with beepers or intercoms.